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How Long Does a Wood Fence Last? (2023)

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Wood fences can look stunning, give you personal privacy and also maintain your residence safe, however how long does a wood fence last? It seems like an easy concern, but there are numerous factors to consider, including the kind of wood you use, the environment your wood fence remains in, and exactly how well it is kept.

Here, we take a look at several of the variables to consider when exercising the anticipated life of your wood fence

Picking a Wood for Your Fence

The sort of fence wood you make use of plays a big component in exactly how long your wood fence will last. If a fence is made from poor quality wood as well as not cared for it might last much less than 5 years, yet if it is constructed of excellent high quality wood and appropriately kept, your fence might still be standing after 100 years!

Although reasonably expensive, cedars and also redwood are specifically solid as well as being extra resistant to rot as well as degeneration than other kinds of wood You ought to expect a wood fence constructed of cedar or redwood to last a minimum of 15 years, as well as even longer if the fence is well taken care of.

One more prominent product when choosing wood for secure fencing is pressure-treated aches It is much cheaper than cedar or redwood, yet the fence has a tendency to last concerning half as long as this kind of wood is less immune to decay. If the yarn is repainted or re-stained routinely, however, this can substantially prolong its life expectancy. It prevails for fences to make use of pressure-treated want for messages (as they handle exposure to dirt better) and also the a lot more costly cedar for the palings.

Spruce is another choice if you are on a strict budget, and also a fence constructed of this wood need to last around seven years. Spruce is light, so it is easy to repaint. If you decide not to repaint, then with time, it ends up being an attractive dark grey.

How to avoid Your Wood Fence From Rotting

As your wooden fence is regularly subjected to the components, the possibility of obtaining rot is high. Yet thankfully, there are points you can do to minimize the threat.

There are two sorts of rot that can damage your wood fencings– damp rot and completely dry rot– and also your fence is likely to be a lot more at risk to one than the other.

Damp rot occurs when the wood remains in constant contact with wetness such as rainfall, snow, and even lawn sprinklers. This creates the timber to break and also soften. It likewise motivates fungus to grow, which then creates an undesirable mildewy scent.

Dry rot occurs when the fence is in a severe, dry atmosphere as well as having consistent exposure to sunlight or warm winds. Even if you have used a protective oil, as the oil begins to disappear, your wood can come to be weak and also break quickly.

One means to minimize rot is to make use of concrete or gravel filler in your post holes to protect against moisture from creeping up to where the fence post touches the ground. You should additionally make sure that any place possible, your lawn sprinkler is not spraying water straight onto your fence

You should also keep leaves, grass, and also other particles far from your fence line, as these have a tendency to trap dampness, which will certainly cause your wood to rot much faster. And also, although a creeping plant might look eye-catching on your fence, this can likewise draw in dampness, and also the weight can create other damage to your fence

If you are making use of wood that requires staining, make certain you re-stain your fence on a regular basis as this safeguards it from the sunlight, warmth, and moisture, and as well as from the rainfall. An idea for understanding when it’s time to re-stain is to spray a percentage of water on your fence blog post. If the water creates a bead on the exterior, all is great, however if it is absorbed into the wood, it’s time to reapply the stainer.

Just how to Extend The Life Of Your Wooden Fence

In addition to taking measures to decrease decomposing, there are several various other methods you can make certain your wood fence lasts much longer.

When you initially install it, unless you know what you are doing, it is worth obtaining a specialist to do the job. They can suggest you on the best materials to utilize, thinking about your specific circumstance. Suitable actions are taken upfront to give your fence the best possibility of a long life! Making use of the most inexpensive materials in the setup stage, won’t always save you cash in the long run.

It’s also worth maintaining your fence well-kept. For instance, if you discover rot in your fence post early sufficient, you can replace just the fence message rather than obtaining a whole brand-new fence And also if you tarnish as well as repainting your fence initially, it is likely to need a repaint every four years as well as a re-stain every 2 years.

As high as we enjoy our family pets, they can additionally trigger damage to fencing. If your pet is prone to scratching fence posts or excavating holes, you can include a layer of hen wire around the base of your fence This will have the added benefit of maintaining your family pets safe, too.

Final Thoughts

Commonly, the extra you invest in your fence, the longer it will certainly last. If you are just intending to stay in your house short-term, having a fence that lasts for 50 years might not be as vital. Yet if you are creating a household residence that you want to give the generations, getting a high-quality fence is worth the investment. If you look after your wood fence correctly, it should be something you can appreciate for numerous years to find.

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