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How Cold is Too Cold to Plant Grass Seed? (2022)

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If you intend to plant new grass on your home, you may question whether the weather is rather appropriate for the task. Is it also cold outside? You do not wish to most likely to all the problem of planting grass seed just to have no possibility for success due to the fact that of the temperature outdoors. So, just how cold is too cold to plant grass seeds?

The Short Answer

Generally talking, if the daytime temperature is cooler than 60 ° F, that means that your soil temperature level will be reduced than 50 ° F. In this instance, it’s probably too cold for you to plant grass seeds. If there is still the possibility of frost outside, after that it’s certainly too cold to plant grass seeds.

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Grass Seed When it’s Too Cold

The trouble with growing grass seeds in inhospitably cold soil is that it’s most likely to wind up rotting or getting rid of in the hefty springtime rains.

And also if it does sprout and after that gets struck with frost, claim bye-bye to the money you spent on seed.

Is it too Cold to Plant Grass Seed?

In either situation, that’s definitely not what you wish to take place to your seed financial investment.

Grass seed is expensive and planting requires time. It’s far better to intend in breakthrough and ensure you are doing points at the right time of year.

My suggestions (if you’re growing in spring) is to wait until you struck the temperature level criteria I outlined in this short article, and after that wait a week.

This makes your 10-day forecast efficiently a 17-day projection and also ensures you’re in the clear. That week’s hold-up will not make a difference by the time summer season rolls about– your lawn will certainly still look wonderful.

It’s All About Germination

Grass seed can not flourish in cold soil due to the fact that it calls for warmth to germinate.

Coldest Temperature to Plant Grass Seed and Have it Grow

Yet you need to know that it’s not just cold climate that can interfere with growth. Incredibly heat can also create problems.

Make certain you inspect the weather projections and keep dirt temperature in mind before planting grass seeds. This is very important, whether you’re beginning over and also growing a complete yard or simply dealing with bare spots in your grass

Best Temperature for Planting Grass Seed in the South

If you’re in southern and southwestern areas of the United States and also you have a warm-season grass, then you need to plant your seeds when the air temperatures during the night are only a little above 65 ° in the springtime.

This will certainly establish you as much as begin to get the outcomes you want when the warmer climate gets here.

Best Temperature for Planting Grass Seed in the North

If you have a cool-season grass, however, it’s generally best to plant in the fall, though you can have success in the springtime if you use the best item to fight yearly weed stress on your brand-new grass (I make use of as well as recommend this starter plant food + weed preventer from Scotts .

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring

With cool-season yards, you need to have a dirt temperature level of about 50 °. It should not be any more than 65 °.

September is usually an excellent month to plant cool-season yards. One reason that it’s commonly important to prevent spring is that if you wind up having a substantial amount of rainfall, the seed can become waterlogged or get rid of.

Incorporate that with the stress from aggressive yearly weeds like crabgrass, and also the ruthless heat of summer (difficult, even on well-known cool-season grass lawns), and your brand-new yard has a steep hill to climb.

When you plant your cool-season grass in September, you will provide the seeds for the moment they call for to sprout in the warm soil. This is really crucial.

Additionally, the air temperature level will certainly be dropping a little bit when the grass begins to sprout. Various other type of plants (such as weeds) will go dormant at this time, giving your grass much more room to thrive.

It’s important that your grass be correctly developed by the time the winter season shows up, which is why I generally advise September.

When it’s Too Cold to Plant Grass Frost Can Kill

While it’s definitely real that frost can eliminate grass seed starting, if you’re wise and follow my guidelines on when to plant, your grass need to be great.

How Warm Does it Need to Be to Plant Grass Seed

This is due to the fact that if you plant your cool-season grass at the start of fall, it will have time to obtain established and need to have the ability to withstand freezing when the cooler climate at some point gets here. When the winter months do enter into complete swing, the grass will go inactive. It will after that re-sprout when springtime rolls around.

Select the best sort of grass seeds for your environment as well as follow the guidelines on when it must be grown.

If you reside in southerly areas of the United States, you will probably pick a warm-weather variety of grass seeds.

If you live additionally up north, you will certainly want a cool-season varieties.

And also I normally advise a mix of various lawns that flourish in your area. This ensures good insurance coverage in sun, shade, and also various locations of your yard.

Where one grass kind struggles, an additional will certainly prosper.

Just How to Test Soil Temperature

If you don’t have one already, you will certainly need to invest in a soil thermometer. You need to be able to locate one of these in your area for a really sensible rate, so don’t worry regarding damaging your budget plan.

I suggest that you consider the selection of soil thermostats at your local garden facility. There are frequently ones available that cost just a couple of bucks, but you can get one on Amazon also if you prefer.

Testing Soil Temperature to Make Sure Grass Seed can Germinate

Try to find a glass bulb thermostat. Its steel point should be strong to make sure that it will be tough sufficient to lower into the dirt.

My Tips for Measuring Your Soil Temperature

  • Take soil temperature at the proper deepness. Discover the recommended planting depth for your seed (generally, it’s around 1/4 ″ approximately) and also then measure soil temperature at that depth.
  • Make a pilot hole in the dirt making use of a screwdriver. This will certainly assist avoid you from damaging your dirt thermostat when you push it right into the dirt.
  • Refer to your thermostat’s instructions (all thermostats must come with instructions). If you have a glass bulb thermostat, you will need to guarantee that it is firmly touching the soil. Poor dirt get in touch with makes your effort a waste of time. Give it a few minutes for the temperature to be properly signed up.
  • Shield the thermostat. If the sun is radiating really brilliantly outdoors, it may impact the temperature level reading. This is why you ought to offer your thermometer a little color while you’re utilizing it. You can simply use your hand to color it. This will aid to see to it that the analysis you obtain is an exact one.

Best of Luck Planting Your Grass Seed

Now you understand just how cold is too cold to plant your grass seed (anything listed below 50 levels Fahrenheit).

And also when it’s cozy sufficient to plant, make sure you sprinkle your new seed effectively, and also use the best compost (I recommend screened garden compost) to help keep it damp.

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