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The Best Tools to Measure Lawn Size Online (2022)

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Recognizing your specific lawn size will certainly suggest you know exactly just how much grass seed, plant food, pre-emergent, lime, as well as other products you require to spread in each area of your lawn That conserves you cash by offering your lawn all the nutrients it needs without losing anything. Measuring your lawn might appear complicated or difficult, yet there are ways to measure lawn size online that will streamline the job and also assist you guarantee you’re using the appropriate quantity of product to maintain your lawn healthy and also environment-friendly.

That stated, it can still be perplexing for lawn treatment novices who are unsure where to begin.

In this post, I’ll review a few of the best tools to measure lawn size that you can find online At the end, I’ll let you understand which device I take into consideration to be the best as well as most effective for you to try (good information, it’s cost-free!).

Allow’s start.

Why You Should Measure Your Lawn

Whenever you get a bag of item for your lawn, you will see that it mentions roughly just how much square video of ground it will be able to cover.

Online Tools to Measure Lawn Size

That’s fantastic, yet only if you know what size your lawn in fact is … otherwise you’re presuming.

It’s important that you buy adequate item to cover your lawn, yet over-applying can melt your yard or alter your soil’s chemistry in such a way that can permanently harm your lawn

Gauging your lawn in advance of time enables you to get right (as well as conserve a 2nd trip to the store), as well as use right (guaranteeing you’re cutting costs and not losing item or harming your lawn).

4 Reliable Tools to Measure Size Lawn Online

The 4 online lawn size measurement tools I like as well as recommend you to try are:

  • Measure My Lawn
  • Google Maps
  • Planimeter, and also
  • Global Syn-Turf.

I’ll discuss exactly how each job as well as which I like most (and also why) below.

Measure My Lawn

Measure My Lawn - an Online Lawn Measurement Tool

This online device allows you promptly as well as easily calculate your lawn ‘s square video. This is achieved via using satellite maps from Google.

If you’re planning a lawn care therapy or major task, like laying brand-new turf, Measure My Lawn is a useful device that allows you to rapidly measure the square video of different sections of your building so you recognize specifically how much product you’ll require for each and every component of your lawn

Measure My Lawn is likewise cost-free to use, which I like.

Google Maps

How to Use Google Maps to Measure Your Lawn

Did you know you can use the distance measuring function in Google Maps to measure the size of your lawn To do this, you simply need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Initially, look up the residential or commercial property address on Google Maps to bring up a bird’s eye view of your land.
  • Afterwards, choose a beginning point. You can do this by right-clicking on the point where you ‘d like to start.
  • After that select Measure Distance. You can currently use clicks to map around the location of your lawn that you intend to measure, utilizing the left button on your computer mouse.
  • Maintain doing this till you are back at the beginning factor. If it’s especially important for you to obtain a truly specific analysis, you’re able to add additional marks after you are done with this.
  • Next, you can change the type. Click on the determining line at any kind of point, and also then move the mark.

When you have done all of this, review the info about locations size It will also provide the range or length of the line that is pulled in.

The worth you are offered will certainly offer a general image of the quantity of border wire you’ll need for your task, if that is needed.

Utilizing Google Maps in this means figuring out the size of your lawn is specifically useful. It’s necessary for people who are intending to utilize a robotic lawn mower.


Planimeter online lawn size measurement tool

Planimeter is a device for measuring field area and land surveying. With this device, you will be able to measure perimeter, distance, angle, bearing, as well as also GPS collaborates, if you need them. You will certainly have the ability to watch these qualities in a range of styles on Google Maps. With Planimeter, you’ll have the ability to save, label, edit, as well as see your measurements. You can additionally share them as screenshots and also KML data documents.

Planimeter is popular with garden enthusiasts as a result of how it makes it simple landscape preparation, lawn cutting and also general treatment, grass seeding, and fence. It is simple to download as well as use. It comes with a little fee of $ 2. 9 9.

Worldwide Syn-Turf

Global Syn-Turf Lawn Measurement Tool

With the International Syn-Turf application , you can measure not only your lawn however likewise points as small as your deck or patio area. Like various other apps, you can utilize this set on any type of desktop, laptop computer, tablet, or cell phone.

This application can be downloaded and install and utilized totally free, as well as you can utilize it as commonly as you such as. It’s also possible to conserve your details on file, so you can refer back to it later.

In my experience this application is intuitive and also very easy to use. All you need to do is provide your address and also after that show your lawn on a Google map. Once you’ve done that, you’ll discover the size of your great deal (or smaller sub-sections of your lawn (like the front lawn, the garden, the side lawn, etc) on the screen. I like that it’s possible for you to outline a number of different locations of your building because of this … I always discover it easier to use product to areas of your lawn vs. the entire lawn all at as soon as with one receptacle of item.

The Global Syn-Turf app allows you to look for endless addresses and you have to gain unrestricted access to. You don’t even have to join to make use of the application, which I like also.

My Pick for the Best Tool to Measure Size Lawn Online

When it pertains to comfort as well as simplicity of use, the Global Syn-Turf app checks all the boxes for me, and also it’s my favored tool out of the 4 I’ve noted right here.

Measure Lawn Size

Google Maps is probably a close 2nd, and it’s worth noting that none of the other applications would certainly function without the Google Maps API.

With exactly how swiftly Google is improving all of their tools for individuals, it wouldn’t be unexpected to me if it ends up being the best tool of the bunch really soon, however, for currently attempt the Global Syn-Turf app totally free I assume you’ll find it handy.

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