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How Much is the Average Water Bill in Your State? (2023)

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Whether you own your very own residences or are renting a home or an apartment, you’ll need to pay a water bill Contrasted to other utilities such as power as well as gas, your water bill ought to be fairly affordable.

Nevertheless, it’s still a bill that you have to factor into your regular monthly spending plans to remain on track with your finances. To function out the average water bill for each state, it’s calculated on the presumption that person uses around 100 gallons of water per day.

For that reason, in 2019, it was estimated that an average household of 4 paid around $ 72.93 each month for water The average prices in the table below are determined using this assumption.

Average Water Bill Per Household Per Month In 2023

State Average Water Cost Per Household Per Month in 2023
Alabama $ 26.00
Alaska $ 95.00
Arizona $ 37.00
Arkansas $ 22.00
The golden state $ 65.00
Colorado $ 37.00
Connecticut $ 69.00
Delaware $ 45.00
Florida $ 6.00
Georgia $ 29.00
Hawaii $ 57.00
Idaho $ 37.00
Illinois $ 25.00
Indiana $ 38.00
Iowa $ 28.00
Kansas $ 26.00
Kentucky $ 49.00
Louisiana $ 33.00
Maine $ 19.00
Maryland $ 42.00
Massachusetts $ 30.00
Michigan $ 28.00
Minnesota $ 27.00
Mississippi $ 23.00
Missouri $ 38.00
Montana $ 34.00
Nebraska $ 23.00
Nevada $ 25.00
New Hampshire $ 26.00
New Jersey $ 64.00
New Mexico $ 28.00
New York $ 44.00
North Carolina $ 20.00
North Dakota $ 24.00
Ohio $ 26.00
Oklahoma $ 33.00
Oregon $ 37.00
Pennsulvania $ 30.00
Rhode Island $ 28.00
South Carolina $ 27.00
South Dakota $ 24.00
Tennessee $ 26.00
Texas $ 46.00
Utah $ 58.00
Vermont $ 18.00
Virginia $ 36.00
Washington $ 57.00
West Virginia $ 72.00
Wisconsin $ 18.00
Wyoming $ 52.00

Greatest And Lowest Paying States

Water expenses differ from one state to another. Some states bill a lot more for water, while others have a much more affordable fee. In general, the most expensive state for water is Alaska with an average bill of about $95 per month.

On the other hand, the most affordable state is Florida with an average month-to-month water bill of only $ 6. Florida is very closely adhered to by Wisconsin as well as Vermont with an average monthly bill of around $ 18.

Below’s a fast overview of the least and also most costly states across the US.

The 10 most expensive states for water:

  • Alaska $ 95.00
  • West Virginia $ 72.00
  • Connecticut $ 69.00
  • The golden state $ 65.00
  • New Jersey $ 64.00
  • Utah $ 58.00
  • Hawaii $ 57.00
  • Washington $ 57.00
  • Wyoming $ 52.00
  • Kentucky $ 49.00

The 10 least costly states for water:

  • Florida $ 6.00
  • Wisconsin $ 18.00
  • Vermont $ 18.00
  • Maine $ 19.00
  • North Carolina $ 20.00
  • Arkansas $ 22.00
  • Mississippi $ 23.00
  • Nebraska $ 23.00
  • South Dakota $ 24.00
  • North Dakota $ 24.00

Elements That Can Determine The Cost Of Your Water

There are a few variables that can determine exactly how much you can anticipate spending for water each as well as every month. Remember that the standards are determined on a family of 4 people. Therefore, if you have more people staying in your houses, your bill is most likely to be higher.

On the other hand, if you live alone or there are less than four individuals in your household, after that your bill is most likely to be much less.

Below are some basic elements that can affect your water bill

  • How much water you use. Obviously, the even more water that you utilize, the extra you’re going to pay. As a result, if you water your grass on a routine basis or have a pool that frequently requires topping up, after that you’ll be paying more.
  • The price of water The cost of water can differ both from state to state and likewise from community to town. As a result, if you transfer to one more town or state, your water bill might be greater or reduced, even if your use hasn’t altered.

Tips For Reducing Your Water Bill

If you’re discovering that your water bill is more than average, there are some points that you can do to minimize it. Below are 8 pointers on the best methods to reduce your water use:

1. Have much shorter showers.

If you’re made use of to taking long showers, you may require to time on your own so you can slowly reduce the moment that you invest in the shower every day. A typical shower head can utilize around 5 gallons of water per min as well as this quickly includes up if you’re in the shower for extended periods. Even a 10 minute shower will certainly utilize around 50 gallons of water That’s half the average use each day.

As a result, attempt to reduce your showers back to no greater than 5 or 6 mins. In addition, you need to set up an Eco-friendly shower head that makes use of less water per min.

2. Turn the water off while shaving or brushing your teeth.

It just takes a little technique to make it a habit to shut off the water while you’re brushing your teeth as well as shaving as opposed to allowing it to run. Actually, leaving the water running while you clean your teeth can lose around 56.25 gallons of water weekly. Multiply, that by 52 and you can minimize the cost of 2,925 gallons of water annually just by transforming the faucet off.

3. Just run your dishwashing machine when it’s full.

If you run your dish washers on much less than a complete tons, you can be utilizing even more water than you have to. For that reason, ensure your dishwasher is full prior to you turn it on. A basic dishwasher only makes use of around 6 gallons of water per cycle. And even much less if yours is Energy Star ranked.

4. Prevent washing dishes by hand.

Hand washing your dishes uses a great deal even more water than a dishwasher does. For that reason, try to prevent this as much as feasible. If you do require to hand wash just a few items, just load your sink half way. And also never ever clean your recipes under running water This can make use of up to 2.2 gallons per minute.

5. Make certain you have a full load when you switch on the washing equipment.

Cleaning simply a handful of items at once in your device is a waste of water Consequently, ensure you have a full lots prior to activating the equipment.

6. Take care of any kind of leaking faucets.

All taps will ultimately leakage. This is since the seals can gradually erode away and even break down. So, if you have a leaking faucet, you might be squandering around 34 gallons of water a year also if it only trickles. By merely placing in new seals, you can save on your own some money in the future.

7. Add aerators to your taps.

An aerator connects to your faucets and also pushes air into water streams. This efficiently reduces the volume of circulation. Aerators are extremely low-cost and you can discover them at your local residence improvement shops.

8. Adjust your grass watering routine.

Numerous individuals like to water their yard regularly yet have you considered your grass watering timetable? Are you sprinkling at the best time? Do you ensure that you’re not over watering?

Offering simply a little focus to your sprinkling routines can save you loads over time. It’s best to just water early in the morning or in the night. This guarantees that you’re not shedding any kind of water via dissipation. Also see to it that your lawn sprinklers aren’t running for longer than they need to as the added water could actually be decreasing the drain.

watering lawn schedule

Exactly how To Be A Water Recycling Warrior And Have A Lush Green Lawn

Did you recognize that a lot of the waste water that we use for cleaning in the house is flawlessly ideal for watering your yard and garden with? Right here are some means you can reuse this water onto your gardens.

  • Take a container into the shower. If you position a pail in the shower when you’re using it, you can then use the gathered water on your house plants or your gardens.
  • Run the outlet hoses on your dishwashing machines and also washing equipment right into a storage tank exterior. The gray water that comes out of your dishwashing machines and also cleaning device is flawlessly acceptable to your grass as well as yard. You can quickly run the pipes into a tiny storage tank to collect the water
  • Collect the water from your air conditioning systems. Did you know that the electrical outlet hose pipe on your air conditioner launches a fair quantity of water when it’s cooling down or warming your residence? Because the outlet hose pipe is located outside anyhow, you can conveniently collect this water as well as utilize it on your yards.

Before you do any one of these things though, see to it that you consult your neighborhood community to make certain that it’s legal and also permissible.

Regularly Asked Questions:

Exactly how much is the average water bill across America?

The average water bill for Americans is $ 70.93 per month. This associates with around 300 gallons of water utilized by a household in a solitary day.

What state has the greatest water costs?

Citizens of Alaska have the greatest regular monthly water bill at around $ 95.

Just how much does a gallon of water prices in the USA?

In the United States, the average cost of water is around $ 1.50 for 1000 gallons.

How much water does a person utilize a day?

It’s estimated that on average, a person uses 101.5 gallons of water in a solitary day.

Final Thoughts

Factoring in the cost of your water bill is very important when you established up your monthly spending plan. Our state by state run-through ought to offer you a good concept of exactly how much you’re likely to pay.

You can additionally follow our tips to make certain your water bill is as convenient as possible. Nevertheless, water is a precious resource and the even more we can save, the extra we’ll have for the future.

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