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How to Build a Backyard Train: an 8 Step Guide (2022)

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All aboard, Choo, Choo! Have you ever considered developing a train for your backyard Assume of all the enjoyable that might be had with a train of your very own! In this article, we’ll be giving you with every little thing you need to recognize to build your backyard train for appearances as well as functionality!

Allow’s start!

8 Steps to Build a Backyard Train

Barrel trains are a less complicated train to build and also are really fun and also strong if constructed correctly. They would certainly make an excellent addition to your backyard enjoyable! You can even acquire these backyard trains online. Nonetheless, if you are more of a do-it-yourself sort of individual after that adhere to in addition to our 8 steps.

To conquer among these enjoyable DIYs you will certainly need some welding abilities. If you do not have any kind of, take this time to call someone that does as well as see if they will help you. The second way is perfect for somebody that can not bond.

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

First, you will certainly require to collect the materials.

Materials needed for each and every cart: Welding Way

  • 55-gallon plastic barrel
  • Square hollow-section steel poles
  • Equal-angle steel rods
  • Hollow round steel rods
  • Cutting torch
  • Soldering iron
  • Wagon/wheelbarrow wheels
  • Round steel dowels or wheel axle
  • Paint (shades of your selection)
  • Level steel tongues
  • Drill
  • Reciprocating or round saw
  • Nuts as well as screws
  • something to pull the carts with such as ATV, UTV, or Golf Cart

Take this moment to make a decision the number of carts you intend to make. That will certainly be useful while you adhere to the next steps. Below is a site with a video clip on exactly how to build one in case you find out best by viewing.

Materials required for the more straightforward method:

Tools Needed:

  • Hand drill with bits
  • Wrenches Or Ratchets for tightening up nuts to eye bolts
  • Jigsaw (for reducing an opening out of plastic barrels)
  • Wood-cutting cut saw (for reducing wooden seat)

Supplies Needed:

  • Plastic Barrels (getting as lots of as you want train vehicles)
  • Swimming pool Noodles-To cover the openings.
  • (2 in. X 12 in.) wood planks cut at 22 in. Long -1 for each cart
  • Wood Screws– 2-1 / 2 inches
  • Fender Washers that fits the screws (to place the seat)
  • Dolly- one for every cart
  • Eye Bolts
  • Nuts– to fit your eye screws
  • Fender Washers– to fit your eye bolts
  • Loctite Thread Locker
  • Self-Drilling Hex Head Screws-# 10 x 3/4 inch
  • Fender Washers
  • Quality 5 Exterior Hex-Head Cap Screws
  • Hair Pin Clip
  • Cut Washers
  • Something to pull the carts with

Step Two: Paint Your Barrels

backyard train

If you intend to paint your barrels after that go in advance and also do that initially. The barrels are available in either blue or white. Spray paint will do the technique. You could need to do several coats if your barrels are blue. What shade are you going to repaint your barrels?

Step Three: Barrels

If you made a decision to repaint your barrels after that let them dry. Next, you will certainly transform your barrels on the sides as well as reduce your preferred openings in the tops of them. Remember to reduce them large enough for grownups to ride in them also. Adults deserve to have enjoyable too. We really enjoy this idea that this site has about swimming pool noodles covering the cut openings to make that pillow in instance somebody run into it. They also a dolly as the frame as opposed to developing your own. This would certainly be a great way for a person without a welding experience to complete the task.

  • Suggestion: Drill a hole in the side of your barrel. That will certainly give you a beginning factor for when you prepare to reduce it.

Step Four: Frames

It is time to create the frameworks that go under the barrels. This next part is best discussed with this web site

“Next, produce the straightforward rectangular framework that your plastic barrel will relax upon. Cut and also bond your square hollow-section steel rods to a rectangular shape roughly 35 ″ x 20, adding a rod expanding at a better angle from the facility of among the 20 ″ sides. (This will become your trailer hitch.) Measurements will vary according to the dimension of your barrel, however you must wind up with a framework that fits around your barrel from end to end when the barrel lies on its side. Keep the frame small sufficient to permit the barrel to hinge on it, but not large enough to travel through it.” -Matt Allex from

“Using your equal-angle steel rods, cut and also weld two “V” forms and connect them to the structure, on the end opposite the hitch, centering the factor of the “V” roughly 10 ″ from the back of the frame. Currently bond your hollow round rod right into the crotch of the “V” shape; this will offer housing for your axle. Lastly, pierce holes via the bars on the brief sides as well as the base of your frame as well as right into the barrel, then insert nuts as well as screws, firmly securing the barrel to the structure.” -Matt Allex from

Nonetheless, if you are making use of the far more straightforward approach by using a dolly as the frame you will only require piercing a couple of openings and also include eye bolts, washing machines, and also nuts. The wheels are also attached so you might avoid step 5!

Step Five: Wheels

After you have the frames built it is time to add the wheels. Again, this is best discussed by complying with the below directions from the previously linked web site.

“You can currently put your steel dowel or wheel axle via the hollow round steel rod and connect your wagon or wheelbarrow wheels. Inflatable tires are better to tough plastic wheels for longevity, and also a smoother ride, if used as a transport.” -Matt Allex from

Step Six: Seats

This is a blast to construct seats for each cart. Place a nice seat in each barrel. You might want to include some type of safety belt if kids will be riding it without grownups. Go ahead and do that now. The seats could be a board reduced to fit inside the barrel. You might even include a padding in addition to the board. Do you intend to add two seats to each cart? Be certain your openings are reduced open sufficient for this. If so then 2 people could sit in one cart and face each other while riding and chatting. That seems fun!

Step Seven: Connect The Carts

backyard train 1

Weld a flat steel tongue to the structure as well as pierce openings in them. Drill openings in the hitches of the carts and also connect them together. Make sure to make use of a good tough bolt to link them with. Remember you will be transporting priceless freight besides!

Step Eight: Enjoy Your New Backyard Train

Time to take your train for a ride! If you need an even more level location to drive your train on check out our previous article. Once you think you can utilize a little break from the train trip, you can pause from riding the train and play some outstanding games discussed in one more previous post. After that go right back to riding your new train!

Final thought

There are numerous different methods to build the perfect backyard barrel train. We hope we assist you make a decision which method by providing you 2 different ways throughout the write-up. One way will truly challenge your DIY skills, yet the other will give you a wonderful train without welding and whole lots of parts.

We hope you have a blast riding your backyard train! Thanks for reviewing our 8 actions on exactly how to build a backyard train!

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