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How Many Square Feet in a Pallet of Sod? (2023)

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how many sq ft in a pallet of sodAre you looking to give your lawn an instant transformation? Sod pallets are the perfect solution for those who need large, quick-drying turf without breaking the bank. Before you start shopping around, it’s important to understand how many square feet are in a pallet of sod.

In this article, we’ll discuss key information about purchasing sod by the pallet. We’ll also cover factors affecting how much coverage can be expected from each one. We’ll provide average square footage numbers for different sod shapes and sizes.

If getting an instant lawn is at the top of your list, read along. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Sod pallets offer a quick lawn transformation. They allow homeowners to establish a new lawn or patch bare spots faster than starting from seed.
  • Understanding the approximate square footage in a pallet is crucial for proper planning and ordering the right amount of sod.
  • Different sod cuts include standard slabs, mini hand rolls for small projects, and large big rolls for extensive installations.
  • Coverage can vary based on factors such as moisture content, grass type, soil preparation, and how tightly the pieces are fitted together.

Understanding Sod Pallets and Square Footage

Understanding Sod Pallets and Square Footage
When purchasing sod by the pallet, consider that the typical square footage in a pallet varies based on factors including moisture content, harvester, grass type and soil type. Understanding the different names for sod cuts, like slabs, mini hand rolls and large rolls, is helpful in determining the amount you’ll need for your own landscaping project.

Key Information About Purchasing Sod by the Pallet

You should ask your vendor the exact square footage of the sod you’re buying, as pallets can vary based on region, grass type, soil conditions, and other factors. Calculating coverage using a sod calculator helps determine the number of pallets needed.

But remember, sod pallets vary in square feet depending on grass types and harvesting methods.

When purchasing, inquire about the specific square footage and grass type to ensure you get the right sod and avoid wasted time and money. Sod variability means you need purchasing tips from your supplier to get the sod sizes and square feet you require.

Factors Affecting How Many Square Feet in a Pallet of Sod

The square feet in each sod pallet can vary like a swinging pendulum, guided by moisture content, mowing methods, grass species, dirt types, and heft. Grass requires differing soil nutrition. Mowing machinery changes cut sizes. Moisture shrinks or expands the grass.

Weight limits truckloads. Carefully examine the specifics of your turfgrass, soil, and supplier to ensure your pallet order fulfills the square yards needing green life.

Names for Different Sod Shapes

Sod comes in different shapes based on the grass variety and region. The common sod shapes are slabs, mini hand rolls, and large rolls.

  • Slabs are popular in the southern U.S. with St. Augustine and zoysia bermuda grasses.
  • Mini hand rolls are common in northern states for cool-season grasses.
  • Large rolls are used in northern regions for tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

The sizes vary but sod pallets weigh about 2,300 pounds. Matching the sod to your region ensures it’ll thrive.

Sod Pallet Sizes and Terminology

Sod Pallet Sizes and Terminology
Sod pallets are large, rectangular containers used to transport and store rolls or slabs of sod. These pallets come in various sizes depending on the amount of square footage they can hold, typically ranging from 399 to 700 square feet.

Additionally, sod pallets can weigh around 2,300 pounds and are designed to fit conveniently in most pickup trucks for easy transportation.

What Are Sod Pallets?

Pallets of sod suit most landscaping projects, as a typical 450-square-foot slab covers a medium-sized backyard.

Pallet Type Square Feet Grass Types Regions
Slab 399-503 Warm season grasses Southern US
Mini hand roll 400-500 Cool season, Bermuda grass Northern states
Large roll 500-700 Bluegrass, Tall Fescue Northern regions

You should align sod pallet size, moisture content, grass type, and vendor with your local climate and yard dimensions for an ideal match.

The Size and Weight of Sod Pallets

You’ll get roughly 450 square feet of grass from a standard pallet of sod. A pallet is generally four feet by four feet, weighing about 2,300 pounds. Dimensions and weight vary by producer though. Pallets are heavy, so you’ll need equipment or several people to handle and load them.

Confirm the producer provides pallet specifications like weight, dimensions, and square footage before purchasing. Transport pallets in a pickup truck or trailer, securing them so they don’t shift.

Types of Sod Pallets

Have you ever wondered why some grass always seems greener? It’s because sod comes in different cuts, tailored to your region’s climate. Sod pallet varieties can vary in size and square footage depending on the grass type and vendor.

For example, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia sod often come in slabs ranging from 399-503 square feet per pallet. However, it’s crucial to confirm with your sod vendor as availability may differ due to factors like moisture impact and soil conditions.

Calculating Square Footage for Sod Pallets

Calculating Square Footage for Sod Pallets
Have you ever found yourself scratching your head when attempting to determine the square footage of a pallet of sod? Selecting the appropriate sod pallet size for your landscaping endeavor can prevent wasting time and resources.

Determining square footage for sod pallets requires basic math and knowledge of standard pallet dimensions. With a bit of calculation, you can properly estimate the sod needed for your project. Consider the pallet’s length and width in feet, then multiply to find the total square feet.

A standard 48 x 24-inch pallet contains 16 square feet. Larger pallets come in various dimensions like 48 x 48 inches (32 square feet) or 48 x 96 inches (64 square feet). You may need to round up or down slightly based on the total area you need to cover.

Carefully planning sod needs by the pallet allows for efficient installation with minimal leftover materials. With the right preparation, your landscape will have a flawless sod carpet in no time.

How Many Square Feet is a Pallet of Sod?

Depending on your region and grass type, a full pallet of sod covers around 450 square feet. The exact square footage can vary between vendors and grass varieties. When purchasing, ask about the specific dimensions and square footage to ensure you order the proper amount.

Factors like moisture content and sod cut size impact coverage too. Communicating with sellers on square footage avoids frustration. With key details from vendors, you can calculate square feet in a pallet of sod and purchase the right amount for your project.

Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Sod Pallet Size

When ordering sod, you’d be wise to select pallet sizes geared toward your particular grass type’s growth habits.

  • Grass type – Warm-season vs. cool-season grasses have differing growth patterns.
  • Climate and location – Regional factors like sunlight and rainfall affect growth.
  • Space dimensions – Measure the area needing sod and allow for irregular shapes.
  • Supplier offerings – Vendors provide various cuts based on local preferences.
  • Future maintenance – Select a grass you can care for long-term.

With forethought to these elements, you’ll choose pallets with cuts that suit your lawn’s specific needs and growing conditions.


Savvy shoppers know that the square footage of a pallet of sod can vary greatly, depending on factors like moisture content, grass type, and soil type. To make the most of your money, take precise measurements of your lawn area and confirm the square footage of your sod with your vendor.

Consider ordering 5-10% more sod to account for irregular spaces and always remember to add topsoil or bank sand for ground leveling during installation. With a clear understanding of how many square feet are in a pallet of sod, you can create the perfect lawn for your home.

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