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How to Preserve a Tree Stump Full Guide of 2023

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As soon as a tree has been removed, you are frequently entrusted to a tree stump in the center of your back yard. If you do not desire to eliminate the remnants, you ought to take into consideration incorporating the stump into the landscape or possibly also making it an attribute of the backyard. Alternatively, you can mold the stump right into a decorative furnishings piece for any kind of other component of your home. A few of one of the most popular DIY jobs for cured wood consist of feceses, side tables, as well as planter stands. In this article, we’ll be covering just how to preserve a tree stump

Stumps Facts

Once the tree has been felled, the tree base is still alive and continues to take in wetness as well as usage oxygen. If left ignored, a tree stump may attract bugs such as termites that can migrate to various other areas. These bugs are typically brought in by the warmth and wetness. This combination is likewise a potential resource of mold.

Depending on the species and the stub’s size, some stumps will quickly degeneration, while others will certainly be rather sturdy. The Western red cedar, redwood, and oak types are the most sturdy as well as will be the most convenient to preserve


Integrating Into The Landscape

Removing old tree stumps from your yard can be costly. As opposed to attempting to get rid of the tree remnants, consider transforming the base right into an attractive masterpiece. One method to do this is to hollow out the stump to utilize as a planter. This would certainly function best with stumps that have currently begun to degeneration inside. Check for termites and get rid of the parasites prior to you start. Conversely, if you have several tree stumps close to each various other, you can reduce them down level as well as construct a yard around them. If you preserve the stump, you can use it as a seat if the top is leveled level, or as a tree stump table.

Stand Options

An old tree stump can also be used as a stand, making an ornamental addition to the outside of your residence. You could place statuaries or colored globes on them and after that plant blossoms and ground cover around them to add some shade and also texture. High tree stumps are often utilized as a trellis for climbing up vines and ivy.

Making A Feature

It may be your wish to make some beautiful house furnishings like a stump tree table. As soon as you have actually reduced off the stump to ground level, then you need to preserve it. You will certainly require to wait up until the stumps are totally dried out before you treat them with any kind of maintaining agent. Location the cut nubbins in a covered location where they will not run into rain or other dampness for at least three to six months. This will certainly make sure the bark is simple to remove and also make the procedure less complicated.


  • Sand
  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane sealant to aid preserve
  • Spain

Devices Used:

  • Orbital Sander with sanding sponges in 60,80, 120 and also 220 grit
  • Foam brushes
  • Scrubber brush
  • Blades in various sizes
  • Hammer
  • Huge, tool as well as little discolor brushes

The first job is to get rid of the bark with a carve or rotating hammer You might require utilizing a couple of different devices relying on the age of the stump You will likely have some sap residues to remove too.

You can then sand the stump to produce a smooth surface. You might use two various grit sandpapers to obtain the result you desire. After that vacuum out all the gaps to get rid of all the additional dust. If there are any kind of considerable or deep splits, you can load them in with a wood filler like clear epoxy. Put tape on the sides as well as the bottom of the stump, listed below the fractures, to stop the epoxy from dripping out the cracks.

It would be best if you then permitted the stump to get to room temperature level before treating it with discolor or preserver. You can after that use wood stabilizer and also sealant, so it does not split, warp or rot. Begin with a little amount of stabilizer and after that include even more as required. The wood will soak up the stabilizer as you massage it in. Cover the top of the stump in plastic as well as let it completely dry for 2-4 hrs. Permit the sealer to completely dry totally between layers. You can use 2 even more layers to the leading and sides.

Alternative Uses

If you do not wish to most likely to the expenditure and difficulty of making tree stump tables or also a tree stump coffee table for your house, take into consideration making use of the tree stumps to produce tipping stones around your residence. If you desire more shade like some people, paint the pieces.

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