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How Many Square Feet in a Pallet of Sod on Average? (2023)

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Did you understand that different firms cut sod in various sizes? Provided this reality, it can be challenging for home owners to figure out the square footage they will certainly get in a pallet of turf. Yet it’s vital to recognize the number of square feet remain in a pallet of sod. After all, you need to know just how much sod to purchase for your project.

In today’s article, I’ll give all the general details about how turf is cut and loaded on pallets.

I’ll additionally share some average square video numbers for you to get a harsh quote on just how much protection a pallet of turf will certainly give and also inform you specifically what to ask when ordering sod so you don’t purchase excessive (or run out prior to your project is complete.

Let’s dive in!

Key Information concerning Purchasing Sod by the Pallet

Every business loads their pallets in a different way and also reduces turf in several various typical sizes. You will certainly need to get in touch with your supplier to ensure regarding what you are getting.

Square Feet in a Pallet of Sod

With that said, below are some typical numbers that you can make use of as a rough guide.

So How Many Square Feet is in a Pallet of Sod?

The average square video of a pallet of turf lawn sod is 450 square feet. A lot of pallets vary between 400 and also 700 square feet. This can differ fairly a little bit relying on the vendor as well as the promoted dimension. Variables such as exactly how your sod is reduced and how it is packed on the pallet will certainly play a big function in the amount of square feet of turf will be consisted of on each pallet you order.

As we will certainly discover later on in this article, pallets themselves often come in various sizes and have various names. Understanding these terms is essential to purchasing the correct amount of sod for your job.

Sod Square Feet per Pallet

One reason it is so important to understand how many square feet remain in a pallet is because quotes for turf are frequently offered to property owners just based on the number of pallets.

Without comprehending the square video of each pallet, it’s tough to understand if you’re getting a good deal.

Tips for Ordering Your Sod

How Much Sod to Order - How to Calculate How Many Square Feet of Sod to Order

When purchasing your sod, it is commonly best to get between 5 and also 10 percent greater than the yard area you prepare to cover.

Usually when you lay sod, you will require to fill up some odd areas and make up for issues with dimension accuracy.

When intending the number of pallets of turf to purchase for your home, learn the square footage of your room first. You can utilize among these online tools to estimate the square video footage of your yard, or you can do it the old made way with some fundamental measurements taken with a long measuring tape as well as some easy math.

Once you determine your task dimension, learn the number of square feet remain in each pallet of sod from your producer or vendor.

With all that information, you will certainly understand the number of pallets of turf you will certainly need to cover your residential or commercial property.

You can likewise get a price quote on the weight of each pallet of turf as well as identify whether you can pick it up in your lorry or if you’ll require to pay for delivery.

Factors Affecting How Many Square Feet in a Pallet of Sod

The variety of square feet you enter a pallet of turf can be influenced by aspects such as dampness web content, the harvester, grass kind, and also soil type.

The weight of the pallets for shipping and just how high the pallets will certainly stack also play a component.

When pallets have moisture web content of over 50 percent, both the weight of each roll of turf in addition to the pallets all at once can increase considerably, and some suppliers may pack less turf on the pallet to make certain the honesty of the shipment.

Names for Different Sod Shapes

You may find vendors using specific names for different cuts of sod. Comprehending this terminology will help you comprehend what you’re getting and afterwards you can purchase the correct amount for your job.

Let’s take an appearance at them below.


You are likely to find slabs in pallets offered in the southerly states of the United States. Slab pallets are usually readily available in dimensions with 399 square feet, 454 square feet, and 503 square feet.

Sod Cut and Stacked in Slabs on a Pallet

The kinds of grass most commonly located in turf slabs are St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, and also Centipede.

Slabs have a tendency to be rectangular fit. With slabs, it’s specifically vital to find out the rate per square foot (rather than just the cost per pallet). Constantly bear in mind that there can be variant in the amount of square feet you will certainly obtain in a certain pallet.

Each rectangular piece of sod usually gauges 16 × 24 inches (definition that each slab of sod will usually cover 2.66 square feet).

Mini Hand Roll

The Mini Hands Roll is becoming much more preferred in north areas of the United States. You can discover pallets of small hand rolls in 400, 450, and 500 square foot dimensions.

Mini Hand Roll of Sod Stacked on a Pallet

Most frequently, you’ll find cool-season grasses in miniature hand rolls. You can occasionally discover Bermudagrass turf in this type.

Each mini hand roll will usually measure 40 × 18 inches in size. This indicates that each mini hand roll of sod will normally be able to cover regarding 5 square feet.

A pallet specified to cover 400 square feet will normally have 80 mine hand rolls.

Large Roll

Pallets with huge rolls are most prominent in north parts of the United States. Pallets with big turf rolls are offered in 500, 600, and also 700 square foot sizes.

Large Sod Rolls on Pallet

Some of the turfs that are likely to discover in big rolls are Kentucky Bluegrass as well as Tall Fescue.

As is apparent in its name, the large roll form of turf is available in a roll. This is different than a slab, naturally, which comes in a rectangle-shaped shape. In markets where big rolls prevail, the pallets will normally have between 50 and 70 big rolls. Each huge roll of sod will commonly measure either 60 × 24 inches or 80 × 18 inches in dimension.

Mostly you’ll locate these pallets go to professionals, instead of the DIY weekend break warrior.

Pallet Square Footage by Sod Type (summary)

So to sum up the average square feet of turf per pallet you might discover:

Type of Sod Roll on Pallet Typical Square Feet per Pallet
Slab 399, 454, or 503 square feet per pallet
Mini Hand Roll 400, 450, or 500 square feet per pallet
Large Roll 500, 600, or 700 square feet per pallet

Always Know Your Stuff Before Ordering Sod!

Sod is expensive (however awesome!), so it’s clear that if you’re buying turf for your yard you require to know exactly how lots of square feet a pallet will cover prior to placing your order.

How Many Square Feet in a Sod Pallet

If you do not have this info, you may conveniently end up getting the incorrect amount, bring about aggravation, lost time and cash.

You can utilize the numbers priced quote in this write-up as a harsh overview, yet always ask your turf manufacturer or vendor for specifics before you make a purchase.

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