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How to Make Pothos Fuller [5 Simple Steps 2023]

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How to make pothos fuller does not require a great deal of work. Some critical trimming and also guaranteeing this very easy houseplant gets enough sun and also water is commonly sufficient.

The reason expanding a fuller pothos is so simple is due to the fact that it is one of the least demanding houseplants that you can have. It grows in almost all conditions and also does not request for much maintenance.

That is why pothos are significantly popular houseplants, especially to finish beginner plant moms and dads. It is an extremely flexible plant that gives you a great deal of control over exactly how it grows.

Continue reading to figure out every little thing you need to learn about how to make pothos expand fuller

Pothos Is Not Philodendron

Prior to obtaining right into the best are pointers for pothos, it is essential to properly determine your houseplant. Pothos and philodendron usually get blended up due to the fact that they look so similar, but they actually are different plant species.

Both pothos and philodendron are routing plants with wide eco-friendly leaves that appear heart-shaped. You can discriminate by the leaves.

Pothos have;

  • Larger leaves
  • Darker leaves
  • Ceraceous leaves

5 Essentials for a Fuller Pothos

There are several ways to make pothos fuller depending on where exactly you want the added growth and the conditions you are maintaining it in. Attempt any one of these pointers on your pothos plant as well as see if it will certainly expand as full as when you purchased it in the store.

1. Trimming on top

When individuals claim that they want their pothos houseplant to look fuller, they frequently mean fuller at the top. These are normally routing plants so its legs are typically less filled out anyway.

The best means to urge even more development at the top or center is to prune away the leaves that are growing downwards as well as outwards. Utilizing pruning shears, remove the reduced leaves at the fallen leave node.

You need to likewise be trimming bare stems. Prune them short, back to dirt level, for the best brand-new growth.

2. Circulate with Cuttings

You can use the cuttings you have from trimming to circulate a brand-new pothos plant as well as after that plant it back right into the moms and dad plant for a fuller look. This method does call for a bit more persistence however pothos does expand reasonably quickly.

Take one of the pruned creeping plants and also reduce it into pieces with a minimum of 2 — 3 leaves on each section. Eliminate the lower leaf at the node and also after that place it in water– the node needs to be submerged.

Wait for the roots to expand to about 1 inch long before growing them back in the same pot as the moms and dad plant. You can repot it anywhere that you desire to see brand-new development.

3. Inspect the Light Conditions

Pothos like a great deal of sunshine but can not handle straight sunlight. Placing a pothos houseplant in simply the right bright spot to grow fuller is as a result rather complicated.

Plants expand in the direction of the sun, so a pothos houseplant that is maintained also way out of the sun will certainly do the same. This is just one of the reasons a pothos plant ends up being leggy.

Area the plant on a west or east-facing window sill to obtain maximum sunshine. Nonetheless, enjoy out for yellowing fallen leaves which is an indicator that it is getting way too much direct sunlight.

4. Repot in Fresh Soil

This method for how to make pothos fuller just deals with pothos houseplants that are already expanding in dirt. Taking a pothos plant expanding in water as well as potting it back in dirt will certainly harm its growth as opposed to boost it.

If you have already maintained your pothos in a pot with dirt, it may be time to revitalize the soil. This provides the houseplant accessibility to fresh nutrients.

You may likewise select to add a little fertilizer to the soil but be extremely mindful with this. Pothos in fact needs very reduced degrees of nutrients so adding excessive plant food would only cause a problem.

5. Inspect the Room Temperature

The suitable temperature level for a pothos plant is between 65 ° F to 85 ° F. Is this the temperature level array that you maintain the space at?

Neither lower temperatures neither greater temperatures than its excellent range will assist the pothos expand fuller Continuously changing the temperature also does the houseplant no favors.

Try to keep the space within the advised temperature level price. Indications of temperature level anxiety include shriveled and also limp fallen leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Pothos Leggy?

Pothos are normally tracking plants, so if you leave them to expand it will certainly come to be leggy. Another prospective reason your pothos is leggy is that it is put too away from the sunlight.

Like all other plants, pothos grows towards the sun. The more away it is from sunshine, the longer its creeping plants.

How Do You Make a Pothos Trail?

No make pothos path in the instructions that you want you will certainly have to invest a long time pruning. Pinch stems at the tip for a fuller development and prettier creeping plants.

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds?

Not all pothos varieties like coffee grounds however the gold pothos range does. Including coffee grounds to their soil might aid them grow faster as well as fuller


Pothos are one of the most convenient houseplants to deal with as well as you can manage their appearance quite a bit. So, also if your pothos is not looking simply how you desire it right now, do not misery.

The best means to make pothos appearance fuller is by trimming the leaves and also vines that are expanding downwards as well as in an outward direction. This leaves the fallen leaves as well as stems that are growing upwards to expand fuller

You can likewise make a pothos appear fuller by preventing it from coming to be leggy as well as trimming the vines. Whenever you prune your pothos, circulate a few of the fallen leaves so that they can be grown back into the parent plant.

Maintain your pothos houseplant in the right climate problems and it will certainly grow to end up being a beautifully complete trailing plant.

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