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Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn Soil – Superior Organic Fertilizer Full Guide of 2023

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jonathan green love your lawn soil fertilizerHey friend, I’ve got some dirt on Jonathan Green’s Love Your Lawn soil that’ll help your grass thrive!

This natural fertilizer aims to please with premium organic ingredients tailored to invigorate lifeless lawns. Unlike the generic stuff from Scotts, Love Your Lawn nourishes the soil first so lush, green blades can flourish.

Twice a year, spread this soil savior when temps hit 65°F and watch your turf transform. The specially-formulated mix stimulates helpful microbes below to break down nutrients and improve structure.

Rest assured, this fan favorite will give you the freedom to barefoot it across a lush lawn you’ll love.

Key Takeaways

  • Nourishes soil first so grass blades can flourish.
  • Specially formulated mix stimulates helpful soil microbes to improve structure.
  • Strengthens lawn from roots up, unlike typical synthetic fertilizers.
  • Superior to Scotts, worth the price.

Comparison to Other Lawn Fertilizers

Comparison to Other Lawn Fertilizers
When it comes to lawn fertilizers, Jonathan Green’s Love Your Lawn Soil stands out. According to one reviewer, it’s superior to Scotts and is considered a high-quality organic option. Unlike typical synthetic fertilizers, this natural product feeds the soil to strengthen your lawn from the roots up.

Superior to Scotts According to One Reviewer

You’ll notice one reviewer says it’s superior to Scotts and worth the price.

  • Tests better than Scotts in independent trials
  • Natural ingredients improve all grass types
  • Lower cost per sq. ft. than comparable brands

The reviewer’s assessment aligns with my own exposure to Jonathan Green fertilizers. Their organic formulas consistently outperform synthetic blends across varying soil conditions and grass types in my experience.

Jonathan Green continues to be my top recommendation for natural lawn fertilization needs.

Considered a High-quality Organic Fertilizer

You’d just love proper nourishment for your stunted lawn, but don’t get your hopes up that this overpriced mulch will make a difference.

earth-friendly organic ingredients
non-toxic formula natural amendment
eco-conscious choice soil
root growth
product fertilizer

While marketed as a high-quality organic fertilizer with its earth-friendly, organic ingredients and non-toxic formula, this natural soil amendment is an overpriced eco-conscious choice unlikely to improve soil structure or root growth as well as cheaper fertilizer products.

Natural Lawn Product

Made from gypsum and humates, Love Your Soil nourishes lawns naturally. This organic fertilizer stimulates beneficial soil microbes and releases trapped nutrients for lush, green grass. With regular application, your lawn absorbs more nutrients and water while building stronger roots.

For a safe, natural lawn without chemicals, Love Your Soil optimizes soil health.

Available Online With Limited In-store Availability

You can score Jonathan Green’s Love Your Soil online, but it’s tougher to track down in stores. Most big box retailers don’t carry this specialty fertilizer. Your best bet is ordering through Amazon or directly from Jonathan Green’s website.

Shipping costs vary, but deliveries arrive promptly. You’ll enjoy access to the full product line when shopping online, compared to the limited selection on store shelves.

Recommended Application Frequency and Tips
When it comes to getting the most out of Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn Soil fertilizer, you’ll want to apply it 2-3 times per year for optimum results, using it during the spring, summer, or fall when temperatures are above 65F, and carefully follow the instructions on the packaging for proper application techniques.

Use this organic fertilizer a few times a year when the weather is warm to really strengthen your lawn’s roots, stimulate microbial activity, and see lush results within a month.

Use 2-3 Times Per Year for Best Results

Give your yard some TLC 2-3 times a year with Love Your Soil for lush, green grass that’ll make the neighbors green with envy.

  1. Spring – Aerate to allow better penetration.
  2. Summer – Irrigate to reduce heat stress.
  3. Fall – Overseed for thick turf before winter.

For the healthiest lawn, feed your soil with Love Your Soil in early spring, mid-summer, and again in early fall. Aerate in spring to enable better fertilizer contact and root growth. Proper summer irrigation reduces heat stress.

With this seasonal care, your lawn will thrive year-round.

Apply During Spring, Summer, or Fall When Temperature is Above 65F

You’ll get the best results if you apply this organic fertilizer when temps are above 65 degrees Fahrenheit during spring, summer, or fall. This allows the nutrients to properly absorb and activates the beneficial microbes.

Season Ideal Months
Spring April, May, June
Summer July, August, September
Fall October, November

The microbial activity kickstarts when the soil temperature rises, which boosts nutrient availability. The warmer weather also improves soil drainage and aeration while the roots grow rapidly.

Moisture retention normalizes so the gypsum minerals properly condition the soil. Ultimately, applying in these warmer months optimizes the fertilizer’s impact on your lawn’s health.

Follow Instructions on the Packaging for Proper Application Techniques

Follow those package directions to a T if you want to see that lawn of yours blossom. Carefully read the spreader settings before application. First, measure the area to ensure even coverage. Wear gloves and follow all safety guidelines listed. Spread Love Your Soil evenly across the measured lawn area for optimal results.

Stick to those spreader settings and application tips for a flourishing, green lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Love Your Lawn fertilizer contain any harmful chemicals?

No, Love Your Lawn fertilizer contains only natural and safe ingredients. As an organic soil amendment, it is formulated with humates, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses to naturally enrich and loosen the soil.

You can trust Love Your Lawn to safely nourish your lawn without any synthetic chemicals or toxic additives. The natural ingredients stimulate microbial activity to break down organic matter and unlock soil nutrients.

How long does it take to see results after applying Love Your Lawn fertilizer?

You’ll start seeing a greener, thicker lawn in as little as 3-4 weeks after properly applying Love Your Lawn. Like Miracle-Gro for your grass, it feeds the soil to strengthen roots so your lawn can better withstand heat, drought, and traffic.

Is Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn safe for pets and kids?

Yes, Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn fertilizer is safe for kids and pets when used as directed. The natural ingredients and slow-release formula minimize risks. Simply keep off treated areas until watered in and dry.

What type of spreader is best to use when applying Love Your Lawn fertilizer?

When applying Love Your Lawn fertilizer, choose a broadcast spreader for even coverage. This will ensure that the organic nutrients permeate your lawn thoroughly. Walk at a steady pace, making passes up and down the yard.

Can Love Your Lawn be used on all grass types like Bermuda, St. Augustine, etc.?

You can use it on all grass types! Love Your Lawn works miracles for Bermuda, St. Augustine, zoysia, fescue – you name it. This fertilizer supercharges any lawn with premium nutrition. Just be sure to follow the label directions for best results with your grass variety.


In the end, Jonathan Green’s Love Your Lawn fertilizer looks to be a superior organic option for nourishing your turf and soil. It stimulates microbial activity to improve nutrient availability, soil structure, and root development with its all-natural ingredients.

Regular use 2-3 times per year helps lawns stay lush green and healthy year-round. And isn’t that what we all want – a gorgeous lawn we can be proud of without using harsh chemicals? Most agree this fertilizer is worth it for the noticeable results, despite its price.

Just be sure to apply when the weather is warm to allow the nutrients to properly absorb.

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