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How to Repel Plant-eating Rabbits and Protect Your Garden Full Guide of 2023

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Somebody that farming knows that a rabbit can be a lot more than a cute visitor to their carrot spot. With its starved cravings for a wide array of fresh plant life– consisting of annuals, perennials, woody plants, and also berries– this long-eared pet has an unbelievably long menu of preferred meals.

What’s even more, all of us understand they have extremely high reproductive possibility. Each can quickly have 3 trash each year with six or even more packages per trash. Where there is one bunny, there’s most likely to be numerous a lot more hiding away. It’s no surprise a swarm of starving rabbits can annihilate your garden overnight. That’s why you have to take prompt steps to repel plant-eating rabbits as well as stopping a total garden invasion.

Recognizing Rabbits in Your Garden

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Before you determine to take actions to repel rabbits, you need to initially look for the signs that you are certainly managing a bunny problem. The level of damage to the plant supply depends upon the sort of bunny striking it. The eastern cottontail is probably one of the most harmful. They are very easy to identify– Brown with the common long ears and also a really certain cotton sphere tail. They are 15-19 inches long fully-grown and 2-4 extra pounds in weight depending on the period. They favor to remain close to cover and also make use of brushy fence-rows as runs around their territory, remain concealed in brush piles throughout the day and typically stay with field edges.

Their desire for veggies, blossoms, light bulbs, as well as bark means clipped universes as well as pruning peppers. They will devour anything they such as. Being miners, although not great Warren contractors like their European relatives, they are greater than efficient in eating a plant from fallen leave suggestion to origin. The best time to capture them in the act is very early in the early morning and dusk.

Exactly How to Repel Plant-Eating Rabbits

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Once you’ve confirmed you’re up against plant-eating rabbits, it is time to attempt some long tried-and-tested methods. Although rabbits are smart to obtain what they desire typically, individuals attempt one of 3 approaches for protecting their plants. They utilize repellants, buy targeted insurance coverage as well as construct fencing.

Allow’s have a look at each choice independently:

Targeted Coverage

If you have peas and beans or another plant or plant that rabbits simply love, you can consider targeting just that area. You can take advantage of garden fabric to wrap the plants– it works excellent to help protect a location of salad eco-friendlies or freshly grown broccoli. Take special care when anchoring the material given that rabbits are relentless when they identify a tasty target.

Mesh secure fencing might additionally help in this instance. You can easily make use of chicken mesh to cover vulnerable plants and also protect against rabbits from gaining access to the location. The same mesh fence can additionally be made use of to create a safety tunnel if you’re attempting to protect an entire row. However, beware, rabbits know concerning fences and will stubbornly stress away at any type of weak factors.


Rabbits use scent to keep an eye out for predators. When your objective is to keep rabbits from entering your yards, opting for repellents that have the smell of rabbit eaters is possibly mosting likely to be your best bet.

Garlic smell repellents function well to repel rabbits, provided the rabbits have not currently established a liking for it or there’s nothing even more attractive on the food selection. Nonetheless, attempt various repellents to keep your rabbits away for at the very least adequate time for young plants to come to be well-known and also expand ahead of the rabbits You’ll need to reapply them every couple of days after it rains.

While you can locate numerous repellents on the market, it is also possible to make them from what you discover in your kitchen areas. Home made repellents can go a lengthy way in the direction of keeping rabbits away from your garden Right here’s just how you can make a repellent on your very own:

  • Garlic and Onions: Obtain 3 chili peppers, one large light bulb of garlic as well as at the very least 3 big onions as well as cutting them carefully in a mixer. Place the blend in a container and cover it with water as well as leave to stand as well as infuse. When you are ready to spray, strain the mix for the water and a little bit a lot more if needed.
  • Tabasco Sauce and also Cayenne Pepper: Blending tobacco sauce with chili pepper along with water and also dishwashing soap are a straightforward homemade repellent that functions surprisingly well. Including a splash of Elmer’s glue gives it an additional kick rabbits do not such as. Spray it freely on your plants as well as around your garden
  • Egg and Garlic Mixture: Rabbits have an excellent feeling of smell so anything poignant is way too much to manage. That’s why utilizing a combination of milk, egg, cigarette sauce, garlic, as well as liquid dishwashing soap repels rabbits so well.
  • Linseed Oil and also Detergent: Mix detergent as well as water right into two times the quantity of raw linseed oil. Both poignant and sticky.


Secure fencing your garden will certainly maintain rabbits from going into the forbidden location. Fence your entire garden may be your only option for keeping rabbits away. Considering that rabbits can jump as well as even climb up a little, the fence requires to be a minimum of 3ft in elevation, more if your foes is a jackrabbit. To avoid burrowing, the fence needs to be installed at the very least a foot into the ground as well as the meshing averted from your garden In a similar way, you can purchase independent pop-up nets that are anchored to the ground to maintain rabbits out.

Additional Considerations

In addition to maintaining rabbits away by safeguarding a certain location, fencing the whole garden or using repellents, there are also various other considerations. As an example:

  • Use Specific Plants to Repel Rabbits: Similar to splashing your most important plants with repellents, you can additionally utilize natural obstacles of plants rabbits don’t such as to stop them getting to something they love. Some great alternatives consist of daffodils, sage, mint, black-eyed Susan, asparagus, Rosemary, oak, yarrow, lavender, onions, tomatoes, and thyme.
  • Utilize their Favorites to Protect Other Crops: Often, you need to use strange tactics and one is growing something they really such as to keep them from attacking into areas with growing extra crucial to you. It’s something to attempt when various other things aren’t functioning. Offering over a tiny patch of alfalfa or clover might suggest you can locate a method to coexist and also still save your beans as well as lettuce.
  • Attempt to Scare Them Away: Numerous individuals have actually used to pretend owls, aluminum pie tin as well as several various other things to frighten rabbits off. These approaches do work however only for a brief time. Rabbits can quickly exercise when there is no actual danger. Ultrasonic tools are likewise readily available as well as being perfect for frightening rabbits away from huge locations. However, it is essential to keep looking for a much more irreversible solution. Think about getting a dog or feline to fend off rabbits
  • Remove Places to Hide: Eliminate rabbit hideouts. Being victim animals, they really feel vulnerable without neighboring cover as well as won’t wish to take the chance of being a target in the openness of your properties. Get rid of excess fallen leaves, brush piles and looming foliage. If you make them think your lawn is not a refuge to come by for a nibble, they will proceed and look for a better area.
  • Trap them Whenever You Can: While you first require to take into consideration the neighborhood regulations, trapping as well as moving rabbits can sometimes protect your yards. It may work but maintain in mind that it can come to be pricey and also taxing. It is not a humane approach for being rid of solitary rabbits They are too vulnerable alone in the new regions as well as will never be approved into a new Warren. Rabbits need to be with various other rabbits to survive however they need to be household which means a terrible whole lot of bunny capturing.

Final thought

Certain, rabbits are adorable yet not when they have actually eaten their way with your garden They can create all type of problems, especially thinking about the truth that the sets prepare to mate in a number of months so it’s not likely you’ll ever before discovering all the rabbits close by to transfer them. Terrifies as well as repellents deal temporary solutions and also although fencing is great, you’ll need to maintain it.

In the long run, you might need to invest in brand-new plants and use a number of techniques of control simply to find a way to move on with your rabbits Keep in mind that you will certainly have to try a mix of approaches to repel plant-eating rabbits and also remain constant with your initiatives to keep them away, also.

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