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Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Review (2022)

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“Midnight” turf seed mixes have actually come to be popular in recent times for a selection of reasons.

Not just are they appropriate for multiple applications, however they often tend to grow completely sunlight. This makes these mixtures especially appropriate for fairway, large entertainment parks, as well as various other wide open areas where there might not be much color.

Many Midnight stress yards generate an appealing, dark green hue, and also the thick blades expand close with each other, that makes their shade show up a lot more extreme. It is for these, among several other reasons, why Outsidepride chose to develop their own Midnight stress of grass seed

The recently upgraded Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed contains a variety of seasonal lawn seed, which gets rid of the need to replant lawn season after season.

A 5-pound bag of this turf seed will certainly give protection for between 2, 000 as well as 2, 500 square feet of property. Calling for a minimum quantity of maintenance, this Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass stress is assured to supply a thick green carpeting that is resistant to the results of foot traffic as well as close mowing.

As an included incentive, this specific pressure of Kentucky Bluegrass is drought resistant!


  • The grass’s dark, environment-friendly blue color is cosmetically pleasing.
  • It has an extremely high tiller thickness and also has a great tolerance to shut mowing.
  • Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass has a well-documented resistance to disease.


  • Due to the fact that this grass seed requires full sun, it is not appropriate for all lawns.
  • A tiny portion of clients experienced extreme weed growth after laying this seed down.


  • The Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is a seasonal turf.
  • It needs full sun to thrive.
  • It is cool tolerant and also drought immune.
  • The seeding rate is 2 -3 pounds of seed per every 1, 000 square feet to be seeded.


with all kinds of turf seed, there are a variety of variables that can affect how properly it expands, however it is always worth taking note of consumer testimonials.

The most superior function of the Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed is the beautiful dark, green-blue tone of the lawn. The seed pressures included in this law seed combinations have a very high tiller density.

What this suggests is that the grass develops a thick rug that can stand up well to high website traffic and also various other misuse. This is why it is such a popular option amongst golf links and athletic fields. Due to the fact that it has dwarf growth qualities, household property owners will delight in having a grass that necessitates fewer mowings and a reduced expense of maintenance.

College carried out studies have proven the reality that Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is immune to dry spell as well as heat, and the Outsidepride has a 15-year performance history of tested performance.

Other highlights of this certain lawn seed blend are the reality that it is immune to stem corrosion, buck area, leaf area, and stripe. Completion result is a healthy, strenuous lawn that will remain to look gorgeous season after season.

Like all Bluegrass seed, Outsidepride’s blend will need 2-3 weeks for complete germination; nonetheless, numerous reviewers started to see yard sprout as quickly as 7 to 10 days after seeding.

The lawn ought to develop in about 8 to 10 weeks. The best time to grow this turf is in the very early spring when ground temperature levels are around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and also it does expand well clay-like or sandy dirts. This grass does well with a very little quantity of plant food. Outsidepride does give complete yard preparation and seeding guidelines.

Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed executes best in soil where the pH degrees are between 5. 5 to 8. Therefore, Outsidepride strongly encourages homeowners to have a professional dirt test done on their grass prior to buying their yard seed

One of the most common problem from clients concerning this seed mixture has actually been the fact that it stopped working to germinate, yet the failing to sprout can be attributed to a number of reasons as well as might not be created entirely by the quality of the seed

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For vast open rooms with an appropriate amount of sunshine, the Outsidepride Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed seems like an excellent option to try.

At best, you will have an impressive, stunning lawn that will certainly have your next-door neighbors “eco-friendly” with envy. At worst, the seed falls short to sprout, yet customers are covered by Outsidepride’s contentment warranty.

If you follow their directions meticulously and also aren’t pleased with the end product, they will reimburse your cash– no doubt asked. It’s a win-win situation around.

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