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Outdoor Heater: Electric Vs Propane (2023)

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If your residence is like over 90 percent American houses , you have some kind of outdoor attributes, whether it’s a patio area deck or both. These spaces are morphing right into brand-new living quarters that we accept totally with 70 percent of grownups possessing a grill. If you’re outside when it’s freezing, you might concerning the distinctions between an outdoor heating unit as well as electric or propane

1. Outland Firebowl

There’s a lot to like regarding the Outland Firebowl. The business’s story is fascinating, for a begin. The unit is both lightweight and also small. It gauges 19 inches long by 19 inches vast by 11 inches high. Yet, its result is a toasty 58,000 BTUs. You can adjust the fire on the propane heater to your wanted degree. On the whole, the product is durable.


  • The Firebowl is CSA-approved.
  • The heating unit has a genuine campfire look.
  • The heat result is outstanding.


  • The open fire is a threat element for children as well as animals.
  • Clean-up is messy.

2. Lasko Designer Oscillating Heater

The Lasko Designer Oscillating Heater is an appealing choice if you want heat without the dangers of an open fire. We enjoy the appearance of it. It reminds us of a mini chimera. It determines 7.2 long by 7.2 inches vast by 16.18 high for use on a table or on the ground alongside your feet.


  • The style is functional as well as visually pleasing.
  • The heating unit has an automatic shut-off timer.
  • The warmth output is respectable.


  • The heating unit does not have a remote.
  • It only has a high or low setup.

3. TRUSTECH Patio Heater

The TRUSTECH Patio Heater is a perfect selection if you need an above warmth resource. Unlike numerous items we examined, this set is waterproof. The design is eye-catching, making it a welcome enhancement to your outdoor space.


  • The item has a two-year service warranty as well as lifetime support.
  • The design is pleasing.
  • The warmth output adapts to the ambient problems.


  • It does not have a fan to blow the heat.
  • The heating system won’t warm open areas well.

4. Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater

The Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater is a sensible option if you need to heat a bigger area. The output is a commendable 40,000 BTUs. It is CSA-approved and also procedures 87 inches high. It illuminates with a electric igniter. The attractive design will certainly match any kind of landscape design motif.


  • The heating unit has wheels for mobility.
  • It has an automobile shut-off switch.
  • The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty.


  • The heat result is best closest to the unit.

5. HomeLabs Gas Patio Heater

The hOmeLabs Gas Patio Heater is an excellent selection for amusing on your deck or outdoor patio. The heat result is suitable. The beverage rack is a welcome attribute. You can load the base with sand or other product to keep it stable, which we liked.


  • The heating system has a push-button igniter.
  • The leading routes warm downward.
  • It has a beverage shelf


  • It is tough to set up.

Getting Guide as well as Comparison

The opportunities are that you first saw a outdoor heating unit at your preferred dining establishment or tavern as a politeness for cigarette smokers. Company owner typically put them outside to keep their customers comfy outdoors as more and a lot more states have actually outlawed cigarette smoking inside public buildings.

The elements to take into consideration when getting one for your residence include:

  • Propane or Electric
  • Type
  • Size
  • Security Features

Propane Outdoor Heaters

Propane outdoor heaters provide a number of advantages. First, they heat up quick so that you as well as your visitors will certainly get warm rapidly. That edge frequently places this type in the dealmaker category. The other consider its favor is its portability. You can establish one up any place you require it.

On the disadvantage, you can only make use of propane outdoor heaters in open areas with plenty of ventilation. You additionally have to care for where you position them. After all, there is a possible fire threat if you placed them near anything ignitable. Altering the tank sometimes isn’t a dealbreaker, especially considering that many Americans use a barbecue grill , anyway.

Electric Outdoor Heaters

Electric outdoor heaters are a superb option if you do not intend to deal with the threats of an open flame. They likewise light quickly to keep the celebration going even if the temperature has gone down. You can also utilize them on a screened-in gazebo or patio.

The negative aspects involve the power cord. That restrictions where you can place them. It also poses its very own tripping threat. That’s something you have to take into consideration, given that you’re most likely mosting likely to make use of the heating system frequently at sundown or night.

Sort Of Outdoor Heater

The various other aspect you require to consider is the sort of unit. The fact stays that we are hard-wired to take pleasure in a fire and the warmth it provides. It several means an outdoors warm source is replacing our TVs For that reason, your outdoor heating system can do double-duty as a focal point for your landscape design. You’ll locate numerous products that are not only practical yet cosmetically pleasing too.

Your options include:

  • Tabletop versions
  • Wall-mounted systems
  • Standalone outdoor heaters

The type you choose usually relies on the next thing to consider.

Size of Outdoor Space

If you want to heat up a small room, your option of a outdoor heating system and also electric or propane is typically a done offer. Small teams on an outdoor patio will get lots of warmth from a tabletop device or a small, free-standing one. You’ll discover a variety of designs from retro models to miniature fire places.

If you’re outdoor space is bigger, taller, standalone heating systems are an exceptional option that will certainly supply ambient warmth in all directions. Take a look at the BTU or coverage spec for contrasting your choices. For instance, a product supplying 5,000 BTUs is adequate to heat up a 150 square foot area.

Security Features

Security, certainly, is a crucial factor to consider whenever you’re taking care of warm or fires. We highly prompt you to discover what each item uses prior to picking your pick for a outdoor heating unit and also electric vs propane Two functions that we believe are essential are a kill button if the system tips over and also an automated shut-off if it gets too warm.

Children and also family pets add to the mix of various other desirable functions. If you choose a standing model, a weighted base is an essential. Similarly, the cool-to-the-touch glass will protect little fingers from burns.

Other Factors

When picking a outdoor heating unit as well as electric or propane, make sure to take the right into account other things that can influence your satisfaction, such as its placement and weather. It’s one point to remain cozy on an awesome summer night than when tailgating for the Large Game You may even think about obtaining two units or adding a chimera to make certain everybody is comfy and comfy.

Best 3 Brands

Outland Living

Outland Living is the vision of Frank Fan and Willie Fisher in 2010. They found a specific niche by bringing a secure choice to the conventional campfire with their Outland Firebowl. As they state, “Campfire Ban? Break it!”


hOmeLabs produces a wide range of products connected to the temperature control. Their line includes ice makers, fridges, and, of program, outdoor heating units. The company prides itself on high quality and also affordability.

AZ Patio Heaters

AZ Patio Heaters got its start in 2002, specializing in a complete line of heating products including its Hiland versions. They supplier units for both property and also commercial usage.

Often Asked Questions

Q: Which is much better, electric or propane

A: The solution depends on your heating requirements as well as the room. A electric heating unit is excellent for a little area that has accessibility to an outlet. If you have a larger place, it’s tough to defeat the ease of a propane design.

Q: Can you utilize an electric heating unit outside?

A: Yes, as long as it is identified for outdoor uses. Many items are not water resistant, so you need to guarantee that they are safeguarded from the components.

Final Thoughts

The bright side concerning an outdoor heater and also electric or propane is that you have numerous options that will include an eye-catching layout element to your landscaping. Currently, you can appreciate your patio area or deck year-round without cold temperatures driving you inside your home.

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