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How Often Should You Stain Your Deck? (2023)

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When you initially install your timber decking, it should look fabulous. Still, you need to deal with it to keep its beauty, particularly, discoloring outdoor decking once again at proper periods. So how often should you do this? Exactly how should you do it?

Exactly how Often Should I Stain My Deck?

As a basic general rule, intend to reapply a clear stain about each year and also a semi-transparent stain every two years.

If you at first made use of semi-solid or strong shade spots, they will require to be reapplied regarding every 5 years.

A few other variables will affect when you need to restain, including:

  • Exactly how often your deck is utilized
  • Whether straight sunlight hits your deck
  • Just how clean you keep your deck
  • Whether your deck has weather defense or is subjected to rainfall, snow, ice, and also organic particles

Just how Do I Know If My Deck Needs Restaining?

Visible indicators that decks need retraining are flaking or peeling off, or if a deck has mold and mildew or mildew on it.

Another means to examine is to splash a few drops of water onto your decks. If the water grains up and also remains externally, your decks most likely does not need restaining.

If the water saturates right into the timber quickly, this suggests the timber on your deck could split or rot. You will probably need to restain your decks. Prior to deciding, inspect a few various locations of your deck as not all boards will remain in the same problem.

How To Stain Decks

Firstly you will certainly require tidying and also prepare your decks. Move deck furnishings elsewhere as well as getting rid of any kind of particles on your deck. Guarantee you hammer down holding up nails and also repair any type of damages to boards or eliminate them if necessary.

After that remove all traces of sealant from your deck; otherwise, the old sealer might disrupt the new sealant’s soaking properties. Cover any type of surrounding plants, consisting of plants as well as grass, to secure it. Laundry the deck, make use of a deck cleaner, and afterwards a deck sealant remover. Permit regarding 2 days prior to restaining your decks. You can use a stress washing machine to wash the deck, although some professionals do not advise this as it can scar the wood.

Select the brand-new stain you desire for your decks. You have three options:

Clear Stains

Or else known as deck water sealant, this kind of outdoor decking discoloration allows the grain to reveal with as they have no pigments or oils in them. They have timber preservatives and water to protect the timber on your deck. Decks stained by doing this do not stop UV rays, which can harm your decks as well as add to the weathering procedure. If you stain your deck with a clear stain, it will not last as long as various other kinds of stain

Some clear stain brand names consist of oils and will certainly permeate the wood. These need to be reapplied much less often as well as supply a much better deck defense.

Semi-transparent spots

These offer some color to the deck as well as still permit the grain patterns to reveal via. A semi-transparent stain soaks right into the timber and protects your deck far better than a clear stain, and will certainly last much longer. This kind of stained deck is less likely to peel. You will possibly intend to restain your deck once the stain ‘s shade has faded.

Solid Stains

This type of stain does not penetrate the wood, yet sits on top of the surface, rather like paint. This stain assists to supply a consistent look as well as will hide discoloration. The drawback is that it is not extremely immune to foot traffic as well as often peels, splits, or chips. If you select this sort of stain, you can not ever before make use of a semi-transparent or clear stain for a future retail.

Final Thoughts About Restaining Your Deck

Prior to restaining your deck, check the weather condition forecast. If rain is most likely or conditions are moist, select another day.

Using a safety face mask, use your stain using a long-handled brush or roller. Use the stain to a small location initially, probably one that is not quickly attended to get the brush/roller action right to make sure that you do not obtain swimming pools or puddles or discolorations. Utilize a cloth to wipe these up. Making use of a paintbrush is a good idea for corners as well as posts. If some sections of your deck are lighter than others, you might intend to apply one more coat of stain to those components, yet make certain the very first coat is completely dry.

Let the total stain dry for at the very least 24 hours prior to making use of the deck.

Carefully get rid of the old stain can as well as the rolling pan or pail you used, guaranteeing you examine your regional federal government’s disposal policies.

If you do not really feel like tackling the work on your own and can afford it, you might look for a specialist quote. An expert can be particularly practical at making certain the restaining is done rapidly as well as equally, as well as can additionally help with repairing your deck if requirements are.

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