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How to Stop a Lawn Mower From Smoking – Easy Fix Full Guide of 2023

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Is your lawnmower going up in smoke? Not essentially, however is your lawnmower discharging various color smoke, and you can not figure out what each shade suggests! Well, here’s the lowdown on what different shade smoke suggests and exactly how to repair the issue on your own or get expert assistance.

First things first, and regardless of the color, smoke sent out from your lawnmower signifies issue and also may call for professional assistance. On a brighter note, blowing smoke is not an indication of a serious problem with your lawnmower, yet can develop into one if left unattended.

Quick Troubleshooting Steps

  • First, check the air filter and also replace it if filthy.
  • Next off, check the oil level. Loaded with proper oil grade if required.
  • After that start the mower and also let it compete 5-10 mins to burn any type of oil that may have discovered its method to the engine.
  • Likewise, mowing at action angles for an extended period can create smoke as there might be oil leakage. Make sure caps are totally protected.

Keep reading for different smoke shades as each has its own set of issues.

Smoke from lawn lawn mowers are generally one of 3 shades:

  • Black Smoke
  • White Smoke
  • Blue Smoke

I’ll discuss each shade listed below along with some idea solutions you can attempt now as well as perhaps stay clear of a trip to the lawn mower repair service shop.

What does Black Lawn Mower Smoke Mean?

black smoke from a lawn mower

Black smoke from your lawn mower most of the times means your carburetor and gas systems aren’t operating effectively. These aforementioned systems are in charge of managing the proportion or fuel to air mixture, and also when the carburetor does not obtain adequate air, the fuel mixture will be too rich, resulting in a greater percent of gasoline.

Or, black smoke coming out of a lawn mower ways that the proportion of gas to air is inaccurate, which is typically triggered by an unclean or damaged air filter. To clean up the air filter of the lawn mower, remove it and clean with soapy water or replace with a brand-new one by describing your owner’s handbook.

Service — If you’re lawn mower is producing black exhaust smoke, the initial thing you ‘d wish to check is the onsite air filter. Great chances are that the air filter may be clogged and also is blocking adequate air circulation to the carburetor.

Since all versions differ by brands, it’s important that you describe your owner’s guidebook on how to clean up the air filter. Yet usually, you have to remove it, clean it or change it if it’s blocked.

After you’ve cleansed the air filter or changed it, start your lawn mower, as well as allow it to run for a few minutes to see if the concern has actually been dealt with. If the black smoke issue still persists after cleaning up or replacing the air filter, then it might be your carburetor acting up, so you will have to make a couple modifications.

Even though this action is just a matter of changing a screw or 2 by referring to your proprietor’s guidebook, your best wager is to have it looked at by a specialist or even better the supplier if your lawn mower is still under service warranty.

What does White Lawn Mower Smoke Mean?

white smoke from a lawn mower

White is one of the most usual shade of lawn mower smoke, and also many of the moment will certainly disappear on its own. However, if it doesn’t, there’re a good sign that you’ve got an overfull oil reservoir. An overfull oil reservoir will certainly trigger the engine to shed oil, which can be triggered by several factors.

These include spilling oil on the real estate when you serviced the lawn mower and slanted it excessive, or just overfilling the crankcase.

An overfull lawn mower oil storage tank can likewise be caused if you cut on a 15-degree slope, overfilled the gas container if you have a 2-stroke mower (the correct proportion is 32:1 gasoline to oil proportion), or it’s a new mower with leftover oil deposit.

Option — as discussed earlier, the white smoke problem will go away by itself if you leave the lawn moving company running for a couple of minutes, as this runtime will certainly shed off the excess oil. If the white smoke isn’t gone after running your lawnmower for approximately 15 minutes approximately, you might have a bigger problem to take care of.

The first issue may be that the seals of the burning chamber have worn, creating the oil to leak right into it. Another reason might be an air leak in the crank situation, or that both the cylinder and also rings have actually worn.

A serious factor for white lawn mower smoke will certainly refer to a breakdown of the head gasket and also will much more than likely need expert focus. Nonetheless, there’s no requirement to damage a sweat right now, however inspect if your lawn mower is still under service warranty, and also if it is, obtain it checked out by your closest maintenance dealer.

My Lawn Mower Is Blowing Blue Smoke, What Does This Mean?

blue smoke from a lawn mower

The sources of blue smoke discharging from the exhaust of your lawn mower are practically the exact same as white smoke. These consist of overfilling the crankcase, or spilling oil on other components of the mower when filling the crankcase.

Blue smoke can additionally be triggered if making use of the incorrect oil grade, or if you’ve tilted the lawn mower way too much when trimming a ditch or hillside, so make sure to maintain the trigger plug tilted if angled mowing is essential.

Right here is a fantastic video clip from Steve’s Small Engine Saloon

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Final Thoughts

Having a smoking lawn mower is never fun for the driver or for your neighbors, so resolving any type of smoking issues you have when you first discover it is crucial. It will certainly help your mower last much longer plus your next-door neighbors as well as your lungs will thank you.

You might also intend to select non-gas mowers such as reel mowers or corded electrical lawn mowers.

If you have any kind of particular concerns concerning your mower, please leave a comment or concern listed below.

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