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How to Grow Stargazer Lilies in Pots: 10 Steps to Success! (2022)

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It’s difficult to stand up to the incredible blossoms of Stargazer lilies if you find them expanding in a community garden. They look quite unique, so you would certainly assume that they’re tough to grow

This is much from the truth as these gorgeous flowers are remarkably simple to grow even in pots. Follow our in-depth step-by-step overview to have one of the most amazing display of stargazer lilies every spring.

Growing Stargazer Lilies in Pots: My 10 Steps!

1. Select Your Pot

Typically, you can leave your lily light bulbs in the same pot for a minimum of a number of years, so you want to select a wonderful pot that you’re satisfied to carry display. Ensure your pot has drain holes as the light bulbs will certainly rot if they’re left resting in water.

Consequently, it’s additionally an excellent suggestion to put some loosened gravel or even busted items of terracotta in all-time low of the pot to help in drainage.

stargazer lilie in pot

2. Pick Your Potting Mix

As these lilies will be living as well as growing in your pots for fairly some time, you want to guarantee that you acquire the best top quality potting mix that you can manage.

You can also acquire specialized potting mixes made for bulbs. You ought to choose a mix that is slightly acidic as lilies choose this. If making your own mix, attempt a mix of 1 part sand, 2 components of peat moss and also 3 parts of dirt or well grew garden compost.

3. Plant Your Bulbs

Stargazer lily bulbs are readily available as ‘cloves’ just like garlic. When you look at the light bulb, you’ll see the major central bulb between and also several smaller bulblets coming off the sides. Don’t be lured to separate these ‘child’ light bulbs as these will take a lot longer to flower when planted independently.

For that reason, it’s best to grow the whole ‘clove’ right into the pot. Eventually the ‘baby’ bulbs will certainly divide under the dirt and also create their very own ‘cloves’. If your pot is big sufficient, you can also plant 2-3 bulbs in the very same pot.

The lily plants themselves are upright cultivators, so they do not occupy much room. Plus, they do look even more incredible when grouped together.

Plant your bulbs concerning 4 inches listed below the top of the dirt in the pot. Do not be concerned if the continuing to be potting mix that you add, covers the top of the ‘grow’. The grow will push via the soil soon enough.

planting stargazer lilies

4. Include Some Slow Release Fertilizer

Stargazer lilies are hefty feeders, so it’s best to add some slow release granules to the potting mix after you’ve grown the light bulbs.

You can after that cover up the plant food throughout the expanding period along with the adhering to spring to provide your plants a boost over the summer blooming season.

5. Water Well

When your bulbs are planted in the pots, it’s time to provide a complete watering. As discussed prior to however, do not leave your pots resting in water. They must have the ability to drain easily.

On the various other hand, don’t allow them to dry out either. See to it the dirt in the pots is maintained damp but not wet. If you have difficulty remembering to sprinkle your pots, there are several slow-moving release watering aids readily available that will keep the soil simply moist enough for your plants to prosper.

6. Appreciate The Blooms!

Stargazer lilies blossoms in the summer, so prepare for a gorgeous screen as the weather condition heats up. Throughout this time, it’s specifically essential not to allow your pots dry.

Pointer: When sprinkling your lilies, only use the water to the base of the plant to ensure that it obtains to the roots. Stay clear of obtaining water onto the blooms as this might ruin them.

7. Eliminate The Spent Blooms

As soon as you’re lily blooms are finished, you can eliminate the invested blossoms yet leave the environment-friendly foliage. Getting rid of the spent flowers is called ‘deadheading’ and also ought to be done to stay clear of the development of seed cases.

The staying eco-friendly foliage will continue to photosynthesize and also this will feed the bulbs so they can get ready for following year’s flowers.

Remember to keep sprinkling even after flowering is ended up.

8. Get Rid Of The Spent Foliage

When the foliage transforms brownish, you can remove it as it’s no more able to photosynthesize. You can after that move the pots to a much more private place in the yard where they’ll rest over winter season.

Throughout this time around, see to it that you still keep the dirt moist yet certainly not damp. The pots must never be left to dry out entirely.

9. Springtime Care

When Spring arrives, it’s time to bring your lily pots back out and put them in a more popular spot in your yard. Lilies will certainly grow gladly completely sunlight or also semi-shade.

Include another dose of sluggish launch fertilizer to the expanding medium as well as wait for the first sprouts to show up.

springtime care

1 0. You Can Divide Your Bulbs Every 2 — 3 Years

After your stargazer lilies have actually been gladly growing in the exact same pot for 2 or 3 years, it’s time to split and re-pot them. Do this very early in Spring.

Simply take the light bulbs out of the pot thoroughly by removing a few of the soil first. After that, very carefully comb away any excess dirt from around the light bulbs. Now, you can separate the individual ‘cloves’ and afterwards re-pot them right into the exact same pot. This is additionally a great time to revitalize the potting mix.

If you do this, you’ll find that you have additional light bulbs left over due to the fact that lilies will multiply while in the soil. You can either plant these into an additional pot, right into an appropriate spot in your garden or provide to a friend.

Suggestion: Make sure you keep your lily plants faraway from your pet cat if you have one. Lilies are hazardous to pet cats but not to pets or humans.

Regularly Asked Questions:

For how long do stargazer lilies require to grow

After growing, it takes around 3 weeks for the sprouts to initially show up.

Just how deep do you plant stargazer lilies

Plant your bulbs about 4 to 6 inches below the leading level of the soil in the pot.

Do stargazer lilies come back annually?

Yes, they will certainly return in the Spring after being dormant throughout the wintertime.

Final Thoughts

Stargazer lilies offer a wonderful screen of large, flashy flowers with a spirituous, spicy scent. You’ll be surprised at just how very easy they are grow if you follow our overview.

Keep in mind to maintain them well sprinkled yet do not let them rest in water, as this can create the light bulbs to rot. They’ll take pleasure in a bright place yet will certainly grow gladly in some dappled color as well.

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