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Milorganite Vs Scotts (Which is Really Best for Your Lawn? 2023)

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Many homeowners who care for their lawn understand about Milorganite as well as Scotts. They are both quite possibly understood brand names worldwide of grass treatment and each firm provides high quality products to target different concerns that one might deal with when preserving their yards. Among these products, both Scotts and Milorganite have their very own plant food programs which aim to maximize grass health and wellness, and also in today’s Milorganite vs Scotts write-up I’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks of using each product on your grass, why you may select one over an additional, and more.

To be a lot more particular, I will be comparing the solutions and also treatments of the popular Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program, to the Milorganite Fertilizer program (which I advise you to apply 4 times each year for optimum results).

By the end of the article you ought to feel great regarding which fertilizer program will ultimately be far better for your yards and understand why it will function well for you.

Allow’s solve into it.

Milorganite vs Scotts (brand product information)

Prior to we contrast Scotts 4-Step to Milorganite in terms of their composition and effectiveness, allow’s experience a short background as to what each product is and also what each brand needs to provide.

An Overview of Milorganite and Scotts Products, How They are Manufactured, and How They Work


Milorganite Logo Transparent

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District producers Milorganite plant food Their key emphasis is creating plant food in a lasting and environment-friendly fashion, which I love.

Milorganite is a brand name that participated in one of the nation’s oldest reusing efforts, and also they have the ability to refine sewer and develop a risk-free and also reliable slow-release plant food that you can utilize on your grass, flowers, and also in your edible gardens with terrific outcomes.

Milorganite is a natural product that turns sewage waste from the city of Milwaukee into some of the best natural lawn fertilizer you’ll find on the marketplace.


Scotts Logo Transparent

A wide variety of gardening as well as yard treatment products live under the umbrella of the Scotts Lawn Care brand. This consists of Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Scotts is a leading producer for lawn treatment items varying from grass seeds and plant foods, to a range of various grass tools such as broadcast spreaders (which you possibly find out about) and also lawn mowers and various other power tools (which you may not recognize about yet).

Among their most well-recognized products is the Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program. The Program offers 4 distinct plans that, when used because order, can produce amazing outcomes for your grass.

Scotts items are prominent in big part due to their accessibility, as well as the millions they spend yearly on advertising. You’ll see Scotts items in equipment as well as big box stores, and also they’re additionally readily available online.

House owners like the Scotts 4-Step program since it takes the uncertainty out of yard care. It’s an excellent selection for home owners who wish to improve their yard as well as being not very certain concerning staying organic.

Milorganite vs Scotts 4 Step (formulas application)

Both brands use various solutions, ratios, and have different application techniques in regards to how to disperse their lawn fertilizer items.

This consists of both application price, and application schedule.

I’ll get involved in the details here so you can begin to obtain a feeling regarding which may work better with your ways of living.


As I mentioned previously, Milorganite usages microbes to supply plants and also dirt with the nutrients they need.

Milorganite vs Scotts Comparison

Basically, the product is what’s left when its maker takes waste as well as recycled water, removes any type of severe pollutants, as well as putting the microbes in the water in order to soak up the nutrients from the water.

The microorganisms are pushing to do away with excess water. Finally, the manufacturer heat-treats them to kill any germs so it’s risk-free to use on your grass and in your yards.

It’s a slow-release plant food with some Iron (which helps your lawn attain a dark green color when applied). This suggests that it’s a fertilizer you can use without threat of melting areas of your yards or eliminating your lawn, also if you spill a little or apply greater than you should.

In this method it’s practically a fool-proof alternative that will give you excellent outcomes, assured.

Application Schedule Efficacy

Similar to many fertilizers, Milorganite ought to be used on your yards regarding 4 times in a year. I have a post which details when you ought to apply Milorganite depending upon where you live.

Unlike other fertilizers, Milorganite really deal with the climate condition, the plant problems, as well as the already existing problems of your soil.

Is Going Organic with Milorganite Better for Your Family, Pets, and Community?

Because Milorganite is sluggish launch, there are no warranties that you will certainly see results right now. Synthetic, man-made fertilizers offer you fast outcomes because they are quickly easily accessible to lawn. Essentially synthetic fertilizers feed your yard, and natural plant foods feed your soil.

When you use Milorganite you’re playing the long video game. You’ll see greener, stronger yard in a couple of weeks, however in a couple of years the outcomes of regular application can be absolutely amazing.

This is because Milorganite starts to manage with your dirt and only launches nutrients when the roots need them.

Certain temperatures and dampness degrees activate this. When your grass starts to need food, Milorganite exists to feed your turf.

Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program

The Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program is precisely what the name requires, a 4-step plant food and herbicide plan that is made to feed your grass, block your weeds, and take the choices out of grass treatment so you can just appreciate your lawn.

Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program

Each action in the program has different active ingredients and also offers various purposes to target different troubles that are usual among homeowners, as well as they have actually different items tailored to different components of the country (as an example, there’s a 4-step program for southern lawns, the pacific northwest, and so on).

Nutrients typical amongst all 4 steps consist of the big 3: nitrogen, phosphorus, as well as potassium.

The 4 actions consist of:

  1. Crabgrass Preventer
  2. Weed Control
  3. Yard Food with 2% iron
  4. Fall Lawn food

Each action is to be applied at the right time of year in your locations to see the complete results of the program.

Action 1: Crabgrass Preventer

Scotts Step 1: Crabgrass Preventer

Step 1 of the Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program is a crabgrass preventer. Crabgrass is a verdant weed that stretches out as well as growing side to side, surrounding your turfgrass.

By utilizing Step 1, the germination and development of crab grass can be protected against.

Apply Step 1 between the months of February and April (your local weather conditions and also season timing will dictate what day is ideal for you).

Usually, this action should be applied when the temperature is still under 80 levels Fahrenheit (very early springtime, prior to yearly crabgrass seeds start to germinate from warmer temperatures).

Step 2: Weed Control

Scotts Step 2: Weed Control

While crabgrass can be prevented by utilizing Step 1, there are other weeds that can sprout after the spring season.

These consist of dandelions and also various other broadleaf weeds.

Apply Step 2 4-6 weeks after Step 1. This product consists of the addition of grass food to support faster development of healthy yard in your yards.

This combination of fertilizer and also weed therapy is routinely called “weed and feed” in the market.

Action 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron

Scotts Step 3: Lawn Food with Iron

Step 3 of the Scotts program is a “mid-season increase” for grass.

This plant food item from Scotts adds added stamina to your yards and also stops yellowing of lawn in the summer heat with the 2% iron (you’ll identify that technique from Milorganite, which includes 2. 5% iron in every bag).

In order to combat drought as well as heat, this action ought to be used throughout the pet dog days of summer.

Tip 4: Fall Lawn Food

Scotts Step 4: Fall Lawn Food

This is the last increase to deal with weeds, dry spell, and heat after the yard has been strengthened.

It additionally will certainly offer your grass what it requires to maintain itself with inactivity over the winter months.

Feeding your lawn in the fall can strengthen it, allowing your lawn ahead back solid the complying with spring.

This action must be used after an extra 4-6 weeks, in very early loss.

Which Costs More? Milorganite or Scotts 4-Step

A 32 extra pound bag of Milorganite is created to offer 2, 500 square feet of coverage for your grass. So most buildings will need multiple bags per application.

The Scotts 4-Step Program is available in a 4-bag set that is sized for little (5, 000 square feet), medium (10, 000 square feet) or huge (15, 000 square feet) lawns.

Scotts vs Milorganite

You can make use of one of these on the internet tools to gauge your yard square videos and also establish exactly how much you’ll need to order of each item and also do a real rate contrast for your properties.

The Scotts 4 Step Program has a tendency to be a little more affordable throughout a period in my experience, but your gas mileage might vary depending upon regional costs (if you attempt to obtain the items independently from local stores vs ordering online).

Milorganite vs Scotts– Can I Use Them Together?

It’s been claimed before (by me, as well as others) that lawn treatment is not “one size fits all.” There are numerous efficient approaches that help various yards.

It’s essential to understand that your lot is a microclimate that is special. Nobody else has your precise sunlight and also color problems, your exact grass, weather condition problems, soil composition, and so on.

Efficient yard care is really concerning learning your yards’s composition as well as demands. Pay attention, examination your dirt each year (I utilize this package from Amazon for my yard). With time, you’ll discover what works best for your lawn.

Is Milorganite or Scotts Better for My Lawn?

Both Milorganite and Scotts are terrific brands for lawn care, so why not use both?

Well, one important variable to note is that there is such a thing as over-fertilization.

The last point you wish to do is spend cash on plant food and wind up burning or eliminating your lawn. If your lawn has a lot of nitrogen, the last point you wish to invest money on is a lot more nitrogen fertilizer. Your cash may be better invested in an Iron supplement to environment-friendly up your healthy lawns.

Way too much of a solitary product is seldom ever great. But what you can do is utilize Milorganite plant food with one of the weed prevention products under the Scotts 4-step plant food program. This method you’re going natural and distribution of a healthy and balanced, slow-release product to feed your lawn. The herbicides you use will certainly be effective and tested to function from Scotts line of products.

This will permit you to target details concerns such as crabgrass and other weeds. You’ll likewise fuel the soil that your lawn requires to make it through with an environmentally friendly organic product.

Simply bear in mind the seasons as well as when you must be applying to each product.

And if you’re applying Milorganite and also a Scotts pre-emergent at the exact same time, make two separate passes with your spreaders. In this manner the coverage is also as well as you can adjust the setups to reflect the dimension of the granules in each item.

The Verdict (is Milorganite or Scotts right for you?)

When I or any person else contrasts Milorganite vs Scotts, please note that neither product misbehaves for your yards. Every one is a quality brand that has made its popularity in the lawn treatment market.

Both Milorganite and also Scotts 4-Step Program have their distinctive benefits. You’ll require to consider those, think about your objectives, and pick which are best for you.

Milorganite or Scotts

If you are searching for a foolproof remedy where you just need to follow the instructions, then the Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program is most likely your best option. This remedy is simple and easy to utilize. It’s preferred for a factor.

Nonetheless, if you are trying to find a natural fertilizer where you can develop and care for your grass from scratch (without having to stress over animals or children playing in your yard), then I advise Milorganite fertilizer for its natural and green make-up.

When it boils down to it, natural compounds are better in terms of caring for the earth, which’s what has actually guided me towards using Milorganite in my backyard. I use it 4 times every year, aerate as well as oversee my yard as well as top-dress it with screened garden compost in the fall, use a pre-emergent in the spring, and I’ve had wonderful outcomes.

But once more– grass care is regarding your spending plans, time, worths, and goals and only you can identify what’s the appropriate choice for you and your lawn.

Ideally this short article has aided you get a little closer to figuring that out.

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