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2023 TruGreen Cost — Get Affordable Lawn Care Plans & Prices

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how much is trugreen a monthAre you searching for a reliable and cost-effective way to keep your lawn looking pristine? TruGreen may be the perfect solution. With over two hundred franchise branches across the U.S., TruGreen offers an array of lawn care services.

These services include fertilizing and weed control, as well as grub treatments, all at competitive prices. Typically, prices range from $65 to $225 per application or around $250 to $500 per acre.

Many customers opt for annual plans, which range from $450 to as much as $2,000 depending on yard size and condition. These plans include 7-9 service visits throughout the year. Additionally, TruGreen offers their Healthy Lawn Guarantee®.

This guarantee ensures free repeat visits if there are any issues with your lawn.

So, how much is TruGreen a month? Read on for more information about TruGreen packages, customer reviews, pet safety measures, and everything you need to know before signing up!

Key Takeaways

  • TruGreen offers a wide range of lawn care services and plans, including organic fertilizers and tailored quotes.
  • TruGreen provides free repeat visits through their Healthy Lawn Guarantee® if there are any issues with the lawn.
  • TruGreen’s pest control methods are highly praised by customers, and they use EPA-approved insect treatments.
  • TruGreen offers competitive rates and discounts for their lawn care services, making it affordable for different budgets.

Is TruGreen Worth It?

how much is trugreen a month 1
Deciding whether or not TruGreen is worth it depends on your needs and budget, but past customers have praised their pest control methods and lawn health. TruGreen offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of any customer, from organic fertilizers to tailored quotes for all services.

Their comprehensive packages include fertilizer applications, weed control, insect management plans, as well as tree and shrub maintenance programs.

The Perimeter Pest Control Plan provides an additional layer of protection against pests with four treatments per year around the home’s perimeter. For those looking for more extensive coverage at an affordable price point, there are annual lawn care plans that offer discounts along with additional services such as aeration or overseeding if needed throughout the year.

TruGreen makes purchasing easy by sending a representative out to discuss options in person so you can get exactly what you need without any hassle. However, some customers were dissatisfied with customer care when they opted into automatic package renewals without being aware beforehand.

Additionally, many people find it difficult dealing with weeds due to time constraints and lack of knowledge. However, having professionals take care of these tasks can save time while also providing peace of mind, knowing that everything will be done correctly.

Researching local branches before making your decision is recommended in order to ensure satisfaction from start to finish.

Overall, TruGreen’s pricing structure is reasonable compared to competitors’ prices, which means it’s worth considering depending on how big your yard is, especially if garden work isn’t something you enjoy doing.

Ultimately, though, ensuring excellent service comes down to selecting the right company – one whose client feedback is positive – so do thorough research to make sure you’re getting what you want.

What Does TruGreen Do?

What Does TruGreen Do?
TruGreen is a well-known lawn care and pest control company that provides professional services to customers. They offer a wide range of services, including fertilization, weed control, insect management plans, as well as tree and shrub maintenance programs.

Additionally, their Perimeter Pest Control Plan provides an extra layer of protection against pests with four treatments per year around the home’s perimeter. Customers can also opt for annual lawn care plans, which include discounts along with additional services such as aeration or overseeding if needed throughout the year.

Lawn Care Services

You can keep your lawn looking lush and healthy all year long with TruGreen’s comprehensive packages. From fertilizer applications to insect control plans, they offer a range of services to fit any budget.

  • Disease prevention treatments for grassy areas.
  • Soil aeration and overseeding for better root growth.
  • Organic fertilizers that provide essential nutrients.

Plus, their pest control methods are highly praised by past customers, as well as their free repeat visits when needed! Plus, you can choose from five different Lawn Care Plan types based on what works best for the size of your yard, such as TruMaintenance or TruHealth.

Researching local franchise branches is recommended so you get the most out of your money. Customer feedback will give insight into service quality before making purchases.

Pest Control Methods

Treat your lawn to TruGreen’s highly praised pest control methods and ensure a healthy outdoor space all year round! The company uses organic fertilizers that provide essential nutrients for grassy areas, while EPA-approved insect treatments protect against pests.

Their certified pros assess the property and recommend the best package or service tailored to individual needs.

Plus, customers can compare prices with competitors before committing. Annual plans offer discounts along with additional services as needed. Past customers praise TruGreen’s reliable pest control practices, but be aware of automatic package renewals if you’re not happy with customer care.

Research local franchise branches for client feedback before making any purchases.

Customer Care

Experience TruGreen’s reliable customer care for yourself and make sure your lawn is always looking its best! The company’s customer care system ensures clients have access to helpful support when faced with billing issues or plan comparisons.

Service quality is guaranteed, as customers can compare prices with competitors before making any commitments.

Plus, the TruNatural plan offers an eco-friendly option using organic fertilizers that provide essential nutrients for grassy areas while also providing pest control protection. Past TruGreen customers praise the company’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee and promise of exceptional service every time.

Research local franchise branches to get direct feedback from other users if you’re unsure about signing up – it’ll be worth it in the end! With competitive pricing and fair terms of service, your outdoor space will look perfect all year round without having to lift a finger.

How Often Does TruGreen Come?

How Often Does TruGreen Come?
With TruGreen’s packages, you can customize the frequency of visits to suit your needs – from 8 annual visits with TruHealth to 12 annual visits with their signature package.

Here are some benefits that come along with each one:

  • Planting Tips – Receive advice for planting trees and shrubs, as well as tips on how best to care for them throughout the year.
  • Cost Comparison – Compare prices between different packages offered by TruGreen so you can get the lawn care plan that fits best within your budget.
  • Local Reviews – Research local branches of TruGreen and look up customer reviews before making a purchase decision in order to decide if it is right for you.
  • Eco-Friendly Options – Opt into an eco-friendly lawn treatment package such as their TruNatural option which uses organic fertilizer instead of chemical treatments when needed.

TruGreen also offers additional services like mole extermination or sod installation at reasonable rates should they be required during a visit. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 online or over the phone if any questions arise about pricing or plans offered.

Past customers have praised both pest control methods used by company experts and improvements seen in the overall health of yards under maintenance programs provided by them.

Annual plans offer discounts compared to single purchases while additional services may be added depending on need. But don’t forget to research local branches first before signing up so as not to miss out on important details regarding client feedback.

With all these features combined, it is clear why many people opt for using professional help from companies like TruGreen rather than tackling this demanding task themselves, especially those who own large properties yet dislike gardening activities due to its time-consuming nature requiring specialized knowledge too.

Does TruGreen Work?

Does TruGreen Work?
You can trust that TruGreen works, as evidenced by the many satisfied customers who have seen their lawns transformed into healthy and beautiful landscapes. The company offers a variety of packages to suit all budgets, from their basic TruMaintenance package to the premium TruSignature option, which includes 12 annual visits.

For those looking for natural products or additional services like mole extermination or sod installation, they offer reasonable rates too. Reviews are generally positive, with customers praising the pest control methods used by experts and improvements in the overall health of yards under maintenance programs provided by them.

Pricing is also competitive compared to other companies offering similar services, making it an attractive investment value for those wanting continuous lawn care service but lack time due to work commitments or other reasons such as physical disability, leaving them unable to manage this task themselves.

Research local branches before signing up since customer service varies between locations. You may find useful information regarding client feedback too! And if there’s any confusion when requesting tailored quotes online, feel free to call representatives available 24/7 via phone should assistance be needed at any time throughout the process.

The overall experience has been mostly satisfactory; however, some clients were dissatisfied with renewal policies, so make sure to read the terms & conditions carefully prior to making a purchase decision just in case! All things considered though, if you’re looking for how much TruGreen costs per month, it could certainly answer your needs, providing guaranteed results without breaking the bank balance either!

Is TruGreen Safe for Pets?

Is TruGreen Safe for Pets?
Transitioning from discussing the effectiveness of TruGreen’s services to their safety for pets, it’s important to note that pet owners want only the best when caring for their beloved animals. Fortunately, TruGreen offers several pet-safe products and packages designed with this in mind.

They also have discounts on annual subscription packages, which can be beneficial if you’re looking to keep your lawn in good shape throughout the year without worrying about toxic chemicals harming your furry friends.

TruGreen takes pride not just in its pest prevention methods but also in its eco-friendly options, such as organic fertilizer or natural insect repellents. These options are much safer than chemical alternatives used by other companies that offer similar treatments.

In addition, they provide a helpful website where you can find detailed information regarding each package offered. This way, you know exactly what kind of service will be provided before deciding whether or not it fits within your budget range.

All things considered, if you’re searching for an affordable way to keep both pets and yards healthy, then look no further than TruGreen. They make sure everyone has access to quality care regardless of their financial situation, thanks to various payment plans available upon request, including monthly payments.

What Packages Does TruGreen Offer?

What Packages Does TruGreen Offer?
If you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your lawn healthy, TruGreen has a range of packages that can suit any budget. From the basic TruMaintenance package with de-weeding and grass fertilization, to the more comprehensive TruSignature plan which includes 12 annual visits from their experts – there’s something for everyone.

For those who want a truly eco-friendly option without compromising on quality, they offer their organic fertilizer-based package: TruNatural. No matter what your needs are or how much money you have available, by visiting their website and requesting tailored quotes, it’s easy to find out exactly what each package entails as well as its cost per month.


TruMaintenance is an ideal package if you’re looking for basic lawn care services, such as deweeding, grass fertilization, and lime soil stabilization. John from Florida recently purchased TruMaintenance and was able to keep his lawn healthy while avoiding costly treatments down the line.

The package includes organic fertilizing, preventing specific problems with your yard like weed growth or insect infestation. Plus, TruGreen’s pricing is competitive compared to other gardening companies in the market today! Past customers praise their pest control methods, as well as yearly discounts on years of treatments for those who opt into annual subscriptions or marketing campaigns.

All things considered, it’s worth considering if you want a professional job done without having to worry about automatic renewals or specific issues with your yard!


For those looking for more comprehensive lawn care services, TruHealth might be the package to consider. It includes insect control and 8 visits per year from TruExperts who can provide expert advice while caring for your lawns.

This eco-friendly option will help you determine what materials are necessary to maintain the initial health of the lawn and keep it in good condition over time.

With a cost analysis of TruGreen’s services, customers find this service worth investing money in as they get value out of their commitment with TruGreen’s quality service that is second to none!

All things considered, opting into TruHealth is an excellent choice if you’re serious about taking responsibility for your yard maintenance needs without breaking the bank!


If you want to take your lawn care up a notch, TruComplete is the package for you! Enjoy the convenience of Overseeding and Soil Aeration services that combine to give your yard a vibrant look.

TruGreen provides tailored quotes based on site conditions, as well as add-on treatments such as grass fertilization or pest control. Customers can expect a better flow of water in their yards with this package and competitive prices compared to other providers.

For those who are concerned about customer service, past customers have praised TruGreen’s marketing materials and responsiveness when making inquiries about their services.


Take your lawn care to the next level with TruSignature! This comprehensive package includes fertilization, weed and insect control, tree and shrub maintenance, plus 12 annual visits from certified pros.

Get a closer look at what you’re getting with:

  • Overseeding cost reduction
  • Soil aeration that will improve water flow in your yard
  • Fertilization plan tailored to meet the specific needs of your property
  • Pest control services for guaranteed effectiveness.

Plus, enjoy discounts on packages and potential solutions for any lawn care issues. Research local branches for customer reviews – some customers have reported negative experiences, but overall TruGreen offers quality service at reasonable prices.


Try TruGreen’s eco-friendly package, TruNatural. It uses organic fertilizer to give your lawn a healthy boost and reduce water usage by up to 30%. Get the biggest improvements with certified experts who will assess your property and recommend tailored solutions.

Enjoy excellent customer service from professionals who take personal details into account when creating pricing plans for you.

What Do Customers Have to Say About TruGreen?

What Do Customers Have to Say About TruGreen?
Discover what customers have to say about TruGreen and make an informed decision on whether their services are worth the money for you. With a range of packages suitable for any budget, from basic maintenance to comprehensive signature plans, it’s no wonder why many people turn to TruGreen for help with their lawn care needs.

When considering pricing comparisons between competitors and customer reviews online, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that the company offers competitive rates when it comes to regular subscription-based services.

When seeking expert advice on how best to keep your yard healthy while still being eco-friendly at the same time – look no further than their natural package, which uses organic fertilizer instead of synthetic chemicals.

Customers who have had positive experiences report easy setup processes and helpful representatives who can discuss options tailored specifically towards them during visits in person or over phone calls – making sure they get exactly what they need without having any unpleasant surprises down the line such as automatic package renewals or hidden fees associated with additional services added after purchase agreements were signed off on earlier in advance.

Despite some complaints from clients regarding customer service-related issues found via consumer affairs websites, past customers praise TruGreen’s pest control methods as well as overall improvements made within turf health following treatments carried out by its certified professionals all around different areas where operations take place across America today — demonstrating just how effective this business has been since first offering its products back in 1973!

Research local branches beforehand if possible so you know exactly what kind of experience other consumers have had before deciding if this is something right up your alley or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of TruGreen services?

TruGreen’s services are priced reasonably compared to competitors. Annual lawn care plans offer discounts, and additional services can be obtained upon request. With expert advice and tailored packages, a certified professional will assess the property to determine the best service for your needs.

How long does it take for TruGreen to deliver results?

Results from TruGreen vary, but with the proper implementation of their expert advice, you can expect to see signs of improvement in a few weeks. Enjoy lush lawns and healthy gardens quickly with the help of their experienced professionals.

Are there any special discounts for TruGreen customers?

TruGreen customers can enjoy special discounts when signing up for an annual lawn care plan. Savings include additional services, so you get more bang for your buck! With TruGreen’s experienced professionals and money-saving offers, it’s easy to keep your garden healthy without breaking the bank.

Can TruGreen services be tailored to individual needs?

Yes, TruGreen can tailor services to fit your specific needs. They have five packages that can be customized, and additional services are available so you get exactly what you need for optimal lawn health.

Does TruGreen offer any guarantees on their services?

Yes, TruGreen offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of its services. If customers are not satisfied with the results of their lawn care plan within 60 days, they can receive a full refund or request that services be repeated at no additional cost.


TruGreen is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a lush, green lawn without the hassle of doing it themselves. Their lawn care packages provide a comprehensive range of services, from pest control and fertilization to deweeding and aeration. Additionally, their customer care team is highly praised, and they offer competitive rates. With a wide range of packages available, TruGreen offers something for everyone – from those who want a basic maintenance plan to those looking for an eco-friendly option. So, if you’re in the market for a lawn care service, TruGreen is definitely worth a look.

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