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How to Make a Football Field Rug – DIY Guide 2023

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how to make a football fieldAre you looking for a way to bring the excitement of football into your home? If so, then creating a DIY football field rug is an excellent place to start. This article will show you how easy it can be! With just some fake turf and paints, you can make a durable and versatile rug that’s perfect for any man cave or tailgating party.

You could even use it in your child’s sports-themed bedroom. We’ll provide all the supplies needed as well as step-by-step instructions on prepping the fake turf, painting lines and numbers, and finishing up with your very own unique table runner!

So don’t wait – get creative today with this fun project!

Key Takeaways

  • DIY football field rug: made with fake turf and paint
  • Perfect for man caves, tailgating parties, or sports-themed bedrooms
  • Customize the rug with team logos or nicknames
  • Durable and versatile, perfect for football-themed parties

Football Area Rug for Man Cave

how to make a football field 1
Transform your man cave into a football field with a DIY area rug made from used outdoor carpet and white tape! Whether you’re an avid Chicago Bears fan or just enjoy throwing Super Bowl parties, this easy-to-make football rug is sure to be the highlight of any space.

Shopping for supplies is simple: head down to your local home improvement store and pick up some artificial grass carpeting, electrical tape, a paintbrush, and duct tape. The size of the rug will depend on how much space you have available in your man cave, but a 6×9 feet rug should allow enough room for 12 evenly spaced sections.

Now it’s time to get creative! Use strips of white tape as yard lines, with 10 yards each and 5-yard markers between them. Start mapping out where each line should go across the length of the carpeting before taping them down using electrical tape, which can easily be removed afterwards if needed.

Once all eleven lines are placed firmly onto both ends, make sure they are even by measuring with a ruler or simply eyeballing it. Then, paint numbers on top to indicate endzones, as well as triangles between 10-yard increments.

If desired, add additional decorations such as team logos or nicknames to create unique designs within those end zones. Otherwise, keep them blank for an elegant look. Finally, cover any exposed edges using duct tape and cover up all visible pieces of white tape so that everything looks neat once finished.

This no-sew project takes minimal effort yet yields big results, creating something special that’ll impress guests when hosting game day celebrations. It’s also durable enough to withstand foot traffic without damage. The best part? When you’re done, the entire thing rolls right back up again, making storage hassle-free.

Super Bowl Party or Tailgating Decoration

Super Bowl Party or Tailgating Decoration
Are you looking for a way to show your enthusiasm for football during the Super Bowl or at a tailgating party? Look no further than making your own DIY Football Field Rug. By using used outdoor carpeting and white tape, you can create an area rug that is both durable and versatile – perfect for any occasion! This easy-to-make project will impress guests with its unique design, while also being able to withstand foot traffic without damage.

DIY Football Field Rug

Create a life-sized version of the gridiron in your own home with this easy DIY football field rug project. Cut artificial turf to size and use white paint, markers, and numbers to create yard lines. Paint the outside lines using cardstock as a guide for accuracy, then add yard line numbers on both sides of the 50-yard line.

This no-sew project is cheap and takes minimal effort, but it will be sure to impress guests at any Super Bowl party or tailgating event. Plus, it rolls up easily when not in use, making storage simple yet efficient! With affordable supplies available at local hardware stores, plus tips provided for painting straight lines, you can transform your space into an unforgettable experience that everyone will love.

Durable and Versatile

Take your tailgating or Super Bowl party to the next level with this easy, no-sew project that will last you for years! Create a life-sized football field area rug using outdoor artificial grass carpeting and white electrical tape.

Mark 12 evenly sized sections, 10 yards for each end zone and 10 yard stretches between them. With strips of white duct tape, add lines and hash marks along with 5-yard line markers in between the 10s.

You can also customize it by adding numbers to the ten-yard markers as well as triangles if desired.

This durable rug is perfect for any football-themed parties from Super Bowls to college tailgating events – plus, it rolls up easily when not in use! Don’t forget about creating a table runner too – just cut fake turf according to size, then paint on outside lines with a cardstock guide before adding numbers at the 50 Yard Line on both sides of marker points & more personalized options available at end zones.

Look around local hardware stores where affordable supplies are ready and waiting; get inspired & impress friends/family alike as your finished product looks fantastic!

Kid’s Sports Themed Bedroom Rug

Bring your child’s favorite sport to life by crafting a football field rug for their bedroom.

Start off with carpeting that resembles grass and fabric pieces resembling turf, or use outdoor/indoor carpeting options in green and brown colors. Cut it into six-by-nine feet sections, making sure you have 12 evenly sized portions.

To mark the yard lines, use electrical tape or duct tape along each side of the rug – make sure to measure precisely so all 11 lines fit perfectly between the endzones (each should be 10 yards). Add 5-yard line markers between every 10 yards using white paint and a brush. Create hash marks on both sidelines as well as one right down the middle of your “field”.

Finish up by adding numbers onto every ten-yard marker plus triangles at either endzone.

Enjoy durability from high foot traffic while rolling up easily for storage when not in use.

Your kid is bound to enjoy their very own personalized football field wherever they go now thanks to these simple supplies available at local hardware stores combined with creative ideas found online today.

Supplies for DIY Football Field Table Runner

Supplies for DIY Football Field Table Runner
You’ll need fake turf, scissors or a craft knife, white paint and a brush, a tape measure, and paper to make a football field table runner for your next football-themed party. It’s an easy project that only takes about 30 minutes! And with the average cost of supplies around $15-$20 USD*, you can’t go wrong.

  • Cut the fake turf to size.
  • Paint outside lines using a piece of cardstock as a guide.
  • Use measurements and marks for painting yard lines.
  • Paint yard line numbers on both sides of the 50-yard line.

For added realism, purchase weighted pylons in orange from your local sports store. 13 Football Yard Markers are also available – these self-supporting PVC covered foam markers come with 2G/2–10/2–20/2–30/2–40 and 1×50 options.

If kids will be playing on your field, get them involved by purchasing the Franklin Sports Kids Football Goal Post Set.

To prevent paint seepage, use masking tape along edges when making hashmarks or number stencils onto 10-yard markers. This tip will ensure straight lines for even more realism while adding triangles at either endzone creates eye-catching visuals everyone can appreciate during parties (or just regular days!).

Get creative yet stay informed shopping DIY supplies online today, then impress guests by rolling out a truly unique one-of-a-kind design sure to have everyone talking long after the big event is over!

Steps to Make a Football Field Table Runner

Steps to Make a Football Field Table Runner
Greeting friends of football! Are you looking to make a professional-looking football field table runner for your next big event? If so, then you’re in the right place. Preparing the fake turf is essential as it’s what will form the base of your creation.

Then comes painting on lines and yard line numbers with white paint and a brush for added realism, before finally completing with end zone designs or decorations.

Prepping the Fake Turf

Prepare the fake turf for your football field table runner by cutting it to size and painting outside lines with a piece of cardstock as a guide. Add yard markers, hash marks on the sidelines and in the middle of the field using electrical tape, and white duct tape over the ends/edges for tailored lines.

Painting the Lines

Using a tape measure and paper, mark off the yard lines on your fake turf to create an accurate football field. Choose electrical tape for its durability, but if you opt for paintbrushes, use them skillfully to avoid seepage.

Create rows of white duct tape along the sidelines and hash marks in the middle of the field. Select wisely so the design can last through foot traffic. Personalize by adding numbers or triangles to those yard line markers.

Adding Yard Line Numbers

Add a personal touch to your field by carefully painting numbers on the 10-yard line markers, making sure each number is straight and clear for all to see. Imagine referee penalty flags around those long pieces of electrical tape you’ve placed! Cut out numbers from foot-wide rolls of paper or paint them onto white duct tape along the painted edge.

Design options include triangles, circles, and even stars that can be added between yard measurements—allowing you more creative freedom while still adhering to football rules.

With just these few simple steps, your DIY project will look polished with no trouble at all!

Completing the Table Runner

Complete your football field table runner with a flourish by adding decorative touches like referee penalty flags or stars between the yard markers to really make it stand out! Get creative with paint techniques, goal posts, and yard markers for the ultimate in football decorating.

Add yard-line numbers using white duct tape along the painted edge for an extra personal touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials are needed for the football area rug?

To make a football area rug, you’ll need used outdoor grass carpet, white tape or electrical tape, scissors or a craft knife, and duct tape.

How much does the DIY football field table runner cost to make?

The DIY football field table runner only costs around $25 to make and can be used for multiple occasions. Customize it with your favorite team colors or add some flair with numbers and triangles! It’s an easy, affordable way to spruce up any party—from a Super Bowl bash to a tailgate.

How thick is the fake turf used for the table runner?

The fake turf used for the table runner is incredibly thick and plush – so much so, it feels like walking on a cloud! It’s perfect for adding that extra special touch to your football-themed party.

Is the football goal post set suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

The Franklin Sports Kids Football Goal Post Set is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Its adjustable uprights, wide football goal post, and weighted base make it sturdy enough to withstand any weather.

Can the football yard markers be used for other sports besides football?

Yes, the football yard markers can be used for other sports like soccer and lacrosse. For example, they could be set up to mark out a soccer field or a lacrosse field quickly and easily.


Making a football field is a creative and affordable way to spruce up any space. Whether it’s a man cave, a Super Bowl party, or a kid’s sports-themed bedroom, a DIY football field rug or table runner adds a fun and unique touch.

With a few supplies and a little bit of time, you can create a football field that will impress your guests.

Plus, it’s a great way to show your support for your favorite NFL team. On average, each yard line is marked with 1.

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