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How Much Does It Cost to Run a Pond Pump Per Month? (2022)

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Pond pumps vary in size and power level, depending on what you use the pump for. If making use of correctly, it assists protect against stagnancy as well as reduce down on mosquitos. Several different aspects play right into regular monthly expenses, including the kind, size, as well as exactly how regularly the pump is utilized.

It seems overwhelming, we understand, and we’re here to assist. A gorgeous pond isn’t unattainable, also if the water looks a little bit dirty currently. Maintain analysis, and whatever will go swimmingly (that one was a stretch).

Do Pond Pumps Use A Lot Of Electricity?

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Basically, no, pond pumps don’t use a great deal of electrical energy. However, this will certainly depend on the size and sort of pond pump you want to make use of. Allow’s simplify.


The initial point to consider is the size and shape of your pond, as it will figure out the sort of pump as well as exactly how much power it will need to run. Below are a few equations to figure out the size of your pond Now, if you hear words math as well as run the other way, pond calculators are simple to discover with a Google search.

  • Square and Rectangular- Action the length as well as width of the pond with a tape action. To gauge the deepness, make use of a stick (or anything similar). Using the stick, place it into the water until it hits all-time low. Get rid of the stick, and also determine the length of the hold up to the waterline. Increase the size by the width, after that the deepness. To convert this number into gallons, multiply by 7.5
  • Circular- Measure the size (one side to the other) and also divide by 2 to figure out the span. Increase the span on its own and after that by 3.14 Currently, increase this by the deepness (do not hesitate to use that stick). To convert to gallons, multiply by 7.5

Take a moment to value the math you did; we’re impressed. Since we recognize the dimension, allow’s move on to which pump is best for your pond

Kind of Pump

Pond pumps are separated into numerous categories, each with its very own advantages. The pump should be able to overcome around half of the pond volume per hr.

  • Submersible- They are created to be immersed (therefore the name). Peaceful and also simple to mount, these pumps work through anywhere from 50 to 5,000 gallons of water per hr. For little fish ponds, submersible pumps have a tendency to be most reliable. Remember, a few of these pumps use oil. If your objective is a fish pond, ensure your submersible pump does not use oil, as it can be hazardous to the fish.
  • Outside- External pumps require a dry area near the pond The installment procedure tends to be a little bit more complicated than submersible pumps, as well as these pumps usually make some noise as they run. These pumps are best for larger fish ponds (1,000 gallons or even more). They are lasting, reliable, and reasonably low upkeep.
  • Magnetic Drive- Magnetic Drive pumps are reliable as well as cost -reliable. It is completely sealed, making it optimal for fish ponds. If you’re imagining fountains, this is not the pump for you, as the magnetic drive is incapable to produce that waterfall result.
  • Direct Drive- If aesthetics are the name of the game, this pump is for you. Direct drive pumps work best for fountains and also falls, including the visual attribute to your pond Several of these designs make use of oil, yet if fish project in your pond, select among the oil-free models.

Electrical energy And Cost

Since you’re quite much the CEO of pond pumps, allow’s take a look at electricity and also cost Normally speaking, 1 kilowatt (kWh) is regarding 12 cents. To obtain an exact variety of the cost per kWh, check a power expense, and also divide the total bill by the power consumption. The power level of the pump can be located in the guidelines or on the side of the box. If you do not see the watts, increase the amps by the volts.

  • Calculating the Cost- Who recognized so much mathematics went right into a pond pump There are cost calculators to identify just how much you invest daily, month, and year. Now, if math is your strong suit, use the equation below to compute the cost
  • Equation- Watts increased by hours used daily. Take that number as well as divide by 1,000, after that increase by.30
  • Example- 100 watts x 24hours per day = 2,400
  • 2,400 / 1,000 = 2.4
  • 4 x. 30 = 72 cents each day

Should I Run My Pond Pump All the Time?

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This depends upon the sort of pond you have. For instance, if you have a Koi pond, then of course, you ought to run the pond for 24 hrs daily. The pump is needed to keep the high quality of the pond tidy, oxygenated, and toxin-free, making it risk-free for fish to exist in. On the various other hand, if your pond does not include wild animals, then in many situations, you do not need to run your pond pump continuously.

Should I Turn Off My Pond Pump At Night?

Yes and also no. If your pond has fish, do not transform the pump off in the evening, as it is required for a healthy setting. Ponds without fish can be switched off in the evening. That being stated, a stationary pond is superb for breeding insects. Not to attract conclusions, but we’re thinking mosquitos do not specifically fit the visual of your desire pond

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