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Greenworks 80V Vs EGO 56V Lawn Mower Comparison 2023

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greenworks vs egoGather ’round, gizmo-heads! The garden guru’s got the goods on Greenworks gazebos versus EGO edgers.

Choosing between these two top tool titans is tricky business, but the verdict’s in on which yardwork wizard walks away with the win.

You’re hankering for a high-power handheld but haunted by hesitation.

Hault! Hold those horses there, homeowner.

Hands down, Greenworks glides ahead when it comes to hoses and hedgeclippers.

EGO excels for electric everything-else. But for mowers? Meh, it’s a mixed bag.

Greenworks glimmers best for smaller spaces, while EGO edges out for estates.

Battery-life? Blows and snowthrowers? Cheaper costs or better motors? We’ll decipher the details with a discerning eye.

At the end, you’ll have the know-how to purchase the perfect powertools for your palace.

Stick around and we’ll sort out this Greenworks vs EGO debate once and for all!

Key Takeaways

  • Greenworks offers a wider range of sizes and voltages, from budget plastic to high-end steel decks, good for small yards and tight spaces.
  • EGO focuses on premium brushless motor mowers with smart features, better suited for larger yards with longer battery runtime.
  • EGO batteries have a higher 56V voltage for more power and runtime, but Greenworks batteries are more affordable.
  • Both brands make quality cordless electric mowers that are quiet, around 60-70 decibels.

Greenworks Vs EGO Overview

Greenworks Vs EGO Overview
When shopping for a new cordless electric lawn mower, two top brands to consider are Greenworks and EGO. Both companies offer a range of mowers to suit different lawn sizes and needs, but there are some key differences in their product lines and pricing.

While EGO mowers skew toward the premium end with advanced battery technology and smart features, Greenworks provides compelling value with budget-friendly options. Ultimately, the right mower comes down to balancing performance, quality, and affordability for your specific lawn care needs.

Product Offerings

You have options when it comes to finding the right electric mower for your yard. Greenworks provides corded and cordless models in all sizes. EGO focuses on high-end cordless mowers with smart features.

Choose the brand that matches how you want to mow. Both offer financing, warranty plans, quality customer service, and deck accessories. EGO touts durable aluminum and steel decks with smart features. Greenworks offers options from plastic to steel in corded and cordless models up to 80V.

Compare models to find the battery life, deck size, and features fitting your lawn care needs.

Price Comparison

When comparing Greenworks and EGO cordless electric mowers, wouldn’t you want to know which gives you more bang for your buck?

Greenworks offers more affordable options across its lineup of corded and cordless mowers. The 80V model runs under $500, while comparable EGO mowers are $600+. EGO does include a longer 5-year warranty, but Greenworks’ 4-year coverage is still solid.

For cordless electric value, Greenworks wins. Opt for EGO if budget isn’t a concern and you want premium materials and battery tech.

Greenworks Vs EGO Key Features

Greenworks Vs EGO Key Features
When deciding between Greenworks and EGO cordless electric lawn mowers, battery life, cutting options, and ease of use are key factors to compare. Considering runtime, recharge time, deck adjustments, and maneuverability will help you pick the mower that best suits your lawn care needs.

Battery Life

EGO’s impressive runtime beats out Greenworks’ batteries.

  • Higher voltage EGO batteries provide up to 45 minutes of mowing per charge compared to Greenworks’ 30 minutes maximum.
  • EGO batteries recharge in just 30 minutes versus 1 hour for Greenworks.
  • EGO offers a 5 year warranty on batteries compared to 4 years from Greenworks.
  • EGO batteries are proprietary while Greenworks uses interchangeable 40V or 80V batteries.

The higher voltage EGO batteries enable longer runtimes between charges, quicker recharge times, and a longer warranty period compared to Greenworks batteries. Both brands offer cordless convenience but EGO batteries deliver superior overall performance.

Cutting Options

You’ll bag, mulch, or discharge clippings faster with Greenworks’ wider cutting options. Greenworks offers more deck sizes, like the 40V 25302’s 21-inch smart cut steel deck with 7 height adjustments. EGO’s 56V mower has a 21-inch deck with adjustable 1.5-4 inch blade height. Both brands allow you to switch between mulch, bag, and side discharge while mowing.

For small yards, Greenworks’ lighter models and compact deck sizes can trim in tighter spaces.

Ease of Use

You simply press the button to effortlessly power on EGO’s instant start motor. The intuitive controls and adjustable cutting height via a single lever make mowing simple. While Greenworks offers a wider voltage range, EGO’s ARC Lithium battery outperforms it in runtime and power.

EGO’s 5-year warranty provides peace of mind, although Greenworks has more stand options.

Looking to go cordless for mowing your lawn? The Greenworks Pro 80V provides robust power and battery life while the EGO Power+ 56V touts advanced battery technology and adjustable cutting heights.

Greenworks Pro 80V

Greenworks Pro 80V 21 BrushlessView On Amazon
The Greenworks Pro 80V cordless mower sings a siren’s song of convenience, cutting through your lawn with the power of an electrical storm yet the quiet calm of a summer breeze. This capable machine makes quick work of your grass with its robust brushless motor and wide 21-inch cutting deck, while the long-lasting 80V lithium battery lets you mow for up to an hour per charge.

  • Long 60 minute run time
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Quiet operation
  • No gas or oil needed
  • Battery takes 60 minutes to recharge
  • Plastic construction less durable than metal
  • Higher price than some competitors

EGO Power+ 56V

Having chosen the high-tech EGO mower for its advanced batteries and durability, you would still want to compare its specific model’s specs against competitors to ensure it fits your yard’s size and needs, so you get the most value from its premium features and warranty.

The EGO Power+ 56V cuts wide with a 21-inch deck, provides 45 minutes of mowing per charge, and boasts their advanced 56V ARC Lithium battery technology for longer runtimes with fade-free power. Its convenience and high performance make it a great cordless electric option for medium-large yards if the price fits your budget.

Greenworks Vs EGO for Small Yards

Greenworks Vs EGO for Small Yards
Greenworks packs more punch for petite plots. Their cordless models like the 25302 mow up to 4,500 square feet on a single charge – plenty for a small suburban lawn. With nimble handling and lower voltage draw, Greenworks lets you trim tidily in tight spaces.

Meanwhile, EGO’s heftier 56V beasts shine on bigger yards where their brawny batteries’ longer run time keeps you mowing. For bijou backyards, Greenworks’ finesse fits the bill. Their lighter batteries and lower price tag deliver savings without skimping on quality.

Leaving gas drivetrains behind, both brands boast electric power at leading edge value – though Greenworks shines brightest for small spaces. Convenient chargers and battery sharing across tools offer versatility. When yard size really counts, Greenworks edges out EGO with savvy engineering fit for little lots.

Greenworks Vs EGO for Large Yards

Greenworks Vs EGO for Large Yards
Since larger yards need more power and runtime, you’d prefer EGO’s higher voltage batteries and torque for steady mowing over Greenworks’ lighter models. The EGO 56V lithium-ion battery provides up to 45 minutes of continuous mowing, enough to tackle even large properties in a single charge.

Adjustable cutting height and options for mulching, bagging or side discharge let you tailor and streamline the mowing pattern for maximum efficiency. Self-propelled EGO models are available if you want to avoid pushing on long mowing sessions.

While Greenworks provides solid electric mowers, their lower voltage limits runtime. Stick with EGO for acres of grass, fewer stops to recharge, and robust construction that handles heavy use over years of reliable service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the battery last between charges on Greenworks vs EGO mowers?

Regarding battery life between charges: Greenworks runs 30 minutes per charge, while EGO delivers 45 minutes. Coincidentally, as you mow that new lawn for the neighborhood barbecue, the Greenworks may need a quick recharge midway.

EGO keeps humming along, allowing you to make more progress before plugging in. In the end, choose the runtime fitting your yard size and mowing schedule.

What type of warranty is offered for Greenworks vs EGO mowers?

You’ll get a 4-year limited warranty with Greenworks mowers versus EGO’s 5-year limited warranty. EGO’s longer coverage provides extra peace of mind, but both offer solid protection if defects arise.

How quiet are the Greenworks and EGO mowers when in operation?

The Greenworks and EGO mowers run quietly for battery-powered models. Expect volumes around 60-70 decibels while mowing, which are comparable to normal conversation. Customers do not report excessive noise as an issue with these brands. You will likely find the mowers quiet enough to hold a conversation near them as they operate.

Focus more on cutting width, battery life, and features when choosing between Greenworks and EGO.

Can I use Greenworks batteries in an EGO mower or vice versa?

Unfortunately, no. Greenworks and EGO use different, incompatible battery systems, so their batteries cannot be interchanged between brands. You’ll need to stick with batteries designed specifically for your mower’s make and model.

How do the cutting deck materials compare between Greenworks and EGO models?

You’ll find Greenworks utilizes mostly plastic in their mower decks, which are lighter but less durable over time. EGO mowers feature sturdier steel or cast aluminum deck construction, making their models heavier but built to withstand more abuse.


Ultimately, when choosing between Greenworks’ and EGO’s cordless electric mowers, your yard size should be the deciding factor. For moderate grass patches, Greenworks’ 80V model provides ample power with lighter portability.

EGO’s advanced 56V battery gives you marathon endurance for expansive turf – the go-to choice if you despise charging breaks. Either brand allows you to cut the cord without sacrificing performance, but EGO’s technology can outlast Greenworks in large yards.

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