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Learn How to Repel Squirrels Easily & Effectively Full Guide of 2023

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how to repel squirrelsAre you fed up with pesky squirrels wreaking havoc in your garden? Don’t worry, there’s a simple solution to rid yourself of these furry intruders. Here we will take an in-depth look at how to repel squirrels easily and effectively – so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without interruption.

Utilizing both natural and commercial methods, such as strobe lights, animal repellents, or fox urine, this guide will provide all the information needed for keeping those annoying critters away from your beloved plants!

So buckle up tight because it’s time to learn how to repel those pesky squirrels once and for all!

Key Takeaways

  • Natural methods to repel squirrels: apple cider vinegar and water mixture, predator urine, cayenne pepper, and peppermint oil.
  • Commercial methods to repel squirrels: strobe lights, ultrasonic wave devices, motion sensor sprinklers, and animal repellents.
  • Physical barriers like fencing, netting, hardware cloth, and buried wire fences can protect plants from squirrels.
  • Other deterrents: using safflower seeds in bird feeders, cleaning bird feeders regularly, planting deterrent flowers, using varieties disliked by squirrels, and using black plastic netting.

Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

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You can deter squirrels from your garden by using a homemade mixture of apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This is an effective repellent for burrowing prevention that won’t harm the environment or wildlife.

You should mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in the spray bottle, then add some cayenne pepper to make it even more potent. Spray this around areas where you don’t want squirrels, such as bird feeders, gardens, or trees.

Natural repellents like predator urine, cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, and blood meal can also be used to keep away squirrels when sprayed on plants they are likely to nibble on.

Use Strobe Lights

Use Strobe Lights
Moving away from natural repellents, strobe lights are an effortless way to keep squirrels away. Strobe lights, when used in conjunction with audible deterrents, can be a powerful and effective tool against these pesky critters.

The light intensity of the regular flashes of light, combined with the sound, creates a sense of fear in their minds that keeps them at bay.

In addition, ultrasonic wave devices or ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds can also act as visual and auditory deterrents for squirrels, especially if they are installed near attics or other areas where there is little human activity.

Finally, physical barriers like fencing and netting rated for rats or squirrels should be used as well to protect vulnerable plants and bulbs from being damaged by these furry intruders.

Motion Sensor Sprinklers

Motion Sensor Sprinklers
Install motion-activated sprinklers to keep those pesky squirrels away! Motion sensor sprinklers are a great way to scare off the furry intruders without having to resort to traps or hardware cloth. The sensors detect movement and then set off a spray of water, making an unpleasant sound that scares them away.

For added effectiveness, mix jalapeño pepper-vinegar spray with the water in the reservoir for extra deterrent power. Additionally, you can also use an ultrasonic repellent along with the strong smell of mint as additional weapons against these uninvited guests.

If your garden is experiencing frequent visits from squirrels, it’s time to try out this combination of sound and scent deterrents – they will soon learn their lesson!

Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance
Keeping your yard clean and free of debris can go a long way in deterring unwanted visitors from coming to call. If squirrels are an issue, consider planting flowers they don’t like or using fencing rated for rats and squirrels to protect the garden.

Netting options or bird feeders with adjustable springs provide further protection against intruders.

To keep birds safe, use safflower seeds instead of regular bird seed that may attract more critters than desired. Additionally, provide water dishes around the area to lure them away from vegetable gardens or trash bins where food scraps could be hidden away.

For added security, apply Crisco on poles leading up to birdfeeders so they won’t climb up there.

Finally, if all else fails, live trapping is always an option. But make sure it’s legal in your state first before attempting this method!

Effective Mulching Techniques

Effective Mulching Techniques
Mulching with dog hair or other natural repellents like predator urine, cayenne pepper, pepper spray, and blood meal is like drawing a line in the sand for squirrels – they won’t cross it.

To make this guardianship even more effective, try adding spring-loaded bird feeders to your yard that are difficult for squirrels to access.

Planting varieties of flowers that are unattractive to them can also be helpful in keeping them away from your garden.

Try mixing safflower seeds with birdseed as an additional deterrent – most squirrels find these bitter tasting!

A jalapeño pepper-vinegar spray solution, along with regular spraying of apple cider vinegar, may help too!

Finally, inviting natural predators such as raptors or owls through nesting boxes will encourage their presence, which should discourage any unwanted visitors from entering the premises again.

Animal Repellents

Animal Repellents
Try using animal repellents like fox urine, human or dog hair, strobe lights, and ultrasonic devices to drive away those pesky squirrels from your garden!

Cayenne pepper is a great option; it can be sprinkled around the perimeter of your yard.

Fox urine has been known to repel squirrels as well – just make sure you use tight-fitting lids when storing it outside!

Plastic netting or bird netting over vegetables can help protect them too.

If you want to feed birds but keep the squirrels away at the same time, try replacing regular bird seed with safflower seeds; most rodents find these bitter-tasting so they won’t come near them.

Installing natural predators like raptors and owls through nesting boxes will discourage any unwanted visitors from entering again too – an effective way of keeping Squirrel Nation out permanently!

Jalapeño Pepper-vinegar Spray

Jalapeño Pepper-vinegar Spray
Sprinkle some jalapeño pepper-vinegar around your garden to keep squirrels away and protect your plants! This natural repellent is a great way to deter those pesky little creatures from digging up bulbs or raiding the bird feeders.

Plus, it’s an effective way to repel other tiny pests like mice or rats as well.

Just mix equal parts of vinegar with finely chopped jalapeno peppers and apply it directly onto surfaces where you don’t want intrusions – such as trash cans that need to be sealed tightly against hungry squirrels! You can also set up motion sensor sprinklers if needed for extra protection; these will startle any unwanted visitors who come too close for comfort.

If all else fails, baiting deterrents are another option – but be sure to use predator deterrents instead of chemical repellents that could harm birds in the area.

Safflower Seeds as a Deterrent

Safflower Seeds as a Deterrent
Mixing safflower seeds with your birdseed can help deter hungry squirrels from invading your garden. Safflower is a bitter seed that most squirrels find unappealing, so adding it to the mix can be a great way to keep them away from the feeders.

In addition, clean up any spilled birdseed and wipe down the feeder itself regularly to discourage these pests. Planting cayenne pepper around flower beds or installing hardware cloth fences are also effective methods of keeping wild critters at bay.

To further protect against wildlife intrusions, try using predator urine or live trapping and relocating any struggling animals you come across – although this should only be done if legal in your area! Natural predators like raptors and owls may also offer some relief by preying on squirrels in search of food sources near homes or gardens.

Finally, spread human ear hair around areas where squirrels tend to roam. This can act as an effective deterrent too!

Fox Urine for Repelling Squirrels

Fox Urine for Repelling Squirrels
Fox urine is a great way to keep pesky squirrels away from your garden. Its strong odor acts as an invisible shield that will make the furry critters think twice before entering.

Natural repellents like fox urine, predator urine, cayenne pepper, and pepper spray are all effective deterrents for keeping these creatures at bay.

Buried wire fences or hardware cloth can also be used to stop them from digging under the fence. Netting or fencing rated for rats or squirrels can protect your garden plants and vegetables from their destructive behavior.

Installing a raptor perch or owl nest box has been known to invite natural predators such as hawks, which prey on small animals including squirrels.

Finally, remember that chicken wire placed around bird feeders keeps those cheeky rodents out of reach!

Utilizing a Dog as a Natural Deterrent

Utilizing a Dog as a Natural Deterrent
Having a dog as your furry companion can be an effective way to naturally deter squirrels from entering your property. Dog hair mulch, predator urine, cayenne pepper, and plastic netting are all common natural repellents that will help keep the critters away.

A fake owl or other raptor perch set up near their nesting areas may also provide a natural deterrent while adding some extra charm to any garden! Additionally, spreading out the dog’s hair or using its urine in strategic locations around the perimeter of your garden is an excellent method for keeping intruders at bay.

Finally, if you don’t have access to these materials, then planting certain flowers such as nasturtiums and mustard can act as another form of defense against hungry squirrels looking for snacks in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other natural repellents can be used to deter squirrels?

Natural repellents such as predator urine, cayenne pepper, pepper spray, peppermint oil, and blood meal can effectively ward off pesky squirrels. Planting nasturtiums, marigolds, or mustard also works wonders; try rubbing Crisco on bird feeder poles to stop them from climbing too.

How can I protect my garden from a squirrel invasion?

Protect your garden from a squirrel invasion by using natural repellents like predator urine, cayenne pepper, pepper spray, and mint. Plant nasturtiums and marigolds to deter them, or set up fences with wire mesh or chicken wire around beds of bulbs.

Trapping and relocating squirrels is not a viable solution, as it may be illegal in some areas. Protect your garden with natural repellents, fence off the area, or use bird netting to keep them away.

Are there any other methods to prevent squirrels from accessing bird feeders?

Protect bird feeders from squirrels with baffles or isolated poles. Use all-metal feeders with adjustable springs, apply Crisco on poles, and install motion sensor sprinklers for added deterrence.

How can I keep squirrels away from my produce?

Protect your produce from pesky squirrels by using physical barriers like netting or fencing rated for rats and squirrels.


In conclusion, there are many ways to repel squirrels from your property. Apple cider vinegar spray, jalapeño pepper-vinegar spray, cayenne pepper, safflower seeds, animal repellents, fox urine, and even man’s best friend can be effective deterrents.

Yard maintenance and mulching techniques, as well as physical barriers like netting and fencing, can provide additional protection. Taking precautions and being mindful of what attracts squirrels can help keep them away from your home and garden.

With a bit of patience and know-how, you can enjoy a squirrel-free outdoor space.

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