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How to Make a Dance Floor Out of Plywood (+ Other Methods! 2023)

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Ever before desire for taking your “Dancing with the Stars” skills to dance under the stars? Probably you intend to finish the uniquely sentimental yard wedding event. Knowing how to make a dance floor out of plywood will certainly do just that!

People have been dancing prior to there was even a composed language. It’s no wonder that dance has actually instilled itself into our society. Whether it’s for a backyard wedding or a celebration with good friends, a dance floor is sure to obtain your guests tapping their toes!

There are numerous choices when picking a dance floor that’s right for your celebration. We’ll discover 4 choices with a budget, prep work time, and function in mind:

  • DO IT YOURSELF dance floor out of wood with an alternative of using recycled pallets
  • Utilize what you have: Dirt, cement, or decks
  • Buy
  • Lease

Any one of these options will have you rotating for your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. or doing the wobble in a snap! Continue reading to find out exactly how to make a dance floor out of plywood (and also other techniques!).

Alternative 1: DIY Dance Floor

Making a dance floor can be easier than you believed with these simple actions. One journey to the equipment shop will certainly obtain you all you need. Get the assistance of pals and also next-door neighbors and you can have this floor ended up in one Saturday!

There is likewise an option to produce the base making use of recycled pallets and plywood floor With this option, you’ll be dancing the cha-cha slide with cash to have in your pocket!

Action 1: Determine the Size of the Floor You Need

A basic guideline is to plan that 30%-40 % of your visitors will be dancing at any kind of provided time. Each couple will need around 9 square ft. to dance (or 4.5 square ft. per professional dancer).

For an event with 100 visitors, regarding 40 will be dancing simultaneously. This indicates you need to prepare for 40 (# of dancers) x 4.5 sq ft. (area per dancer) to get about 180 square feet.

Because this technique will certainly be exactly how to make a dance floor out of plywood, we will be making use of plywood that is 4′ x 8′, recommended floor sizes are: 8′ x 8′, 12′ x 8′, 12′ x 16′, or 16′ x 16′.

Compute the location required for your celebration and use the best matching suggested size over. In our instructions for how to make a dance floor out of plywood, we will be creating a dance floor that are 12′ x 16′ which are about 200 square feet and also a decent size for an event of 100 guests. Ensure to readjust the numbers if you figured out to utilize a different size.

Action 2: Pick the Location

Currently that you have identified the dimension of your dance floor, it’s essential to pick a location. Pick a location that is degree as well as big sufficient for the measurements of the dance floor Bear in mind that not all visitors will certainly be dancing at when, so take into consideration spacing for tables and chairs in view of the dance floor

Step 3: Gather Materials

Your neighborhood equipment shop must carry every one of the materials you require, making it a one-stop-shop! Shops like house depot will usually reduce your wood absolutely free.


  • 6 sheets of 1/2 inches plywood
  • 30 eight-foot lengthy 2’x3′ (Another option is to use recycled pallets instead of 2 x fives for the base)
  • Box of screws
  • Nails
  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Floor leading coating (Tiles, dance mat, or paint)
  • 6 Mending plates

Cut 18 of the eight-foot planks right into 2 x 3s right into two 45″ pieces. Keep 12 of these 8 feet long.

Step 4: Create the Base

Create the base using 2 eight-foot 2 by twos laid horizontally. Screw six 45″ pieces as supports in between these boards to create a “ladder” look

Tip 5: Repeat Until You Have Six Bases

Each base will certainly be supporting one 1/2″ pieces of plywood that will be the top of the floor

Step 6: Screw or Nail the 1/2″ Plywood Sheets to the Tops of Each Base.

Carefully screw or toenail the plywood on top of the base. There must be 2 nails or screws in each support. Four along each side length will hold your floor sturdily.

You must currently have 6 completed dance floor items ready for your very own arrangement. In this video clip , you will certainly see just how the bases were completed.

Step 7: Lay Out the Dance Floor Sections and also Complete a Finish.

Currently that your dance floor is nearly complete, lay it out in a 12′ x 16′ rectangular shape. Attract the design on paper before you begin moving the bases. Make certain it is a total rectangular shape.

There are several means to finish the dance floor If you like the timber look, you may just select to seal and also weatherproof it.

While weatherproofing is optional, it is a fantastic insurance plan if you are maintaining your floor outside.

Bear in mind the purpose of your floor is dancing. Always choose for a nonslip finish, or your guest might do more slides than Cha-Cha. Complete the top of the dance floor with one of the choices listed below:

  • Paint: Paint is most likely the most affordable alternative to get one of the most customized appearance. You can write your initials, utilize glow at night paint, and even develop a work of art. Look into exactly how this floor was repainted to resemble a checkerboard.
  • Vinyl Sheet: Make your dance floor resemble a professional dance studio by using plastic floor sheets. Simply roll it out in addition to your floor See the look right here You will require to safeguard the floor by binding to the plywood or nailing down completions.
  • Peel and stick tiles: If you wish to make sure all the items split up conveniently when you have completed, take into consideration using peel and stick tiles as seen here
  • Plastic dance mat: While the most costly alternative, it is a fantastic choice if you are planning to utilize it on a regular basis. The floor covering can be rolled over the wood floor when being used.

Step 8: Secure the dance floor

You are practically prepared to shake a leg! Make sure that your dance floor is positioned where you desire it. Usage mending plates to protect each dance floor assemble. Place the repairing plates on the exterior of the dance floor where each item joins.

For the 12’x16′ floor, you will need 6 fixing plates.

Despite the number of people choose to rise and do the Nae, Nae or watch you whip your floor will hold it with each other!

Tip 9: Get out and dance

Your effort has all repaid and also currently you can enjoy the following large dance party or wedding event in your own yard!

An Alternative to Option 1: Use Recycled Wood Pallets

Like the sound and also appearance of alternative 1, but intend to be even kinder on the budget? Build a dance floor using recycled wood pallets.

By checking regional listings, you can frequently discover pallets free of cost! Timber pallets can be utilized to produce the base, eliminating the demand for any kind of 2′ x 3’s! Relying on the size as well as quantity of pallets you can get, you might finish up needing to trim a few of your plywood However, for the expense, it’s worth a try!

Adhere to all the other action in option 1 after replacing your bases with pallets. Have a look at the ended up item here

Making use of recycled pallets can save you concerning $60 on products.

Alternative 2: Use What You Have

dance floor 1

If the directions for constructing your own dance floor made your head spin, don’t give up on your dance floor yet! You may have every little thing you already need for the excellent dance celebration in your own yard.

If you are thinking about a nation style to your celebration with line or swing dance, kick up your boots as well as enjoy the least expensive method to make your dance floor: dirt!

A deck and also concrete area (such as a patio or basketball court) can additionally be quickly exchanged the ideal dance floor

Dust or Gravel

Action 1: Pick a Level Area of the Yard

Make sure the area you select is without any type of divots or openings. The incline of the backyard should be reasonably level. If you find the backyard is not smooth, make certain to level at before proceeding.

Step 2: Define the Boundary

Don’t puzzle your visitor by not having a clear boundary for the dance floor There are many simple tricks for specifying the border that will certainly fit your theme.

Hay bales, pumpkins, flower planters, or recycled pallets positioned in the 4 edges will get the job done. Lights can likewise serve a twin function of specifying the limit and illuminating the dance floor

Step 3: Dust Control

No one will certainly be dancing for long if they are needing to breathe in the dust while dance. Keep the dust down with these easy methods:

  • Splash the dirt lightly before the party. Don’t water greatly or you may wind up mud fumbling as opposed to dance!
  • Make use of a dust control agent such as Dust Down Pro. It is safe and also a secure choice if you intend in advance!
  • Consider putting down small-sized gravel such as pea crushed rock or perhaps a thin layer of sand. Just a slim layer is required, as excessive will have your professional dancers sinking in their actions.
  • Precede the country really feel with a slim layer of straw. You can gently spray this a day prior to the party to boost the dirt combating abilities.

Deck or Cement

If you currently have a good-sized deck or concrete outdoor patio, think about utilizing them as the primary dance location. With a few straightforward techniques, your guest will certainly never know its previous usage:

  • Include the best state of mind illumination. Adding simply the right illumination can enhance any kind of location and also revive it!
  • Level an unequal deck. Use 4 or 8 plywood to make and also degree area prior to laying down the floor covering.
  • Usage floor covering. Format a dance floor on top of your existing outdoor patio or deck. Plastic sheets or laminate floor covering in addition to the concrete or deck will certainly make it resemble you mounted a specialist ballroom floor We recommend using a non-slip quality!

Alternative 3: Buy One

If none of the choices above click your heels, take into consideration before buying a dance floor While you are certain to invest even more cash, you will certainly have an expert dance floor that can be utilized over and over! Probably, with enough method, you will certainly even be on the following “So You Think You Can Dance!”.

A lot of the products available can be found in one square foot tiles. This makes storage space wind! The ceramic tiles can be uncoupled as well as easily kept in a garage or closet.

A lot of the produced dance floorings are made to be positioned on a difficult and sturdy surface area. This would certainly function best on a concrete piece or durable deck.

No deck or concrete? Not a problem.

Some dance floors are made to deal with uneven ground. Nevertheless, consider setting a tarp as well as possibly plywood prior to putting together the dance floor on dust or turf.

Action 1: Research Options as well as Pick What You Like Best

Many readily available sets need no devices and snap with each other. The sets come with choices for the amount of ceramic tiles in each collection. See to it to acquire adequate sets to cover the area you require for a dance floor

For example, you would certainly require to buy about 3.5 sets of the IncStores 12 ″ x 12 ″ Practice Dance Tiles (52) to cover the area (182 sq. ft.) needed for an event of 100.

Purchase 3 of the collections of 52 floor tiles as well as one collection of 32 ceramic tiles.

If you want a boundary ramp, bear in mind that it will require to be purchased separately!

Step 2: Buy and Ship to Your House

See to it to purchase your dance floor with lots of time before the big event. You will certainly require to intend for delivery time and also installment once it shows up.

Step 3: Install the Dance Floor in Your Backyard

It is best to mount your dance floor the day of or the day before your party so it is not damaged by the elements. Don’t neglect that it will certainly likewise be much easier to attach floor tiles on a difficult surface area.

Tip 4: Disassemble and also Store

Plan for storage when you buy your very own dance floor In this way you can be ready to pull it out for your next dancing extravaganza!

Alternative 4: Rent a Dance Floor

If you are wanting a top quality dance floor to execute all of your “Dancing with destiny” relocations, you might desire to decide for making a dance floor by employing a rental company. They will usually manage the setup and also take down, leaving you time to exercise your two-step!

The expense of renting out a dance floor huge sufficient for 100 guests might vary rather extensively depending upon the location as well as what you want.

Action 1: Check Out Local Rental Companies

When renting out a dance floor, constantly get quotes from a couple of different firms. Ask the appropriate inquiries to ensure you are contrasting apples to apples.

  • Do they provide the floor underlayment for the grass or camping tent floors?
  • What is their cancellation policy?
  • Do they mount as well as deconstruct?
  • Do they supply or are you expected to get?
  • When do they anticipate settlement?
  • Do they cancel in the occasion of severe weather condition?

Step 2: Choose the Floor

Particular floorings are much better for exterior usage. Composite laminate floors are commonly one of the most scratch-resistant and do not need a camping tent. Plastic floorings are a great outside option, however some companies might require a tent to be over the floor

See to it go over with the salesperson where you plan to put your backyard dance floor Numerous appearances are often offered from parquet floor covering to streamlined black plastic.

Step 3: Enjoy the Dance Floor with Less Headache!

No devices needed and you will have a professional floor to dance on in no time! The cost to rent might be well worth your energy and time conserved!

Last Touches to Your Backyard Dance Floor

Do not forget the final touches to your dance floor that will set the state of mind and make your event the envy of the neighborhood. If your event will certainly desire dark, consider exactly how you will certainly light the dance floor The only point your guests need to stress concerning locating is their two left feet!

Illumination Options

  • Inspect out this blog post which has photos of many landscape lighting options that will certainly help a sophisticated event.
  • String lights bring a wonderful ambient light.
  • After-holiday sales are good times to buy projector lights of numerous shades as well as features that serve well for party lights.
  • Disco and party lights are a wonderful addition. You will seem like the club concerned your backyard!
  • RGB flooding lights have lots of shade choices and also can be mounted on the ground, ceiling, or wall surface.

Get a DJ

Whether it’s your Uncle Dan or a professional DJ, make sure to prepare for one! This will certainly make sure that you can venture out and enjoy the dance floor rather of keeping the songs on.

Final thought

We advised you on how to make a dance floor in your backyard by developing one from plywood, making use of existing locations, acquiring, or leasing.

What convinced you one of the most? Did you choose inexpensive and choose to utilize your yard possessions or handyman abilities were all you required? Or did you choose for the convenience of renting or buying your dance floor

With so lots of alternatives to select from, you make certain to know the ideal method how to make a dance floor in your backyard and also just how to make a dance floor out of plywood Now put on your blue suede footwear as well as enjoy the dance!

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