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Lawn Edging: the Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Lawn edging is a remarkably uncomplicated job that (when performed appropriately) will set your lawn apart from numerous many others. Acquiring untidy edges to your yard helps make your lawn seem unkempt, even with frequent mowing and correct irrigation and fertilization. The reality is that it does not consider significantly far more hard work to clean up individuals edges and give your lawn a masterful seem. In today’s post I’ll inform you how to do it, the resources and methods you can consider, typical problems to stay away from, and some techniques to strengthen your landscape style and design (and make edging your lawn a lot easier at the similar time)

Let’s get appropriate to it!

Why Edging Your Lawn is Well worth the Hard work

Acquiring clean, crisp borders among your lawn, walkways, sidewalks, and backyard beds will make your lawn seem clean, manicured, and professionally maintained. This a single venture will highlight your landscaping by providing clear borders and separating each and every element of your yard into designated places.

Freshly Edged Front Yard

When you can simply just reduce the grass and turf employing an instrument, there are also beautiful bodily barriers you can use to support in defining the places of your landscape. The designs and methods employed to attain these edges include more fashion to your yard and can improve the curb appeal of your household appreciably

The Fundamentals of Edging a Lawn

Lawn edging is as well delicate of a method to depend solely on your lawn mower. Mowers are as well significant and imprecise to make a clean edge, and anybody who has experimented with to edge along a defined backyard bed with a push mower understands what I’m speaking about.

For frequent upkeep, you will want to get started off the 12 months by re-edging just about every borders of your lawn on your house. This can be a large venture dependent on the dimension of your yard, but it is well worth performing in the spring. If you do, you will simply just want to sustain that edge by trimming it by way of the summertime.

Lawn and Garden Bed Edging

Most lawn grass desires to spread out. It is a survival trait that numerous forms of grass have, and so your lawn will naturally consider to encroach on your walkways and backyard beds during the season

But you are in charge of your grass – your grass is not in charge of you. You are the grass daddy or grass mommy, and like any excellent mother or father – you want to set boundaries for your lawn

It is an excellent concept to eliminate about a half-inch of grass edge from your backyard bed at the starting of the season employing both a half-moon, guide edger or a motorized a single. I personally like to do this job by hand as it offers me far more manage. I have employed this flat spade from Fiskars for many years and very advocate it for the career

Just after your spring edging do the job, servicing during the stability of the season is simple with both a string or stick trimmer (far more on that in a minute)

How to Manually Edge Your Lawn

Initial, you will use the edger to reduce and eliminate the grime to generate a straight, even edge. I like to do this just after it rains, when the soil is soft but not moist. This makes it possible for you to reduce in a lot easier and the soil separates far better for a great clean edge

How to Manually Edge Your Lawn

For improved precision on straight runs, spot a wood plank on the ground (grass side) to use as a cutting guide.

For curves, I advocate that you map out your edges of your backyard bed employing a rubber hose. This rough guide will preserve you on track and ensure that the form of your bed that you define is just how you want it

As you edge your lawn manually reduce in from the grass side, digging a great straight line down and flicking the exposed turf into your backyard bed. When you are completed, be confident to rake all of these clumps of grass up and compost them (really do not depart them to consider root in your backyard)

How to Edge Your Lawn with a Motorized Edger

A motorized edger will reduce by way of the grass far more conveniently, and if you decide on a substantial-finish model you will in all probability get wonderful success. For significant properties with intensive gardens this could possibly be your best selection.

Power Lawn Edger

Based on the form of energy edger you have, you may well nonetheless have to manually eliminate the grime from the trench when you are completed.

If you’re lawn has a broken edge or uneven edge afterwards, really do not be concerned. Use your edger to reduce out a square and rotate it so the flat portion generates the outer edge

Forms of Edgers and Trimmers (and the variation among them)

Numerous men and women imagine that if they very own a string trimmer they can just edge their lawn and backyard beds with that.

Not actually.

A string trimmer is actually an instrument that is made for cutting grass in really hard to attain places (all-around your mailbox, beneath fencing, all-around trees, rock walls, and so forth.). It can be helpful at keeping the edge you reduce all-around your backyard beds with an edger, but it is not an instrument for cutting the edge.

A string trimmer is a necessary lawn care instrument in my viewpoint, but owning a single does not imply you shouldn’t also very own an instrument for edging

The excellent information is that there are a broad assortment of lawn edging resources, and you can obtain a single that operates nicely for your house and your price range with very little advice

I’ll offer that now:

Forms of Lawn Edging Equipment (plus my suggestions)

I’ll cover your edging instrument alternatives right here, starting up with the least high-priced resources and doing work up to the most pricey alternatives

Half-Moon Edgers and Spades

A half-moon edger (like this a single on Amazon ) is inserted into the ground like a spade. Then, the consumer rocks it back and forth to reduce the turf in a straight line. This edging method makes it possible for you to maneuver with ease. I advocate it for tracing curves and other difficult shapes when edging my lawn.

Half Moon Lawn Edger

The similar is accurate with the flat spade I use ( Amazon hyperlink ), except that you simply just reduce your line with a single push of your foot, then move on.

In between the two, I desire the spade. But each resources linked over are in my garage. They are substantial high-quality and simple to take care of, even for novices.

This is the most affordable method and (most importantly) these resources consider upping the least volume of room in your garage or storage shed. That is an actually important high-quality in my see, and it is why I really do not very own any of the other forms of edgers listed right here

Rotary Edgers

A Rotary Edger like this a single on Amazon is an additional guide instrument for lawn edging, but it is far more mechanized than the half-moon edger or a spade. These forms of lawn edgers have a blade connected to a rotary wheel that spins as the consumer pushes it, cutting by way of grime in the method

1 notes – just simply because this has a mechanical component does not imply that it is a lot easier to use than a spade or half-moon edger. In my see it is just the opposite – these guys are an exercise (pleasurable to use, but I imagine they are far better at keeping an edge than they are at cutting a new a single)

Electrical Energy Edgers

The GreenWorks 27032 is a strong electrical edger that matches sturdiness with environmental friendliness (no little-engine emissions for the duration of use)

There is a good deal of alternatives in this group, but I’ve trialed the Greenworks instrument and it does a great career

Fuel Powered Edgers

A mechanical, fuel-powered edger, like the Southland SWLE0799 will reduce significantly far more rapidly than a guide edger. It is an excellent selection if you are physically restricted or have a really significant house with intensive gardens

There are far more high-priced designs than the Southland linked over, and numerous of individuals earn far better testimonials. But for the revenue, this model is in all probability your best bet for a fuel-powered edger to very own as a house owner

String Trimmers and the Part They Perform in Lawn Edging

A trimmer does not have the energy to reduce by way of grime, but they will sustain the clear, crisp edges by cutting the grass the mower can not attain. A guide trimmer, like edging shears, is ideal for smaller sized yards but burdensome with greater tasks.

How to Use a String Trimmer When Edging  Your Lawn

Investing in a string trimmer helps make numerous lawn servicing duties significantly far more manageable. These trimmers are mechanical and powered by both fuel or battery. They will rapidly trim the edges of your lawn to preserve them uniform

It is best to use this just after you finish mowing your lawn to clean up the edges your mower can not deal with. Make confident the blade is dealing with the edge of the walkway, driveway, or backyard bed prior to starting up. Also, be mindful for any obstacles you could possibly experience, like trees, shrubs, or rocks. They can injury the machine.

Your Choices

Smaller sized stick edgers do the job extremely nicely in this capability, due to the fact they trim cleaner edges and are far more forgiving with their precision. String trimmer demands care to preserve the grass height uniform, and the string mechanism does not reduce grass as cleanly. That mentioned, they are priced far more fairly than stick edgers

For each edgers and trimmers, the far more intricate the mechanics, the larger price. This is also accurate for the use of the machine. A fuel-powered edger or trimmer will be louder, heavier, and make smelly exhaust. That mentioned, they have far more energy and can reduce by way of bigger patches of weeds or finish edges far more rapidly on bigger yards

Personally, I very own a Craftsman 20v battery-powered string trimmer I acquired as a present. It operates nicely for my medium-sized house

As generally, when employing products for lawn care, use correct precautions. Make confident to put on extended pants, protective eyewear, and sturdy sneakers though edging and trimming. The blades are frequently exposed with edgers and trimmers, which place toes at even higher possibility.

As with any energy instrument – you want to put on proper clothes and preserve security leading of thoughts when working energy products

Landscape Edging Design and style Strategies

To give your lawn a key to improve and make servicing of your house significantly less complicated, you can set up bodily lawn borders to separate your lawn from backyard beds and walkways.

Order landscape edging merchandise in a community retailer, purchase them on the net, or you can DIY the venture with what ever you have on hand or can obtain for totally free locally.

Landscape and Lawn Edging Design Ideas

Putting in a bodily border at the edge of your lawn or backyard beds will aid to separate your grass from your backyard or other landscaping and define the room. You can set up lawn edging in any form, and (if performed appropriately), the appropriate lawn edging can make servicing of your house far less complicated.

The appropriate bodily barrier at the edge of your lawn can, in numerous scenarios, eliminate the necessity to use a separate trimmer, and even if you do nonetheless want a trimmer, the barrier helps make it so you really do not need as significantly precision, and you will not have to get out your trimmer rather as frequently

Most bodily lawn edging alternatives are both driven into or set up into the soil to turn out to be an element of the ground and landscape. These can be manufactured from stone, brick, wood, metal, or even plastic

In this part of my lawn edging guide I’ll talk about some of the most well-liked alternatives, and offer recommendations about set option and describe why each and every preference may well (or may well not) do the job for you

Let’s get started with..

Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic lawn edging is ordinarily offered as an element of a prepared-to-set up kits (like this a single on Amazon ). It is low-cost, lasts an extended time, and when set up appropriately it does a great career to define one of a kind spaces of your yard and lawn

Installing Plastic Lawn Edging

Plastic lawn edging delivers property owners a good deal of versatility for set option and style and design, due to the fact these merchandise do the job nicely when set up as each straight or curved lawn edges.

Plastic also tends to be a single of the least high-priced alternatives (therefore its recognition).

Your kit will come with interlocking pieces and a bolt to set up them. Merely spot them in their sought after area and use a rubber mallet to bolt the locking pieces into spot. Make confident to sink the edges of the pieces themselves into the ground, as nicely, to mow all-around it far more conveniently and preserve it safe. This also aids to reduce undue injury

1 of the problems with property owners make when putting in plastic lawn edging is leaving the plastic as well substantial, which usually means that your mower blades or string trimmer will frequently pick and chew up the leading surface of the plastic. This rapidly generates a ragged and unpleasant physical appearance which is conveniently prevented by burying the plastic under the sought after height of your lawn grass

My Recommendation: Mow More than Plastic Lawn Edging

You can invest in mow- over plastic lawn edging, which delivers a far better seem and far more ease in my see.

This form of edging has a flat platform on a single side that is broad ample for two wheels of your lawn mower to cruise on leading of. This makes it possible for you to mow the grass along the edging devoid of additional resources or products and prevents injury to your edge from your mower blades

It also saves you from that inevitable lean as you mow along a deep edge as you consider to preserve your wheels from slipping down into the backyard bed and scalping your grass

Plastic edging is a wonderful preference due to its minimal price and simple set option. Having said that, a single disadvantage to this selection is that plastic edging tends to be significantly less sturdy than some other alternatives. You will in all probability want to change it just about every 5 many years or so.

If you have little ones and pets, plastic edging has fewer hazards to be concerned about, even though. It delivers you an assortment of colours and styles and design decisions, from faux-slate in addition to the far more traditional seem of smooth black plastic

Metal Lawn Edging

Metal lawn edging tends to be just as simple to set up as plastic edging. It is sturdy, beautiful, and will final for many years.

You can invest in metal lawn edging kits (like this a single on Amazon ) the similar way you invest in plastic edging kits, and the only resources you will want are a shovel and a rubber mallet to insert your new edging into your yard.

Steel Edging

Most metal lawn edging has a lock-in-pin interlocking method. I like this selection simply because metal edging is far far more robust and will final longer than plastic edging.

I advocate that when putting in your metal lawn edging you depart at least a half-inch of the edging over ground. This will assure your edging is helpful, but it also helps make for invisible borders and simple mowing.

If you want to see your new edging, set up larger

Personally, I really like the seam of metal edging and the patina it earns over times. I like to set up it at the edge of the gravel I have towards my basis for drainage, among the gravel and mulch of my backyard bed, leaving it substantial so it is noticeable and adds some construction to define my backyard beds

Aluminum vs Steel

There are various types of metal edging readily available. The two most typical are manufactured of aluminum and steel.

Aluminum kits (like this a single on Amazon ) tends to be a far more well-liked selection due to the fact aluminum will not rust or oxidize the way steel would. Aluminum alternatives also give a wider array of environmentally aware edging decisions. Considering that aluminum is so conveniently recycled, far more businesses are producing recycled aluminum edging. It is exceptionally simple to set up and comes with the similar corrosion resistance of the non-recycled wide variety. If you are seeking to integrate recycled resources and edge your lawn in an eco-pleasant way, aluminum is a wonderful preference

Steel will rust, so the way it seems at set options will not match the way it seems just after it ages in your landscape, but I really like the patina and colour that it adds to the landscape. You may well detest it – it will come down to your personalized taste

DIY Set up of Metal Lawn Edging

Metal edging is a great selection if you are preparing to set up your edging by yourself but nonetheless want a qualified seem.

You can invest in versatile metal strips to set up if you want to sustain some pure curves inside your backyard.

If you want your household to have a modern day, industrial seem, you can set up weathered steel edging all-around your backyard. It is also ideal if you use a hybrid style and design, like incorporating metal among wooden slats.

Picking steel delivers numerous one of a kind seems, as steel can be galvanized or left to gradually rust and build a pure aged patina.

Steel kits also frequently need no digging, as they can be bolted or pinned into spot from a coil with ease

Many kits, primarily such as the coils, give you a wide variety of sizes and alternatives.

Coils can be offered at up to one hundred-feet in length and these kits can conveniently be reduced and bent to dimension and form employing correct shears (like these on Amazon ).

Other kits are offered in interlocking segments that assortment from four-inch extended pieces, up to 39-inch extended pieces. These are optimum for smaller sized backyard beds and can rapidly be set up all-around your raised backyard bed, planted trees, or along driveways, basis gardens, and walkways

Stone Edging

Your style and design decisions turn out to be limitless extremely rapidly when you decide on to edge with pure stone or concrete pavers.

Stone edging is a beautiful preference that generates a pure, rustic seem and can include dimension to any landscape.

Installing Stone Edging

This selection tends to be far more high-priced, primarily if you are relying on retailer-purchased stone. It has an additional challenge simply because stones are not ordinarily uniform (which is why some men and women decide on to go with pavers rather). That mentioned, regardless of the difficulties, stone edging supplies some of the most remarkable completed success, and the spots in my backyard which have stone perimeters are some of my preferred

Stone Edging Choices – Picking the Suitable 1 for You

There are numerous forms of rocks you can use when you edge with pure stone. Cobblestone and river rock are just a handful of examples.

Normal stone is high-priced, but it is also exceptionally sturdy. The challenge is coordinating the varied sizes of rocks to supply the overall performance and the seem you want. This challenge turns into even far more substantial if you decide on bigger rocks.

You can set up them into the ground employing concrete, but they are just as beautiful as an overground rock wall barrier

To set up the rocks into the ground, dig a trench along the border of your backyard or walkway, and fill it with both gravel or sand. This makes it possible for you to make confident the stones are degrees with each and every other, and improves drainage.

Following, set your stones and apply dry concrete or a polymeric sand among the stones, spray with a hose, and enable it to set

Wood Edging

Employing wooden edging is significantly less typical in American landscapes, but it can be a wonderful, low-cost materials to decide on, providing warmth and pure seem that you can not attain with any other materials

Wood Lawn Edging

Wood is a far more price helpful, significantly less sturdy selection, and a single that generates a lovely, rustic (or modern day, dependent on the set option) seem at your lawn ‘s borders.

You can invest in taken care of landscape timbers at any box retailer for beneath $seven per 8 foot timber. These can be positioned all-around your lawn and backyard beds flush with the turf of your lawn and set in a spot with galvanized landscaping spikes, producing some low-cost mow- over lawn edging

If you desire a far more vertical seem, you can reduce landscape timbers and spot them at the border of your lawn vertically, creating it simple to generate graceful curves that seem beautiful. Of program you can also purchase pre-manufactured wood edging kits like this cedar selection on Amazon for beneath $twenty , but if you are helpful you can typically DIY your wood edging for significantly less revenue than you would commit on a kit (and get the actual seem you want)

Edging Garden Beds with Wood

Wood will offer you the similar volume of inventive freedom as stone, due to the fact you can differ the heights of your spokes for decoration. If your lawn has curves to it, wooden edging can conveniently be made all-around them

Do not restrict your contemplating to just wood, or just stone, both. You can combine and match your style and design by employing wooden spokes or timbers with stones positioned in among for accents

Concrete Edging

Employing concrete to comprehensive your lawn edging is in all probability the most sturdy and long lasting of your alternatives. It also can be uncomplicated (even if it is really hard to do the job) to set up by yourself, creating it a low-cost preference.

Mow Over Concrete Lawn Edging

A house owner with some working experience in the DIY arena can generate beautiful concrete edging in a weekend with some really hard, do the job and mindful preparing. With qualified aid, or far more hard work, you can generate even far more lovely success with concrete

How I Suggest Putting in Concrete Edging

The initially job to set up concrete edging is to dig a trench along the border you want to fill. For the most uncomplicated set option, spot sand or gravel at the base of the trench and then fill the room with pre-mixed mixed concrete. Trowel it smooth, and spot river rock or other decorative stones into the concrete though it is nonetheless moist if you want to include far more depth and texture.

River Rock in Concrete Edging

This generates a ground-degree barrier that can be conveniently on over, creating your weekly or bi-weekly mowings a breeze in the scorching summertime months ahead.

Personally, when putting in concrete lawn edging in this method, I really like to spot little decorative stone or glass in the concrete in advance of the concrete dries

This can generate really beautiful, qualified seeking style and design that will set your yard apart and make lawn servicing simple. It is also exceptionally sturdy and will not shift over times or rot. Include to this the truth that concrete is actually low-cost, and you have received a good deal of good reasons to tackle this venture if you are not afraid of some really hard to do the job

Brick Edging

Brick is an additional rustic, pure selection that offers a far more classic seem. If you have a brick household, a prominent brick chimney, or red tones in your household or landscape, putting in brick along your lawn edges could possibly be the best investment you could make

Brick Edging

Buying ample brick is rather the investment, and it does need some expertise about brick laying and masonry to do the set up by yourself, so you may well want to believe in a qualified with this venture.

The concepts of putting in brick lawn edging are very similar to individuals essential to set stone.

You create a trench to fill with gravel and include a layer of concrete. Then you set up a brick in a pre-established pattern. You can set up them side by side in a classic pattern, both vertically or horizontally, or alternate for a perpendicular style and design.

Brick operates wonderful irrespective of whether it is flush with the ground (a lot easier to mow over) or raised (noticeable at a distance).

Suggestions to Stretch Your Dollar on Brick Edging

Stretch your price range with brick by getting open to doing work with merchandise that has a brick-like physical appearance.

Brick pavers (manufactured of concrete), are an outstanding preference if you are on a tight price range and want the seem of brick. Concrete pavers have the benefit of getting far more sturdy than normal bricks and they will not break down as rapidly.

Installing Brick-Like Paver Lawn Edging

Just like normal brick, you can set up pavers along curves and other uncommon shapes.

There are also mow- over style and design variations employing bricks that seem fantastic. You can attain a lovely, practical seem by putting a layer of brick degree with the ground alongside the raised edging, and incorporating a row of bricks vertically towards the backyard bed.

This makes it possible for you to mow along the brick edging though nonetheless getting ready to take pleasure in the seam of your brick edge from the street

Ultimate Ideas About Edging Your Lawn

Regardless of whether you set up a bodily barrier or use a lawn edging instrument to reduce a distinct edge in your lawn to separate your grass from backyard beds and walkways, lawn edging will set your lawn apart and give it a lovely, qualified seem.

When numerous lawn services companies give lawn edging (and some include things like it as an element of their normal practice) I feel that with a very little practice any house owner can consider on this career.

Regardless of whether you come to a decision on frequent upkeep with an edger and string trimmer, or you set up bodily edging to reduce down on servicing time, edging your lawn will offer a sense of pride over your yard that is well worth the investment

Means to Make improvements to the Seam of Your Lawn Backyard Edging

The standard concepts of edging a lawn or backyard bed are uncomplicated, but there are numerous techniques you can even more customize your edging.

1 wonderful (and low-cost) way to improve the seam of your house is to set up lighting along pathways and backyard beds

Consider Adding Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape and Lawn Edges

Not only does this seem wonderful, it increases visibility and security on your house.

As well frequently property owners target on what their house seems like for the duration of the day and disregard its physical appearance at evening. Investing in some solar-powered landscape lights (I have this set along my front walkway) can make your really hard to do the job pops 24/ 7.

Place Your Stamp on Your Yard

Lawn edging is the ideal possibility to place your style and design stamp on your yard. The broad array of alternatives you have lets you decide on the ideal style and design to match your household. You really do not have to be a landscape designer to decide on a wonderful seeking border, both. Any person can do it!

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Crisp Lawn Edges

The set option of edging may well be uncomplicated, but your style and design choices are countless, creating putting in edging a pleasurable weekend venture.

You can use a clean, traditional seem with low-cost plastic edging. Stone, brick, and wood edging supplies warmth and texture to the landscape that seems lovely with a colonial or outdated-fashion household. Metal edging will generate a modern day or industrial style and design.

And you really do not have to decide on just a single selection!

When you combine and match your decisions the success frequently get even far better. Do not restrict by yourself in terms of materials both. Anything at all you obtain can be integrated into your style and design. Some of the most lovely lawn and backyard edges I’ve encountered are made with discovered objects and salvaged resources employed in an inventive way

This is your possibility to improve the lovely lawn you have been doing work so really hard to attain. Do not be afraid to consider probabilities when deciding on bodily lawn edging for your house

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