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How Long Does a Wood Deck Last? (2023)

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Wood decks can be a fantastic addition to your residence, yet exactly how long does a wood deck last? This depends on numerous factors, such as the material you make use of, the climate you reside in, and also exactly how well your deck is maintained. As a new deck is a big financial investment, so you intend to make certain you develop one that will certainly last for a long time.

What Would Can I Use For Decking?

There are several sorts of wood to pick from for your deck boards and deck framework. Before making a decision which one is best for you, you will certainly require to consider your budget, your atmosphere, and exactly how long you are wishing your deck will certainly last. Your deck building contractors will certainly also be able to give you some suggestions. Below are some typical timbers made use of for decks as well as their expected lifetime.

Cedar Or Redwood

These softwoods not just look great with their deep reddish color but additionally include tannins and also oils that are naturally resistant to rot and some insects. You will certainly need to select your lumber thoroughly, however, as the heartwood, which grows closer to the facility of the tree, is more resistant than the sapwood on the outer component of the tree.

Despite their all-natural resistance to rot, the lumber can still be affected by the aspects, so you can additionally make use of a discolor and sealer to assist protect against splits as well as splinters. You will require to cleanse your deck consistently as well as reseal as called for. You can anticipate cedar or redwood decks to last 25 years or more, yet maybe more like 10 years if it is not maintained appropriately,

Exotic Hardwood

Tropical woods, such as ipe and also tigerwood, are just one of the hardest and most long lasting products to utilize for decks and are normally resistant to rot and also pests. It is a really thick wood, so it is less prone to harm from the climate, your pets, or your youngsters. Yet being so dense indicates it can be difficult to pierce right into, and it is very hefty to raise. Exotic hardwoods don’t stain really quickly either. You can use a clear UV protective oil coating if you desire to keep the initial shade. This will certainly need to be reapplied every three to 4 years.

Decks constructed out of tropical hardwood can last a long time, typically 30 to 50 years.

Pressure Treated Wood

As the name suggests, pressure-treated wood has actually been treated with a chemical that makes it extra resistant to rot and also insects. It is typically made from ache, yet relying on the look you seek, you can make use of different sorts of wood Pressure-treated wood is coming to be very usual

It is simple to install, cost-effective, fairly long lasting, as well as feels great under your feet.

Although it is a much more budget-friendly choice for a new deck, it does require normal upkeep. It should be thoroughly cleaned up and also restained every 2 or three years. You can expect a pressure-treated pine deck to last at the very least 15 years if it is appropriately maintained.

What Are Some Alternatives To Wood?

Most individuals enjoy the feeling of wood under their feet, yet if you are not keen on utilizing wood for your deck, there are some various other alternatives readily available.

Compound Decking

Composite decking has the look of wood, but it is made from a combination of wood chips and also PVC or plastic (which can occasionally be made from recycled products). Being green, decks made from composite outdoor decking are extremely long lasting as well as don’t need weather-proofing or painting. If you intend to keep it looking great, however, it will require routine cleaning as well as maintenance. Composite outdoor decking is much less at risk to weathering and fading, as well as will not rot or splinter, but it may really feel a bit cold under your feet. These decks generally last approximately 25 years or in some cases even longer.

Plastic Lumber

You can anticipate a deck constructed of plastic lumber to last a long time, concerning 30-35 years, and also it usually includes a 50-year service warranty, so due to the fact that of this, it can be expensive. It is straightforward to mount, is water-proof, has no splinters, and is extremely reduced upkeep. The drawbacks are it can obtain extremely warm, specifically if it is on a regular basis in the full sunlight, and also it can squeak when you stroll on it.

Steel/ Aluminium

This kind of decking is very long lasting, and also termites despise it, but it is expensive! You can anticipate it to last 30+ years, in some cases as much as 60 years. It does need maintenance, however, as it requires normal desalting and recoating.

Concrete/ Stone

A deck constructed out of concrete or stone is additionally pricey, however extremely durable. It is superb for ground-level outdoor decking locations, is fairly very easy to tidy, and also can mix in well with your house, although sometimes, it can do not have personality. It ought to last 70+ years.

Just How Can I Make My Wood Deck Last Longer?

There are several things you can do to help your deck last a long time.

Design Your Deck Well

Your deck demands to be created to function well for your specific residential or commercial property– taking into consideration weather, your block of land, exactly how close the deck is to the ground, and also whether it is affixed to your home or free-standing. Ensure your deck builders are experts that know what they are doing, as just how your deck is developed can have a significant influence on exactly how long your deck lasts.

Usage Good Quality Decking Material

When installing your brand-new deck, you require to utilize top quality material that is built to last. This does consist of not just the wood utilized for the deck boards and also deck frames, yet likewise the nails, screws, screws, and also any other installations used to place it with each other. Your deck contractor should be able to suggest you on the best products for your specific problem.

Keep Your Deck

When your new deck is built, it is important to maintain it well-kept. Wood decks normally have grooves or cracks in between the deck boards, as well as there can be holes in the knots of wood As the flooring is flat, these spaces accumulate water, dirt, leaves, as well as other plants. This is an exceptional area for algae as well as moss to grow. Besides being excellent for the wood, the algae can create your deck to have an eco-friendly tinge and come to be extremely slippery when damp. You require to clean away the particles as well as hose down your deck consistently.

A wooden deck is a dreamland to socialize, unwind, as well as enjoy your natural environments. If your deck is sturdy as well as properly preserved, it ought to be something you can appreciate for several years to come.

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