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Greenworks Pro St80l210 Cordless String Trimmer Review (2023)

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The GreenWorks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer is a commercial quality device developed with heavy-duty power as well as expert yard work in mind.

This trimmer can cut with the best of them, except incredibly strong gas-powered leaners. It is sturdy and effective enough to tackle much more difficult tasks.

The ergonomic as well as effective design make this GreenWorks trimmer a wonderful tool to have in any kind of lawn device collection. Nearly all of the item as well as client evaluations online had only positive things to claim regarding this trimmer and those that had problems were still favorable testimonials.

Very few consumers appeared discontent with this product.


  • Weight: Semi lightweight evaluating just under 20lbs
  • Power: 80V battery is powerful sufficient to reduce via thick grass
  • Sound: Less noise produced since it is battery run


  • Guard: Small trimmer guard enables trimmings obtain throughout the customer (MESSY!)
  • Runtime: lasts long enough for tool sized backyards (45min)


  • 16-Inch cutting swath permits large jobs go by faster
  • With a completely billed 80V 2Ah battery, it can compete approximately 45 mins prior to requiring to be reenergized. A 4Ah battery can be bought to permit a 1 hr run time.
  • The 80V 2Ah Lithium-ion battery charges in regarding 30 mins, so there’s not much to delay in development to charge.
  • It has a die cast gearbox for longevity
  • Double line bump feeding head takes 0.080 inch lines and also larger 0.095 inch line
  • The brushless motor offers raised power, much better efficiency, and impressive toughness
  • Quickly kept when not being used thanks to the split shaft layout that makes break down easy
  • Developed with remarkable equilibrium and also functional designs in mind with a front place in place to help maintain while being used
  • Light-weight and easy to use, though not as light as less effective cordless, battery charged trimmers
  • The variable trigger rate enables easier accessibility to the device’s power on demand


Though many individuals seemed happy with this device, there were a couple of disadvantages to deal with. The negative aspects include weight, battery runtime, tiny guard, as well as various other complications.


This trimmer may be lighter than the larger gas-powered trimmer, but when it comes to other battery powered trimmers it is rather troublesome. Considering in around 10 pounds, this is among the heavier battery billed leaners that we’ve found.

I haven’t used this GreenWork trimmer yet, yet according to the several testimonials I’ve reviewed, most individuals wish it were lighter. They likewise claim that the battery offsets the balance a fair bit and can make the added weight complicated to function with.


The 80V Lithium-ion 2Ah battery creates an outstanding quantity of power virtually equal to a sturdy gas-powered trimmer

While the 2Ah battery only lasts operating at maximum power for around 30 minutes, there are a few alternatives to obtain longer run time:

  • Purchase added batteries. By getting additional batteries, you can switch over out the invested battery with a billed battery while billing the dead battery and continue transitioning similar to this to your project is finished.
  • Purchase a bigger battery. This GreenWorks Pro String Trimmer also takes 4Ah batteries that have a longer lifetime of concerning 1 hours– which is normally sufficient time to finish your backyard work.

In spite of the runtime battery issue, the power outcome is outstanding. There are several records matching the reducing power and also uniformity of this trimmer Some also state it’s much better than even their heavy-duty gas-powered trimmer

Guard Size

There were numerous issues regarding the guard design as well as dimension.

Since of the trimmer guard size, collaborating with this trimmer can get messy. Testimonials claim that the turf clippings do not just get throughout the individual’s trousers, however can likewise jump on the customer’s face.

Working outside can get messy, however no one such as getting hit in the confront with ninja-speed turf trimmings. You most definitely want to put on appropriate eye security and also lengthy pants when running this machine.


Quite a couple of product reviewers have actually stated that the trimmer head crumbled after the very first use. This was a rather constant report in the evaluations, yet, the bright side is, they all seemed fixed rapidly.

In virtually every situation, customer care took treatment of the difficulty and also sent repairs.

Though this has been a relatively constant problem, the Greenworks customer support team seems willing to deal with the breaks swiftly and with even more trustworthy components. After the parts have actually been replaced the troubles appear solved.

All in all, the testimonials of the Greenworks PRO ST80L210 were good. Lots of people that evaluated this trimmer more than happy with its weight, power, equilibrium, runtime, and many various other attributes. Despite the small fixable problems, this trimmer seems to satisfy its clients.


Thanks for putting in the time to check out through the review of the Greenworks PRO ST80L210 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer.

Though it has its imperfections, as numerous devices do, it seems to make its users delighted.

There are a lot more favorable evaluations than adverse ones which are constantly a favorable indication when choosing to buy a product.

If this version isn’t what you are searching for, check out my listing of the cordless weed whackers below: The 8 Best Cordless Weed Eaters.

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