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Makita Uc4051a Electric Chainsaw Review (2023)

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You’ve made a decision that you require a new electric chainsaw You began to investigate the leading models and also rapidly discover that there hundreds of different chainsaw versions to select from.

Fortunately is that I’ve done every one of the effort as well as study for you here.

If you’re in the market for an outstanding electric chainsaw with a wealth of additional functions, then you’ll be happily surprised to learn what the Makita UC4051A has to offer.

Review on to locate around more the benefits and drawbacks of this Editor’s Choice version!


  • The built-in existing limiter protects the Makita electric motor from burnout by minimizing the amount of power offered to the electric motor when the chainsaw is strained.
  • The chainsaw has an optimum FPM speed of 2,900, which offers effective cutting and cutting.
  • The automatic chain oiler offers continual, durable cutting.


  • The area of the oil tank makes it challenging to load conveniently.
  • The 1-year warranty offered by Makita is not as lengthy as those of other equivalent manufacturers.


  • The chain and blade adjustment system on this chainsaw does not need to use any type of devices.
  • The cushioned deal with grips are created to decrease individual exhaustion.
  • Makita offers a 1 year, minimal service warranty on each chainsaw offered.
  • The extra-large trigger switch supplies smooth start-up.
  • The oil reservoir has a large viewing window, so customers can quickly see just how much oil is in the storage tank.


Considering that its debut, the Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw has actually constantly delighted in beautiful professional as well as customer created evaluations.

Out of the box, buyers will certainly discover that this version retains a fairly conventional layout. There are no new surprises there. The chainsaw weighs in at 15.7 extra pounds, which ought to place in the “wieldable” classification for a lot of customers. This model is corded- electric


Chainsaw modifications for this model do not need the usage of any kind of devices, as well as Makita enthusiasts will certainly see that both the oil pump and also the outside style have been improved and enhanced over the layout of this chainsaw ‘s predecessor (the Makita UC4030A).

Contrasted to the prior version, the UC4051A has fresh air vent designs, an improved chain adjustor, and also changing dial modifications.

Electric motors

At the body and soul of the UC4051A is a powerful, 15 amp Makita motor.

The Makita motor is of an all new style that can not currently be found in any kind of various other chainsaw

90% of this chainsaw ‘s performance worth depends on the sheer quantity of power the electric motor offers. To adjust to the power of the electric motor, the tough framework had actually been built with a light-weight as well as flexible metal.


The hand grips of the chainsaw have actually been well-padded, however the rubberized coating does refrain as much to reduce vibration as one could anticipate it to. It would certainly have behaved to see Makita invest more time into developing better anti-vibration technology, however given that the quantity of resonances produced by the motor is not overwhelming, it is still bearable.

Tool-Free Adjustment System

The tool-free change system for the blade and chain tensioning is one function that is particularly interesting customers.

As opposed to needing to bring extra devices with you out into the area, all you’ve obtained to do to tweak and readjust the chainsaw is to simply turn a knob. The functional designs of the chainsaw ‘s design are decent, yet absolutely nothing to compose house concerning.

In general, this is a fairly straightforward model, that makes it perfect for newbies and also intermediate individuals.

Safety and security

In terms of safety and security, nitty-gritty here is low kickback.

Additionally, this chainsaw flaunts an anti-burnout component that carefully regulates the amount of current moving to the engine. If the chainsaw comes to be strained under heavy strain, the component will immediately minimize the quantity of existing mosting likely to the electric motor. This capability protects and also lengthens the total lifespan of the chainsaw

New users will wish to guarantee that they very carefully reviewed the user’s manual in order to make sure that all of the settings are properly established up.


In addition to a 1-year warranty from the supplier, Makita likewise supplies a 30 day, cash back guarantee.

It is worth mentioning that Makita’s warranty as well as refund guarantee will certainly be invalidated if specific problems are broken.

Thanks for Reading!

For the grass treatment enthusiast, the Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw will certainly be a desire happened.

With hundreds of these Makita power saws having actually been marketed, this model is plainly a consumer fave.

Customers like the mix of simplicity and also large power. The adaptability supplies an additional aspect of enjoyment. Since it is a premium design, it does feature a greater cost, yet in our point of view, it is well worth the added cost!

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