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How Much is a Pallet of Grass San Antonio? 2023 Prices & Delivery Fees

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Are you looking for a lush, green lawn in San Antonio? You’re in luck! A pallet of grass is the perfect solution to get your yard looking its best. But how much does it cost and where can you find it? Well, we’ll tell you all about purchasing a pallet of grass and installing sod here in San Antonio.

From the types available to delivery fees and topsoil prices – we’ve got everything covered so that by the end of this article, you’ll have all the information needed to create your dream lawn at an affordable price.

So sit back, relax, and keep reading as we uncover exactly what’s involved when buying grass for your home or business!

Key Takeaways

how much is a pallet of grass in san antonio

  • Milberger’s Landscape Nursery in San Antonio offers a wide selection of turf grass sod, including 19 varieties to choose from.
  • Prices for sod are based on the number of pallets ordered, with additional costs for 1 or 2 pallets.
  • Delivery charges apply within a certain radius, and free estimates and measurements are provided in the North San Antonio area.
  • Milberger’s offers a warranty on their turf grass and sod, guaranteeing quality and weed/disease-free products.

How Much is a Pallet of Grass in San Antonio?

How Much is a Pallet of Grass in San Antonio?
At Milberger’s Landscape Nursery, you can find the biggest selection of turf grass sod in South Central Texas with prices that won’t break the bank. With 19 varieties to choose from, including the newest releases, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs and budget.

Prices are based on 3 pallets or more. An additional cost is applied for 1 or 2 pallets, and delivery charges apply within a certain radius.

A full pallet contains 50 square yards (450 square feet), which makes it easy to calculate how much sod you need for your project.

When it comes to grass types, there are several options like Buffalo Sod, Bermuda Sod, St Augustine Grass, and Zoysia. Each one has its own characteristics, such as drought tolerance level and mowing height requirement.

But all come weed-free and true to their labeled variety, ensuring maximum quality when installed properly by their team of experts who provide competitive pricing throughout the South Central Texas region.

In addition, Milberger’s provides customers with lawn care advice by Dr. Calvin Finch. This includes tips about water usage according to specific weather conditions, as well as recommendations regarding herbicide application and irrigation system check-ups, among other tasks.

Last but not least, smart lawn care suggestions will help reduce costs while still maintaining high-quality standards. These include downsizing the overall size and leaving clippings after mowing, among other activities.

Sod Installation Process

Sod Installation Process
Feeling overwhelmed by the installation of a new pallet of grass for your lawn? Don’t worry! Milberger’s Landscape Nursery is here to help. The process starts with ground tilling, followed by sod installation, and then fertilizer application.

Finally, a lawn roller should be used to ensure that the soil is evenly spread out and makes contact with the roots of each individual piece.

Ground Tilling

You can expect the highest quality ground tilling for your sod installation when you choose Milberger’s Landscape Nursery, ensuring an even and successful lay of turf. Their experts conduct ground preparation, soil tilling, fertilizer application, and lawn rolling to ensure weed control.

With a full pallet containing 450 square feet in the San Antonio area, they guarantee the best prices in town with competitive rates on all their varieties of turf grass industry! From Buffalo Sod to St.


Experience Milberger’s Landscape Nursery for professional sod installation and get the lawn of your dreams – from Buffalo Sod to St.

  • Complete pricing information on all varieties of turf grass, including delivery times and price variations in North San Antonio.
  • Professional ground preparation services like tilling, fertilizer application, weed killer & debris removal before installation begins.
  • Expert advice on the amount of pallets needed for a given area as well as tips to ensure proper care after installation is complete.
  • A variety of options when it comes to selecting the right type of sod that will fit your needs best at unbeatable prices!

With Milberger’s landscape nursery, you can be sure that you are getting everything necessary for a lush green lawn with ease, so don’t wait any longer – start creating beautiful landscapes today!


Try fertilizing your lawn with the help of Milberger’s professional tips and tricks to keep it lush all year round! With their expertise, you can determine which fertilizer types are ideal for your soil.

They suggest a proper mix of slow-release lawn fertilizer as well as organic material to promote healthy growth.

Too much fertilizer results in burning or leaching away essential nutrients. Soil testing is required before application. Fertilizer ratios should be adjusted accordingly based on test results, so that plants receive the correct amount of nutrition they need at each stage of their lifecycle.

Visit Milberger’s Landscape Nursery today for more information about creating beautiful landscapes with an organic approach!

Lawn Rolling

After fertilizing, Milberger’s recommends lawn rolling to ensure the turf matures properly and is even with the soil. Rolling compacts the soil, making it easier for grass root systems to gain access to nutrients and air in order for them to grow faster.

Additionally, this process provides better overseeding techniques that can protect against various pests like grubs or chinch bugs.

Fertilizers should match native plant types found in your area for best results, along with a balanced mix of slow-release fertilizer that will provide essential nutrition down into their root zone while avoiding burning or leaching away precious nutrients.

For more information about creating beautiful landscapes through organic approaches, visit Milberger’s Landscape Nursery today!

Sod Prices

Sod Prices
Are you looking to upgrade your lawn with some new sod? Milberger’s Landscape Nursery offers a variety of grasses for every budget, including Prairie, Buffalo, Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia. Each type has its own unique qualities, from drought tolerance to shade resistance – there is something for everyone! Explore the differences in price points between these popular choices today.


If you’re looking for a thick-bladed, drought-tolerant grass that is perfect for open spaced areas, then Milberger’s Prairie sod is the way to go. It’s no wonder why this type of grass has been a staple in many South Central Texas lawns, with its ability to hold up under Texas heat and sun.

Sod Quality standards are met with real grass grown in ideal growing conditions.

So get your lawn ready faster than ever by taking advantage of sample lawn areas around San Antonio.


Experience the thick-bladed, drought-tolerant Buffalo grass from Milberger’s in your South Central Texas lawn. Get the best prices in town for installation on pallets containing 450 square feet of sod.

With varieties like Prairie and Buffalo costing $630 and $645 respectively, you can be assured that you’re getting quality turf grass with weed killer and fertilizer included.


Try out Milberger’s Bermuda sod for sunny spots in South Central Texas. Featuring thin-bladed varieties like Tifway 419 and Celebration, it is drought-tolerant but requires overseeding to thrive. Prices start at $575 per pallet, including weed killer and fertilizer – plus delivery charges based on published recommendations.

St Augustine

For shadier spots, Milberger’s has got you covered with St. Augustine sod. It’s thick-bladed and not drought-tolerant; best for areas with sprinklers or hand watering. Prices start at $575 per pallet, including fertilizer and weed killer, plus delivery charges.


For those looking for a medium-bladed, drought-tolerant grass that can thrive in sunny or shaded areas, Zoysia sod is the perfect choice. Milberger’s offers several varieties of this hardy turfgrass, including El Toro ($650/pallet installed), Zeon ($650/pallet installed), Jamur ($650/pallet installed), and Palisades.

Installation includes ground tilling and fertilizer applications plus weed killer; additional fees apply to 1 or 2 pallet orders.

Delivery Fees & Topsoil Prices

Delivery Fees & Topsoil Prices
Delivery fees apply when you order your sod from Milberger’s Landscape Nursery, and topsoil prices are also available. If you’re looking to upgrade a lawn with the newest releases of turf grass, they offer local sod delivery for an additional fee.

Prices vary depending on how many pallets are needed for installation costs and tilling of natural areas.

Beyond just the pricing structure, they provide a variety of helpful services that make transforming any space into a lush green area easy! Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Expert advice about the best type of turf grass for each unique environment – Prairie Buffalo Bermuda St Augustine or Zoysia.
  2. Weed killer and fertilizer applications to keep your yard healthy year-round.
  3. Topsoil types customized based on soil composition in different lawn areas.
  4. Assistance with winter weed removal.
  5. A detailed review before installing new sod so no surprises appear after completion.

You’ll be delighted at how quickly their team completes all tasks involved in creating beautiful outdoor spaces! And don’t forget – Milberger’s offers free estimates & measurements throughout North San Antonio & surrounding areas, so there is no guesswork required when it comes time to purchase materials needed during the installation process.

Free Estimate & Measurement

Free Estimate & Measurement
Get an accurate estimate and measurement of your outdoor space for free with Milberger’s Landscape Nursery to ensure a hassle-free installation process that will have you admiring your new, lush lawn in no time!

With their quality control measures and wide variety of delivery options, they guarantee the best prices in town. Plus, they provide expert advice about grass types as well as recommendations for fertilizers during autumn growth mode.

The extensive sod installation process includes tilling the ground first before laying down turf grass or sod – plus weed killer applications are included too!

For those who would like more information on watering amounts or mowing heights for different areas of their yard – Milberger’s has got it all covered. They can even offer helpful tips on smart lawn care which could reduce future expenses while keeping outdoor spaces vibrant throughout the year.

To get started simply give them a call to schedule a free estimate where one of their representatives will come out and measure how much lawn space is needed without any obligations attached whatsoever! From there you’ll be able to decide if this is something worth pursuing further by taking advantage of great delivery rates within certain radius points around San Antonio Texas area – then sit back relax & enjoy watching your dream home flourish right before eyes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a pallet of grass and a pallet of sod?

Grass and sod are not the same – while grass is simply mowed, sod is carefully cultivated. Sod comes pre-grown with roots intact, making it an ideal choice for a lush lawn.

What is the difference between Buffalo sod and Bermuda sod?

Buffalo sod is thick-bladed and drought-tolerant, while Bermuda has thin blades that need overseeding.

What type of grass is best for shaded areas?

St. Augustine sod is the perfect choice for shaded areas. Its thick-bladed grass offers lush, green coverage, while its slow growth and tough nature offer ultimate durability.

How long does it take for the grass to be delivered after ordering?

Orders must be placed at least two days in advance for delivery. You will receive your turf grass sod quickly and conveniently, so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn sooner!

Is there a warranty for the grass and sod?

Milberger’s offers a warranty on turf grass and sod, guaranteeing their quality. They guarantee that the labeled variety will be weed and disease-free. New releases are regularly offered to ensure customers receive the best product available.


Buying the right kind of grass for your lawn in San Antonio can be tricky. Milberger’s Landscape Nursery has the largest selection of turf grass sod in the area, with 19 varieties available. They also provide a detailed lawn care schedule, written by Dr. Calvin Finch, and tips for smart lawn care.

With prices ranging from $575-670 per pallet, they offer some of the best deals in town. Delivery fees apply, and there’s a free estimate and measurement service to make sure you get the right amount of sod for your needs.

With Milberger’s, you can rest assured that your lawn will look lush and beautiful all year round.

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