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How to Remove a Hot Tub From Your Backyard Full Guide of 2023

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Eliminating a hot bathtub– a minimum of, one that isn’t blow up– from your backyard is not an easy task. The best means going concerning getting rid of a hot bathtub is by utilizing professional help, nonetheless, if that isn’t a choice, there are a few steps to adhere to in order to successfully remove it yourself.

Allow’s start!

Things to Consider Before You Remove a Hot Tub

There are a number of points you need to think about before you move a Jacuzzi:

Jacuzzis aren’t low-cost: When you acquired your Jacuzzi, you likely invested a hefty quantity of cash. When you intend on relocate, you need to ensure you’re relocating as meticulously as feasible. Nevertheless, it was a financial investment that you don’t intend to harm and also might be able to market or make use of somewhere else.

Weight: The weight of a hot bathtub makes it a challenge to relocate from one area to one more. Generally, a little tub will certainly weigh about 800 extra pounds when it is vacant. When it has water, the weight can go up to 6,000 extra pounds. With this in mind, make sure that you drain pipes every one of the water before moving. Once the water is entirely drained, make certain that you have the necessary equipment to efficiently remove a hot tub. This includes makers such as dollies, ropes, as well as bands.

Size: Hot bathtubs are quite big. Typically talking, all producers have a minimum as well as optimum size or their tubs. For instance, a small bathtub may be 5 to 8 feet. Keep in mind this is a tub that can hold 2-4 people. Their width is usually anything from 5 to 10 feet. These are measurements you require to take into consideration before you move your bathtubs.

With every one of these factors to consider in mind, you will need to discover the best method to move your tubs. If you are sure you can do it on your very own, the complying with steps that will certainly lead you:

12 Steps to Remove a Hot Tub

Before we get involved in our elimination overview, if you’re more of a visual student, you can refer to the following video for help:

With that stated, let’s jump right in!

Action 1: Secure a Moving Vehicle

Professional moving companies often transfer a Jacuzzi utilizing a specialized trailer. You can determine to hire one or get a relocating truck to remove a Jacuzzi from your backyard Inspect the precise dimension of your hot tubs from your owner’s handbook. You need to make sure the vehicle you work with will be huge sufficient to fit the tub. Most of the times, a truck or trailer measuring 15 feet by 8 feet by 7 feet ought to suffice.

Make sure the car you rent has a loading ramp to make your job easier. The excellent information is that there are a wide variety of rental business that will have a vehicle to match your demands.

Action 2: Get the Right Moving Equipment

For starters, you’ll need to get 2 durable furnishings dollies. Some rental business can rent this sort of devices. The dollies must can stand up to 800 extra pounds. Second of all, you’ll need 4 pieces of timber that procedure 4 inches by 4 inches. These items of wood will certainly be made use of to a little raise your bathtubs to allow space or the dollies to be rolled beneath it. Lastly, you’ll need to obtain a good size of rope or solid straps. They will certainly be utilized to paralyze the tub as you fill it onto the dollies.

Step 3: Find Trustworthy Helpers

Of course, you will certainly not have the ability to remove a warm tub by yourself. Since you will certainly not be using specialist moving companies, you’ll require to find some help. You can either request for aid from your friends or work with numerous people. The minimal variety of individuals needed is 4. This suggests you need to search for a minimum of three extra individuals to aid you with the task. To lessen the threat of any type of crashes, get about 6 individuals to assist you.

Tip 4: Assess the Exit Path

Some exit paths may be an obstacle when you move. Stroll on the scheduled departure path. Look for any kind of hazardous locations or challenges. Examine the location meticulously to plan your exits. Think about points like if you’ll have to relocate the bathtub over the turf as you leave your backyard or if you’ll be going up or down a hillside. If you have to move your tubs up or down some staircases, you need to think about obtaining expert help. Stairways are a challenge and points can obtain harmful without alerting.

Tip 5: Disconnect the Tub

Since you have actually every little thing readied to go, it’s time to separate the bathtub from your electrical network. See to it you coil the power cable as well as placing it away. Some tubs have some sort of storage area on the side for storing the power cord. It’s important to make sure no cords are hanging from the tub when you move it. Dangling cables might trip one of the movers and damage the bathtub.

Action 6: Drain the Tub

You can not move a Jacuzzi from your backyard if it has water in it, but draining a warm tub is not as basic as draining a bathtub. So how do you go regarding it? The best approach is by reviewing your owner’s manual. All tubs come with directions on exactly how to drain it efficiently and also safely. Generally, you require to access a side panel to turn off the water supply.

You can use a lengthy pipe to drain the water. Drain pipes the water in an ideal location in your backyard If you are close to a street rain gutter, you can drain pipes the water there. You may need extra equipment like a water pump for this choice.

Action 7: Clean and Dry the Tub

Cleansing a hot bathtub is a very easy job. The very first option involves using a cleaner suggested by the manufacturer. Additionally, you can use an all-purpose cleaner. Tidy utilizing a soft fabric to prevent damaging the surface area. Once you’ve cleaned it, wash it and after that completely dry off any type of water. The drying out procedure can be done utilizing ordinary bathroom towels.

Tip 8: Pack the Cover

The bulk of jacuzzis featured a removable cover. Make certain you move it and load it before you remove a Jacuzzi from your backyard As soon as you’ve moved the bathtub, you can re-attach the cover. Some bathtubs do not have a detachable cover. In this instance, you’ll require to unscrew the cover utilizing the appropriate screwdriver. Keep in mind to keep the screws in a refuge.

Step 9: Position the Wood Pieces

Earlier we chatted regarding collecting 4 timber items for removing your Jacuzzi. This is the step where you require to utilize them.

Moving the bathtub is one of the most dangerous and also most difficult step. All of your helpers must lift the tub somewhat at each edge. The elevation needs to be just enough for you to insert a piece of timber at each edge. The idea is to guarantee the tub is elevated from the ground to allow you to slide the dollies below it.

Generally, you require to make certain the bathtub is regarding 4 inches from the round when it rests on the items of timber. Make sure the bathtub is existing stably on the items of wood.

Action 10: Position the Dollies to Remove a Hot Tub

Glide the dolly under the front area of the bathtub. Make certain you utilize the rope or bands to protect it. Move the 2nd dolly at the back area of the tub. Secure it similarly you safeguarded the initial dolly. The rope or straps must ensure the tub will not slip off the dollies when you relocate it. This is a very important step as it will establish whether you damage your tubs or otherwise. Do this action slowly as well as don’t move the bathtub until you have actually ensured the dollies are properly safeguarded.

Step 11: Roll the Tub to the Truck

In the best -case circumstance, the terrain from your starting indicate the coating point will be mostly level. Considering that you will have gotten rid of any type of obstacles, the rolling should be very easy. Take note that the rope or bands will help you keep the tub stable. Nevertheless, you will require to be cautious as you relocate.

Your helpers ought to hold the tub to maintain it consistent. Beginning rolling the tub in the direction of the vehicle or its new location. Make certain you move slowly to ensure you do not damage it.

Prevent any type of abrupt motions when you encounter any type of difficulty. For example, if you need to travel through a small entrance, do not make any abrupt choices. Just quit and also figure out the safest means to get it to to stay clear of any kind of property damage.

Action 12: Remove a Hot Tub and Load It Onto the Truck

Loading the bathtub onto a moving vehicle is among the most dangerous steps. In this instance, you ought to be added mindful as a small error may destroy the bathtub or hurt your helpers.

Press the bathtub up the loading ramp. The best method to do this is by having a single person in the front for support. The remainder of your helpers needs to go to the back pushing it

When the bathtub is inside the vehicle or on the trailer, ensure you have safeguarded it. Use the sides of the vehicle or the trailer to secure the bathtub. If you feel you are incapable of getting rid of a Jacuzzi and also inserting it securely on the trailer or in the truck, request for extra assistance. Remember that the security of you and your team is the greatest priority.

Final thought

Moving a Jacuzzi from your backyard can go efficiently if you have the right devices and sufficient assistance. See to it you read the proprietor’s handbook prior to you remove a hot bathtub.

If it’s a large bathtub, you may require to get extra equipment or aid. These actions should be able to direct you to successfully relocate any type of hot tub from your backyard If you have any doubts about your ability to relocate your hot tubs, try to find some specialist assistance from moving companies with experience.

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