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Lawn Edger Vs Weed Wacker: What’s the Difference? (2023)

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If you’ve ever before wandering through the lawn department at a residence improvement store, you may be wondering, what specifically are all these tools? As well as, much more significantly, how many of them do I require? Lawn edgers and also string leaners are 2 commonly acquired and also confused lawn treatment devices.

There is a distinction between a lawn edger and also a weed wacker! They each have a unique style as well as purpose to help your yard look its best We’ll look at the differences in between the tools and aid you determine the right tools for your backyard.

What is the distinction between a lawn edger and also a weed wacker?

Lawn edgers and also weed wackers do look a whole lot alike! It is easy to see why they often get confused. Although they look alike, they have really various objectives.

A lawn edger is made to create unique border lines in a yard. It has an upright blade developed to cut via grass as well as grass. A weed wacker uses a string to cut locations that can’t be gotten to with a bulky lawn mower.

What is a lawn edger

What is a lawn edger

A lawn edger is additionally occasionally called a side leaner. While it looks really comparable to a weed eater, it does a different work.


A edger can help you accomplish those nice, crisp boundary lines between the sidewalks, flowerbeds, as well as your lawn Gradually, grass will expand over borders and also look untidy. Routine bordering provides the backyard a neat look.


A lawn edger is made up of a vertical spinning blade connected to a handle. The revolving blade actions along the sides of the grass to trim away disordered thatch. There is normally a leading wheel alongside the blade.


A edger is not required for the health and wellness of your lawn, however it can absolutely make your lawn appearance terrific! Utilize an edger to tidy up the yard lines along the borders of the driveway, pathways, patio areas, as well as flower beds.

If your version has a guide wheel, area it along the side you intend to cut. Run the edger down the border line. Scoop the cut lawn later. You now have a neat-looking edge to your lawn

Kinds of edgers

As with most lawn devices, there are a great deal of available alternatives when you’re going shopping for a edger Consider how several sides you have in your backyard. If you have a lot of job to do, consider buying a heavy-duty, gas-powered edger

Manual edger

A hands-on edger is the least costly alternative! While you may be spending less money, you will likewise be developing even more of a sweat with a hands-on model. These are best for tiny areas. Hands-on lawn edgers been available in a step edger style or a rotary style.

Electric edger

A corded edger is powered by power via an electric cord. Cordless lawn edgers are also available and also are powered off of rechargeable battery packs. An electrical edger won’t take as much muscle mass power as a hand-operated design, is easy to utilize and charge.

An electrical edger does require either cords or a battery pack. It might be a problem to run cables throughout the backyard to power your edger Battery packs can lack cost in mid trim, too.

Gas edger

If you have a large lawn with a great deal of landscape design, a gas edger might be the appropriate option for you! A gas edger will certainly keep edging a lot longer than an electrical design. This is the most effective alternative readily available. Handheld gas edgers can be heavy to lug about.

Have a look at this effective stroll behind gas edger

What is a weed wacker?

What is a weed wacker

A weed wacker is known by numerous names! You may hear this handy device described as a string trimmer, leaner, or weed eaters. They are all the exact same point!


A weed wacker is fantastic to make use of in limited rooms! A regular lawn lawn mowers can not get to every nook and cranny of the yard. Weed wackers are created to cut away yard around fences, rocks, edges of structures, and also trees.


A string trimmer has a revolving head with an item of string line that runs through it. As the head quickly rotates, the string spins as well as cuts via yard and also weeds. The head of the trimmer is linked to a shaft with a take care of.


Weed wackers are straightforward to make use of! Take some crucial safety and security preventative measures before you start it up. The string rotates at an incredibly high speed, so lengthy pants as well as tough, close-toed shoes are advised. Protective eyeglasses can assist maintain your eyes safe from flying turf and also bits. If you have breathing problems, a mask can keep the dirt from your air passages.

See to it the trimmer is full of trimmer line. Lots of weed eaters have a self-feeding mechanism that lets out fresh trimmer line as it wears. Beginning the leaner, and also utilize it after trimming on all the grassy locations the lawn mower can’t reach.

Kinds of trimmers/ weed wackers

Electric string trimmer

Electric leaners are light-weight and perfect for tiny lawns. Corded weed wackers are typically economical, but they are not constantly hassle-free! You may require a number of extension cables to get to the entire yard.

A battery-operated weed wacker is a superb choice if you don’t intend to carry cables around your lawn The batteries might run out of a fee, so it is practical to have an added battery. Electric weed wackers are easy to shop and usage.

Gas powered string trimmer

If you require a little more power for your trimming task, a gas powered leaner is the means to go. These weed wackers are a little extra heavy and long lasting and also have a longer life than an electric leaner. Gas-powered trimmers also normally have a larger cutting swath, making them suitable for big yards.

Electric string trimmer

Exists an edger and also leaner in one?

Combination devices are a terrific alternate to save space as well as occasionally cash! This string leaner as well as edger combination device has an edger attachment as well as a string leaner add-on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several of one of the most regularly asked questions about lawn lawn edgers and weed workers.

Is a weed wacker the very same as a edger

No, a weed wacker and also a edger are different tools created to do various tasks. lawn edger puncture thick grass to create cool border lines. A weed wacker trims long turf that can not be reached with the mower.

Which is better: edger or leaner?

If you have to pick simply one lawn tool, choose a leaner. It is feasible to edge your lawn with a shovel or other device. A leaner, nonetheless, is indispensable to make certain that all your turf obtains cut, also in tough to get to locations. As well as, as you can see in the next inquiry, it is feasible to use a trimmer as an edger

Can I use a string leaner as an edger

Yes, you can utilize a string trimmer as an edger Revolve the head of the leaner to ensure that the guard is encountering up towards you. The leaner head ought to be close to an appropriate angle over the ground. Gradually relocate the leaner along the edge you intend to trim. Easy does it! If you move also rapidly, the yard can look mangled.

Do you truly need a edger

Numerous house owners do not own a lawn edger Nevertheless, a edger is an excellent device to carry hand if you own a large or edge lot with a great deal of pathways. Despite the fact that it is possible to border with a string leaner, a edger will certainly get the job done quicker and with far better accuracy.

Final ideas

String Trimmer

Weed wackers and lawn edgers are not compatible tools. While a string trimmer can be utilized to edge a yard, it may come to be tiresome to do numerous edges by doing this. Examine your backyard care requires to see if you require both tools in order to keep your lawn looking its best

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