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How to Tell if Lawn Mower Crankshaft is Bent Full Guide of 2023

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What is that weird grinding audio coming from the mower It could be nothing, or maybe something essential, like a bent crankshaft The crankshaft is the piece that attaches to the quickly spinning blade of your lawnmower. If the blade experiences a crash with a rock or origin, the crankshaft can bend.

Find out how to recognize the indications of a bent crankshaft It threatens to overlook crankshaft damage! There are a few signs and symptoms to look for, numerous basic examinations to validate your uncertainties, as well as, for the DIY warriors around, guidelines on exactly how to align the crankshaft yourself.

The threats of a bent crankshaft

Do not continue to utilize a mower with a bent crankshaft Doing so might cause injury, damages to residential or commercial property, or also fatality.

The blade under the mower is rotating exceptionally quickly. If it displaces because of a bent crankshaft, it might fly out from the mower Undoubtedly, this is exceptionally dangerous to any individual or anything that is near the mower

The symptoms of a bent crankshaft

Unusual resonances as well as seems

It is normal for your lawn mower to vibrate. After all, there are a great deal of relocating parts! You want to seek unusual resonances that come with a grinding sound. The resonances and also noise may not be continual.

If you’re mower is vibrating exceedingly and you hear a grinding sound, transform it off promptly! Do not utilize it again up until you have a chance to analyze the crankshaft

Transmission problems

The bent crankshaft might strike various other interior parts of the mower as well as create further troubles. If the mower will not begin or runs really harsh, you might have a bent crankshaft

Just how to determine a bent crankshaft

The best means to determine a bent crankshaft is to perform a physical examination of the mower

How to perform a physical examination

There are several means to recognize a bent crankshaft via a physical examination of the mower Constantly disconnect the trigger plug prior to analyzing the mower

Inspect the space

The gap between the crankshaft as well as the deck should be constant all the method around. Any incongruities direct to a bent crankshaft

Transform the mower over. Attach a leader to the deck with either a clamp or duct tape with one end hardly touching the crankshaft By hand turn the shaft. Pay close interest to the void in between the deck and the crankshaft If there are any variances, the crankshaft is bent

Search for bolt totter

Your mower has a screw that attaches the crankshaft and the blade. Turn the mower over. You will require some support with this examination! Have a good friend draw the starter cord. If the screw totters when the cable is drawn, the crankshaft is bent

Use a dial indication

If you have a dial indication in your tool kit, it is time to utilize it! A dial sign is a very exact gauging tool. Location the dial sign at various factors along the crankshaft to look for any disparities.

Just how to repair a bent crankshaft

Disassemble the mower

Products required

  • Outlet collection
  • Nut motorist collection, consisting of the correct dimension for your mower
  • Screwdriver
  • Hefty pipes or crankshaft straightener
  • Rubber club
  • Vise holds
  • Wrench
  • Shutoff springtime compressors

Dismantle the mower

You will certainly require to access and also eliminate the crankshaft in order to align it. Make certain the mower is totally trendy prior to you start any job.

1. Drain pipes the oil

Remove the oil plug and also completely drain pipes all the oil.

2. Separate the fuel hose pipe

Shut the gas tube, detach it, then drain all the gas from the mower

3. Detach the air filter assembly

4. Unhook the throttle cords as well as the engine

5. Remove the oil tube

6. Get rid of the clutch

7. Eliminate the flywheel

Before getting rid of the flywheel, place a little piece of timber between the flywheel as well as the housing. After that, loosen the bolt on the flywheel, and also tear it out with the screwdriver.

8. Remove the blade

There is a pin that attaches the blade to the crankshaft Pull the pin, after that transform the screw on the blade. When the blade is totally free, eliminate it from the mower

9. Get rid of the electric motor

10. Eliminate the shutoff springtimes

Initially, remove all the bolts on the shutoff spring cover. There will certainly be 2 shutoff springs underneath. Make use of the shutoff spring compressor to press the valves individually. Release the springtimes carefully.

11. Eliminate the camshaft equipment

12. Get rid of the crankshaft

Press on the attaching rod to relocate the cylindrical tube piston out of the method. After that you ought to be able to access the crankshaft

Correct the alignment of the crankshaft

Area the crankshaft on a sturdy surface. Area the hefty metal pipe on top of it. Make use of the mallet to hammer the pipeline. Check the crankshaft often with a level. Repeat the procedure up until the crankshaft is entirely straight.

Or, you could use a lawn mower shaft straightening device to easily straighten the crankshaft

Reconstruct the mower

Comply with the disassembly directions over backwards to reassemble the mower It may be helpful to lay aside the parts in the order they are removed. Labeling the pieces is also helpful when it is time to place the mower back together!

When to change a bent crankshaft

If you are incapable to correct the crankshaft completely or the crankshaft is harmed, it is time to acquire a substitute. Customer beware! It is costly to change a crankshaft It may be worth it to purchase a new mower, rather

When to replace a bent crankshaft

Often Asked Questions

What triggers a bent crankshaft

A mower blade can spin at an accelerate to 200 miles per hour. If that rotating blade strikes an immovable object, like a rock, a branch, or a lawn sprinkler head, all that rate and also energy must be moved somewhere. One of the most typical reason for a bent crankshaft is striking an item with the mower

Less regularly, a crankshaft could be bent due to a manufacturing problem or a crash while delivering the lawnmower.

Can bent crankshaft be taken care of?

It is feasible to straighten out a bent crankshaft with the right devices as well as a little dirty work.

Just how much does it set you back to take care of crankshaft

If you decide to take your mower into a shop to be repaired, be prepared to pay. It can take three hours or even more for the shop to disassemble the mower and fix the crankshaft If they charge $ 50- $100 per hour for labor, that will certainly include up promptly.

For a mower crankshaft repair service, be prepared to pay $ 150- $ 500.

How do you examine a lawn mower crankshaft

The best means to check a lawnmower crankshaft is to carry out a physical evaluation on the mower See the directions above to examine your mower securely.

Final Thoughts

Don’t disregard a bent crankshaft Stop mowing as well as check it immediately. It might be feasible to conserve some money as well as aligning it on your own.

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