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How Much Does a Push Mower Weigh? Find Out Now! (2023)

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When it comes to lawn care, having the right tools is essential. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a push mower. But how much does it weigh? Knowing what type and model best suits your needs can make a big difference. Different types of push mowers have different weights, affecting how maneuverable they are, their power output, and storage options.

In this article, we’ll look at different types and models of lawnmowers, so you can choose one that fits your needs.

Why the Weight of a Push Mower Matters

how much does a push mower weigh
Understanding the weight of a push mower is essential, as it affects transportation, storage and your ability to maneuver. A lightweight mower offers ease of handling and maneuverability around gardens or on uneven terrain. On the other hand, heavier lawnmowers can provide more control for larger areas and power during peak seasons.

Push rotary mowers with gas engines are typically heavier than electric models due to their fuel tank while cordless battery-powered ones tend to be lighter in comparison. Reel mowers are the lightest type but offer minimal features compared with other types of push lawnmowers such as those powered by electricity or gas.

It’s important to consider all these factors when choosing a new model for your garden – look at different sizes and weights from brands like ATLAS 80v Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless 21-inch Push Lawn Mower (58 lbs), EGO LM2100 (60 lbs) or Honda 662990 Compact Push Mower (62lbs).

The weight also needs factoring in if you plan on lifting it up stairs into storage space; something that might not be possible with certain models weighing over 600 pounds!

Different Types of Push Mowers

Different Types of Push Mowers
Are you looking for a push mower? You have three main options: gas-powered, electric, and cordless.

Gas-powered mowers are the most powerful, but tend to be heavier. Electric mowers require an extension cord or battery pack for power. They can be lightweight or heavy-duty, with larger decks.

Cordless mowers offer convenience; they don’t need cords or fuel tanks. But they usually weigh more than electric mowers due to the batteries.

Gas-powered Push Mowers

If you’re looking for power and control, a gas-powered push mower might be the thing for your lawn. They offer better performance than electric or battery-powered models due to their cylinder capacity, fuel efficiency, engine power, and comfort design.

The average weight is 100-120 pounds, depending on the model. Most are made from heavy-duty steel with an extra-large fuel tank, adding to the weight.

Husqvarna YTH series offers great value when it comes to buying a dependable gas-powered machine. It can handle any job efficiently and reliably without costing much in maintenance costs or energy bills over time.

A 5-item numeric list includes:

  1. Cylinder Capacity
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Comfort Design
  4. Engine Power
  5. Maintenance Costs

Electric Push Mowers

If you’re looking for a powerful yet lightweight lawn mower without the hassle of gas or oil, an electric push mower is your ticket to modern convenience. Electric mowers are perfect for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and have limited storage space. They come in various types such as battery-operated mowers, cordless push mowers, and electric models with different features like blade design, cutting power, speed control, deck size, and motor power.

To help you choose the best option that fits your needs, we’ve compiled a table below comparing some popular electric lawnmowers on the market today.

Model Type Deck Size (inches) Cutting Power (amps)
EGO LM2101 Cordless Push Mower 21 7.5
Ryobi RY40190-Y Battery-Operated Mower 20 40
Makita XML03PT1 Electric Mower 19 36
The EGO LM2101 has a compact design with easy-fold handles, making it ideal for small yards. Ryobi RY40190-Y offers greater flexibility due to its adjustable speed settings, which allows users to adjust according to terrain type. The Makita XML03PT1 provides longer run times than other comparable models, making it great if you have large areas of grass that need tending without interruption.

Overall, when choosing an electric lawnmower consider factors like battery life, motor power and weight, as they can impact performance over time.

Cordless Push Mowers

Feel the freedom of cordless convenience with a lightweight and efficient push mower. Cordless push lawn mowers are ideal for small to medium-sized yards, offering superior maneuverability while still providing ample power. The blade size, deck size, battery life and motor power vary depending on your needs. All offer an effortless experience without any cords getting in the way.

Battery-powered models can be as light as 22 lbs, with Sun Joe MJ500M Reel Mower being one of the lightest gas lawnmowers available today at only 58.2 lbs.

When shopping around for a new cordless push mower, consider weight alongside other factors so you get exactly what you need from your machine – no more or less weight than necessary!

Alex Kuritz’s expertise on caring for lawns provides guides to help decide which type will work best for your yard and budget. Amazon Associate earns from qualifying purchases made through their website, and also receives a small share of sales from similar affiliate programs when purchasing online. It’ll make sure you have peace of mind regarding the ultimate choice among different types & weights within these compact yet powerful machines!

The Weight of Different Push Mower Models

The Weight of Different Push Mower Models
Are you looking for a push mower that’s easy to maneuver in your garden or on uneven terrain? Lightweight push mowers are great for small yards and tight spaces, whereas heavy-duty models are better suited to larger areas with thicker grass. Rotary push mowers offer more power, but they’re usually heavier. Consider these factors before making your decision to choose the best model for your needs.

Lightweight Push Mowers

If you’re looking for a lightweight lawn mower that still packs some power, try the Sun Joe MJ500M Reel Mower. It weighs just 22 lbs, so it’s easy to maneuver. This cordless push mower is powered by an electric motor, and it can cut and mulch up to 1/2 acre with its 14-inch wide deck. It also has 10 adjustable heights from 1-3 inches, so you can customize it to the vegetation type and terrain. Plus, it offers easy operation tips and recommended maintenance and storage solutions.

Compared with gas or battery powered lawnmowers, which can weigh much more than 22 lbs, the Sun Joe MJ500M Reel Mower is perfect for portability. So get those gardens trimmed!

Heavy-duty Push Mowers

If you need a powerful mower for larger areas, consider investing in a heavy-duty push model! They offer great control and power, with heavier weights than other types of lawnmowers. Plus, they have wider cutting widths, so you can cover more area faster.

Fuel considerations should be taken into account, as these machines require higher amounts of fuel due to their weight and size. Maintenance tips such as blade care should be followed regularly to ensure your machine is running at peak performance. Cutting height adjustments may also help provide better results when using this type of mower on uneven terrain or large yards.

Rotary Push Mowers

Rotary push mowers are powerful machines, offering control and power to cover more ground quickly with their wider cutting widths. They come in cordless electric, battery-powered, or gas models – each of which has its own benefits and costs.

Before purchasing, consider the cost and maintenance needs, as well as safety concerns like noise levels. Selecting a suitable mower involves considering factors like average weight, transportation/storage capabilities, and terrain challenges.

Make sure you purchase an appropriate mower that’ll get the job done efficiently and safely.

How Construction Affects Weight

How Construction Affects Weight
You’ll want to consider construction when selecting your lawn mower, as it can drastically impact the weight and how easy it is to maneuver. Manual push mowers are usually the lightest option, weighing in around 30 lbs or less. The wheels design, deck material, blade weight and handle design all contribute to their lightweight frame.

Gas lawnmowers are typically heavier than electric ones since they require a powerful engine for operation. The average price of these models weigh anywhere between 100-200 lbs depending on size and features, such as steering wheel height adjustment.

Riding lawn mowers also tend to be much heavier due to their increased power capabilities. They usually come with large gas tanks, which further adds bulkiness, making them difficult for those with physical limitations or elderly individuals who may struggle lifting one off ground during storage periods.

Lastly, zero turn models have even more heft given their heavy duty engines plus added weights from its wheels, upscaling the overall weight significantly higher than other types of mowers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any health benefits to using a push mower?

Using a push mower to care for your lawn offers many health benefits. Not only is manual labor an effective form of exercise, it also helps reduce noise pollution and air quality issues that come from using gas-powered mowers.

Push reel mowers provide a sustainable solution when cutting grass, as they’re powered solely by the power of human pushing. Contrary to popular belief, most modern push reel lawnmowers weigh between 22 – 58 lbs., depending on the model you choose.

Investing in a rough-cut or electric mower can help you reap all the health benefits associated with manual labor while still providing superior results for your garden!

Is a push mower suitable for any size yard?

Push mowers are suitable for small to normal-sized yards. Consider terrain and maneuverability when choosing. They offer power from gas or electric sources. Check how much weight it can handle before buying. Battery powered models are easier to move than those with a full fuel tank. Zero-turn mowers are better for larger lawns due to their weight and maneuverability. With regular maintenance and cleaning, a push mower is an effective way of keeping your lawn looking its best!

What are the environmental benefits of using a push mower?

Using a push mower to maintain your lawn has numerous environmental benefits. It reduces carbon footprints by using no gas or electricity, and produces less air pollution than gas-powered models. Push mowers also create fewer noise emissions than electric or battery-operated machines, making them ideal for sustainable gardening practices.

Water conservation is another benefit of using a push mower since they don’t require any fuel for operation and can reduce water waste associated with gasoline powered models. Additionally, reel and manual push lawnmowers are even lighter in weight than their electric and gas counterparts, saving energy when pushing the machine around your yard!

How often should I maintain my push mower?

Maintaining a push mower is essential for its longevity and performance. Cleaning the blades, sharpening them regularly, and storing it in a dry place are key steps to keep your machine running smoothly. Additionally, battery maintenance is important if you own an electric mower while fuel choices should be considered when using gas powered models.

With such an impressive set of features combined with its type of lawnmower design comes different components that may require fair bit of muscle power during upkeep. To ensure peak performance from your push mower, here are the top things to remember:

  • Cleaning tips
  • Blade sharpening routine schedule
  • Storage tips for safekeeping
  • Battery maintenance (if applicable)
  • Fuel choices (gas-powered).

Are there any safety concerns when using a push mower?

Using a push mower is a great option for small to medium-sized lawns. But there are safety concerns to take into consideration. Noise pollution from the motor can be an issue, so check local regulations before using it. You’ll need enough storage space or an outdoor space like John Deere Hangar to reduce wear and tear and decrease its carbon footprint and price points. Remember, most push mowers weigh around 100 lbs. That’s worth taking into account when making your purchase decision.


When it comes to push mowers, weight matters. It has a big impact on how easy it is to use. Construction plays a role, with metal components adding to the weight. But the right mower can make all the difference. Choose wisely and select one that’ll carry you through the season with ease. A well-maintained lawn is the crowning glory of any home.

So choose a mower that’s lightweight and easy to use. Gas-powered mowers may be heavier, but they’re reliable. Metal components add to the weight, so factor that in when you’re selecting the right one.

With the right mower, you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time.

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