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How to Hollow Out a Tree Stump Full Guide of 2023

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Before ripping those tree stumps out of your yard, provide on your own for a moment to think concerning an alternating method to repurpose them. With a drill, a little creative imagination, and a thumb loaded with creativity, you can discover myriad concepts for bringing tree stumps to life. From easy birdbaths and also planters throughout to captivating exterior furnishings and also enchanting fairy garden touches, the opportunities are countless.

Burrow The Stump Of A Tree

You’ve chosen not to toss your stump away, now what? For a number of one of the most preferred suggestions for repurposing the stump requires it to be hollowed out.

Step 1 — Soften the wood of the stump as well as wait for a day after a rainstorm when the wood will be softer and also much more pliable. Absorbing water makes the work much easier.

Step 2 — Drill openings throughout the section of the stump you intend to make hollow Area the holes a few inches apart throughout the entire section.

Action 3 — Hollow out the stump with your hammer as well as carving. Chip away the wood start at the side of one of the holes. Maintain your chisel at a 45-degree angle. Remove the wood and also area it in a compost stack, reuse heap or use it as mulch.

Action 4 — Smooth the hollowed area. Clean up the hollow by chiseling away the jagged areas of wood. Smooth the sides and also base and also bottom of the hollow with coarse-grain sandpaper.

Step 5 — Wipe away any debris or dirt from your job.

Making A Tree Stump Planter

Producing planters is a wonderful means to fix up those unsightly stumps in your landscape. The rotting timber from the stump will certainly aid nourish plants with extra nutrients. The more you water, the quicker the stump will wear away. There are also numerous options for planting and also making the stump container.

A hollow tree stump planter is one of the most typical of the tree stump concepts. You simply plant straight into the stump Hollow the stump out with a sharp tool like an ax or hoe. Those knowledgeable sufficient could utilize a power saw. A stump that has actually been around for some time may currently be soft in the facility, so the job ought to be much easier.

Leave on your own 2 to 3 inches around the boundary, unless you like a little planting opening. Drain openings will assist the stump last longer as well as protect against any kind of possible problems with origin rot in the future if plants end up being extremely saturated. Including a layer of crushed rock inside the stump hollow prior to planting can additionally aid with this.

As soon as you’re happy with your growing hole, add some compost or potting dirt and also begin loading your stump with plants. You can also put one container into the hollowed-out stump as well as establish your plants because. You can grow seed starting or nursery plants or even sow your seeds directly right into the planter in spring. Plant a selection of flower bulbs as well as load about with various other plants to include interest.

Exactly how Do You Hollow Out A Log To Make A Planter?

Beginning with a log that is dry between. Find a baseboard that is somewhat larger than the log and also drill it to the log.

● Use a chain attended carve out the center or make use of a drill to make openings and afterwards carve the slip by with a sculpt.

● After carving out the leading layer of hole saw cuts, make a 2nd pass with the opening saw up until the planter opening is three inches deep.

● After the opening saw has done its job, get rid of the hole saw cuts with a chisel and mallet or hammer. Smoothing out the edges takes up the most time, however it doesn’t require to be perfect. The one most considerable difficulty is not damaging off the bark.

● Add a layer of triggered charcoal equally across the base of the wood log planter. The charcoal assists with air filtering. Drainage layer aids make sure excess water doesn’t stay in the dirt and also cause root and also log rot.

Do It Yourself Ideas For Tree Stump Decorating

Tree stubs can be sculptural in a natural garden. Repurpose them right into table bases, stepping feceses, seats, or also treehouse structures.

A few tree stumps suggestions consist of:

● Create a gnome home or fairy town with a taller than typical stub.

● Making the perfect stand for a birdbath

● Creating a board video game is easy. Simply add some repainted rocks to be the game pieces for tic-tac-toe or checkers.

Make a chair to unwind in with an excellent publication and an excellent cup of coffee.

If you’re convenient with paints or carving tools, an ugly tree stump in your front lawn can be utilized as a welcome sign. A stump in the center of a backyard can additionally be repainted to enable your youngsters to take part in simulated play.


Landscape design and also innovative jobs usually call for certain tools to finish the job. For those provided in this post, you would require several power devices, consisting of a chain saw and a drill with an auger little bit. This drill bit is the one used to hollow out the rest of your felled tree You will also require nails, screws, a hammer or mallet, as well as a carve. You may call for other products such as paint, to assist embellish your production.

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