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Lawn Equipment to Pick Up Acorns Full Guide of 2023

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Oak trees are, without a doubt, a magnificent addition to your lawn. While they provide a beautiful canopy to your lawn, they require your extra efforts and lawn equipment to pick up acorns acorns.  

Though the foliage with tons of acorns scattered on the grass is often attractive for squirrels and birds, it is more of a nuisance for homeowners.  And that is why many homeowners consider cleaning up acorn a hectic and lengthy process.

If you live in an area where acorns come heavily with the fall, you need more than the best lawn rollers to keep the landscape clean and green. In short, you need the best lawn equipment to pick up acorns.

Don’t worry if you have no idea which is the best tool to pick up an acorn.  Here we have enlisted the best tools or acorn collectors for your yard.

Whether you choose an acorn rake or any other acorn pick-up tool, the given options will help you keep the landscape looking its best. However, before cluttering your lawn, check out some reasons why picking up acorns is essential.

Why You Should Buy Lawn Equipment to Pick Up Acorns

You might feel tempting sometimes to leave the tiny nuts in the lawn without any cleaning. Here are some reasons why you should avoid that.

· Pests

Many animals love acorns as they make their favorite food. If you don’t invest in an acorn collector, the wildlife will feed it off.  It may be cute deer and chipmunks or could also mean less desirable creatures like possums and rodents.

· Harmful Food Source

It is worth mentioning that raw nuts and acorns contain tannins in large quantities. It makes them unpleasant and bitter to eat. Also, nuts containing tannins can be harmful to animals or humans. 

· Human Danger  

Leaving acorns scattered on the ground or sidewalk can pose a danger to passer bys.  If you don’t want to pick acorns, consider cleaning the place where traffic is heavy.

· Lawn Damage 

If your lawn has an excessive amount of acorns, it may smother the yard. The hard layer prevents your yard from receiving the nutrients it needs to grow. A lawn that doesn’t receive proper nutrients has dead grass and many unsightly areas.

If this happens you’ll want your lawn to spread quickly.

· No Curb Appeal 

Let’s be real no one likes a yard or lawn littered with acorns. They make the lawn look dirty, messy, and undesirable. That is why it is important to think if a lawn with acorns scattered everywhere adds to your yard’s appearance in any way.  


Lawn Equipment to Pick Up Acorns

Acorn Picker Upper

acorn picker upper

An acorn picker-upper is typically a nut-roller and is way more efficient than a garden weasel.  An acorn picker-upper collects tiny nuts in the roller that rotates. It comes with a built-in sweeper that pushes the nuts forward. The sweeper dispenses the nuts or acorns automatically in the basket from the picker or roller. 

Editor’s choice: The best option to pick up acorns

An acorn picker-upper is typically a nut-roller and is way more efficient than a garden weasel. An acorn picker-upper collects tiny nuts in the roller that rotates. It comes with a built-in sweeper that pushes the nuts forward. The sweeper dispenses the nuts or acorns automatically in the basket from the picker or roller. 

Take a look at some of the best equipment to pick up or collect acorns from your yard. The given tools are effective at decreasing acorns on the lawn.

When the basket is full, the roller empties it quickly for the roller to pick up more acorns. We recommend you buy a 12-inch model or large pull-behind model. You can also consider buying smaller picker-uppers that are more affordable. Although they are good for grass clippings, many people think that it is effective for collecting acorns on the surface.

It is not a low-priced option, but something reasonable if you want to clean up a significant quantity of nuts.

Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweeper for acorns

Do you have a lawnmower? If yes, then you can buy a yard sweeper to turn it into a tool to collect acorns. Use this effective tool to follow along with your riding mower that collects debris like twigs, leaves, and acorns. You may use a scooping action or a suction device to do the task, depending on your purchase type.

Leaf Blower

leaf blower equipment to pick up acorn

Have you thought of buying a leaf vacuum to pick up acorns?

Interestingly, you can either purchase or rent a vacuum. Typically, it is a tool to collect the leaves but may be effective equipment to collect acorns. A small motor powers the machine and sucks up the material or debris in the attached small bag.  

However, before you buy or rent the machine, you need to make sure that the vacuum machine is powerful enough to pick up acorns. It is better to invest in a vacuum with a heavy-duty suction motor.  It will not have any problem handling the acorns’ weight.  

Admittedly, it is a time-consuming process if you’ve loads of acorns.  You need 2 to 3 hours if you need to suck up acorn individually. Many homeowners use a rake as an acorn pick tool and collect the nuts in a pile. Then they suck them to make the whole process a bit easier.

Of course, it is important to verify that you can use the vacuum outside and around wet terrain. The machine or leaf vacuum may vary in terms of heavy-duty motor and power. That is why you should ask a store representative that the vacuum has the power to suck up acorns.

Some vacuums only suck dry leaves and leave the nuts and acorns, along with heavier debris.

Nut Gatherer

Nut gatherer tool to pick acorns

The manual device comprises a cage and long pole that roll along the surface of the yard. It passes over minute objects like acorns, collecting them inside a small basket and emptying it once full. A nut gatherer generally long handles equipment that many lawn owners use for disposable or lawn waste containers.

Commonly referred to as the garden weasel, it is one of the most sought-after options to collect acorns.

Commonly referred to as the garden weasel, it is one of the most sought-after options to collect acorns.

You can use this lawn equipment to pick up apples, pecans, and other items. In fact, if you don’t want to bend over excessively while working in the yard, a nut gatherer is the best. 

However, the major downside of this equipment is that it doesn’t collect a large number of acorns. It might take hours to empty even the small basket it fills.

Additionally, it takes plenty of rolls over the acorns to assemble them. It is better to shovel and rake the acorns first or use a faster method if you need to collect many acorns. But you can buy the larger version of nut gatherer or weasel.

Acorn Rake

acorn rake 2

Simple yet effective, raking acorns is a traditional method you might have seen many people using for collecting accords. The method is great for smaller jobs. It helps you gather or collect the acorns into o piles. You can then scoop out with the help of a shovel or hands.


The reason many homeowners prefer using a rake is that it is easy to work with.

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All you need is to choose the largest acorn rake you have to rake the nuts in a pile. Once collected, scoop them and place them in a waste bag.

In lieu of working with a shovel, consider using a pair of leaf scoops. Leaf scoop is a giant hand extender that comes with claws and allows the users to pick up hefty quantities of waste with their hands.  

However, the only downside of using acorn rake is that it may also collect grass in its wake.

Power Broom

power broom 2

The idea of using a power broom to get rid of acorns might seem bizarre, but it works. The broom precisely doesn’t pick up nuts but moves them efficiently.

In fact, using a power broom for acorn collection makes a solid option when you want to push them off the house into areas like woods.

A high-powered power broom quickly moves acorns and other wreckage.


tarps as equipment to pick up acornstarps 1 2

How about using large size tarps under the trees to gather the acorns?  

This might sound like an outdated idea to get the job done, but it’s actually quite an effective equipment to use to pick up acorns. Use tarps according to the size of Oak trees you have.  Lay a series of tarps under the trees (on the ground).  You may shake or manipulate the limbs or branches to drop the nuts and acorns. 

You can then fold the tarps and empty them into a big container. You can also sweep or rake acorns into piles and dispose of them in a compost bin and green waste.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, having a large number of acorns in your yard may have tons of effects on your lawn health. The nuts often sprout in the wrong places and cause seeds to grow where they shouldn’t.  Plus, too many acorns in your yard may impede grass growth and cause injury if you step on them. Thus, the equipment mentioned above can help your pick up acorns easily and keep your yard clean.

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