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How to Cut Tall Grass With a Reel Mower Full Guide of 2023

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A reel mower is various from other grass mowers because of the vertical way its blades rotate and also the scissoring activity it uses to chop grass Normally, golf programs utilize a reel mower to cut grass, although it can also be made use of on grass to give them a much healthier and also a lot more eye-catching look.

Therefore, if you are searching for ways to get rid of thick grass from your yard, a reel mower is a great alternative to take into consideration.

Among the most typical inquiries asked by individuals is whether a reel mower can reduce tall grass Well, allow us to locate out.

Cutting Tall Grass With a Reel Mower: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reel lawn mowers can be made use of to trim tall grass Grass is thought about tall if it is higher than 4 inches. This overview consists of actions for reducing tall grass using a reel mower

# 1. Make sure That the Blades Are Sharp

Prior to beginning your reel mower, make sure its blades are sharp. Having well-maintained as well as sharp blades will assist you cut your yard with convenience and decrease the moment required to reduce grass To maintain your reel mower in top functioning condition, execute upkeep on a normal basis and also spray some lubricant on all the moving components.

# 2. Boost the Height of the Blades

How high ought to the mower blade be? Prior to trimming your yard, make modifications to ensure that the mower blades are readied to their optimum elevation. Most mowers can be elevated up to three inches, while some can be adjusted also further by an inch or 2.

# 3. Inspect the Lawn for Debris

During autumn or windy climate condition, you could locate fallen leaves, branches, and also various other debris throughout your grass. If the debris isn’t removed, it can obtain embeded the reel mower and also influence its functioning. Unfortunately, leaves and also twigs are often hidden by tall grass, making them difficult to find.

Prior to you begin trimming your grass, ensure to search for debris strewn about and also remove it instantly.

# 4. Enhance the Overlap

The inquiry ‘How do I know if my grass is also tall’ is typically asked by grass owners as well as can be pretty confusing. Stress say goodbye to. Let us shed some light on the subject.

A grass can be thought about very tall if you’re grass is more than four inches in height. In this case, you will certainly require enhancing the dimension of your overlap. Make your initial pass by cutting the size of your grass and overlap your initial go by at the very least four or six inches.

If the grass cuttings in previous overlaps were knocked down rather than trimmed, you will certainly have to raise the overlap even a lot more. If the grass is too long, the reel mower cutting height ought to additionally be adjusted accordingly.

# 5. Wait Until the Grass Is Dry

This is the most important step to remember. Often, individuals mow their yard when it is wet and also then ask, ‘Why will not my reel mower won’t reduce tall grass’

Easy to Use

People that are strange with trimming grass may think that reel mowers are difficult to use. Nonetheless, with a reel mower, you do not require to fret about things such as rope drawing, idle change, oiling, filling up gas, or remembering any kind of keys. The only point you need to do is push the reel mower through your lawn and slice off all the undesirable additional grass

Reel mowers are additionally light-weight. They are typically in between 19 as well as 34 extra pounds, making them convenient to bring and also save.

Superb Cutting Ability

With a reel mower, you do not need to stress over your grass being ripped or torn apart. The blades of a reel mower uniformly trim all the grass as well as dispersing the grass trimmings as a great spray over your residential property. These trimmings then serve as an all-natural fertilizer for your yard.

Reduced Maintenance

One of the best qualities of a reel mower is it doesn’t require much maintenance. You do not need to bother with oil and various other gas mower parts. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep the blades kept either by splashing them with lubricants, cleaning them periodically, or getting them sharpened every so often.

Atmosphere Friendly

A reel mower is environment-friendly since it creates much less sound and also does not require gas. Cutting grass the natural way is an excellent method to minimize air and sound pollution while preventing pressure on the earth’s natural deposits.

A reel mower is additionally extra affordable compared to various other lawn mowers. It is reasonably secure and helps you melt calories when you’re using it. For all you health and fitness flip out there, cutting your grass is wonderful workout!

Can you cut wet grass with a reel mower

Can You Cut Wet Grass With A Reel Mower?

When the yard is wet, the grass will certainly be unsafe, making it tough for you to cut it. A lawn that’s cut while wet will be irregular, providing it a messy appearance.

There is likewise the chance that the wheels could lose their grip and end up harming you in the procedure. Thus, it is best to await the grass to dry. Why Should You Use a Reel Mower?

There are several benefits to using a reel mower for your grass. Allow us to take a look at some of them.

Just how to Maintain a Reel Mower

Maintaining a reel mower is not a tough point to do. Below are some suggestions to follow to maintain your mower in good condition.

Laundry Your Mower Regularly

Tidy dirt and also particles from your reel mower making use of a solid jet of water from a garden tube. Enable your mower to dry prior to making use of.

Developing the Blades

Sharpen the mower blades with reducing oil. Use the oil to a rugged developing stone. Sharpen every blade with even as well as smooth strokes according to the direction of the angle. This can be hazardous, so put on gloves.

How To Maintain A Reel Mower

Checking the Blades

To examine if your blades are sharp enough, position a sheet of paper on a cutting bar as well as turn the reel cage. If the blades can cut via the paper smoothly, your blades are in good problem. If the blades do not reduced through the paper uniformly, make changes to the cutting bar.

You can do so by rotating the nuts and screws clockwise or counterclockwise in equal steps to relocate them better or additionally away from the cutting bar. Look for also reducing after each adjustment.

Lube the Wheel Drive Gear Assembly

You can lubricate the setting up of the wheel drive equipment by either getting rid of all the screws or ruin a center nut with a wrench. This gets rid of all the wheel covers and also exposes the equipment setting up. You can then lubricate the components utilizing wheel-bearing grease. When done, reinstall the wheel or the wheel cover.

Can I Use a Reel Mower on Tall Fescue?

Reel mowers are normally not advised for grass taller than three inches. Since grass varieties such as St Augustine, Bahia, or tall fescue need mowing over 3 inches, reel mowers are not suggested for cutting them in most instances.

Just how Often Should You Cut Grass With a Reel Mower?

Trimming a yard once a week is usually sufficient. Nonetheless, some grass may require to be reduced more frequently depending upon the type of grass and also much water they get. On the various other hand, some grass do not expand as quickly as well as may only require to be cut when every ten days or two.

What Is the Best Reel Mower for Tall Grass?

Although there are numerous premium reel mowers readily available, the best one depends upon your details demands.

A few of the best reel mower designs consist of Scotts Outdoor 20-inch Swath, Fiskars 18-inch Swath, American Lawn 14-inch Swath, and Earthwise Push 16-inch Swath.


Reel mowers can cut tall grass and are cost effective, environmentally friendly, low upkeep, and simple to utilize. While you’ll need to carry out routine maintenance on its blades, you can do away with fuel, oil changes, and also added maintenance that a gas-powered mower requires.

With benefits that outweigh other mowers, you’ll rejoice to have a reel mower for your grass.

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