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Piston Vs Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer: Choosing the Right One (2023)

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Have you been searching for a backpack sprayer for your backyard or garden? With so many backpack sprayers to choose from, choosing one for your demands can be confusing and also difficult.

The majority of landscapers and garden enthusiasts use diaphragm as well as piston backpack sprayers. Though they are both effective and also work well, they operate in different ways and have their own pros and cons.

Allow’s take a better take a look at both sprayers types to establish the best option for you?

What Is the Difference Between a Diaphragm and also Piston Backpack Sprayer?

Diaphragm and piston backpack sprayers practically have the very same use. The primary difference in between them is the kind of pump they make use of. The diaphragm backpack sprayer relies upon a diaphragm pump, while the piston backpack sprayer has a piston pump.

This essential distinction gives each with different toughness and also weak points. Let’s find out more concerning these two sprayers thoroughly to assist you to determine what type of sprayer is right for you.

What is a Piston Backpack Sprayer?

A piston backpack sprayer is made use of for a selection of agricultural and gardening functions. They’re generally made use of for splashing chemicals and fertilizers in small orchards, grass, as well as home gardens.

Piston backpack sprayers depend on piston pumps that generate significant force for each and every spray. Piston backpack sprayers are normally more budget friendly and also have simpler systems that make them simple to deal with.

Piston Backpack Sprayer

Unfortunately, piston sprayers aren’t as long lasting and chemically immune as diaphragm backpack sprayers. In terms of appeal, piston pump sprayers have the edge over diaphragm backpack sprayers.


Piston pumps generally develop greater pressure degrees than diaphragm pumps with a maximum of 6 bars of stress. This implies that the bead size generated by pistons pumps is smaller and takes a trip much longer ranges.

This makes piston backpack sprayers a much better choice for spraying trees or hedges considering that they allow beads to get to plants that are further away and also harder to get to.


As the name suggests, both sprayers can be strapped to your back to make them much easier to use and also bring about. The main distinction is the kind of pump that these sprayers contain.

The pump inside a piston sprayer has a round housing that creates a spray whenever the piston relocations in an up and down activity.

Resistance To Chemicals

While piston backpack sprayers have the ability to introduce droplets over a greater range, they are not appropriate for syrupy, abrasive, and also corrosive liquids. They must additionally never ever be utilized with bleach options or wettable powders. These substances can permanently harm your pump.

In addition, piston backpack sprayers aren’t totally secured, so you may enter call with unsafe chemicals if you utilize them with your sprayer.

Repair works And Maintenance

Fixing and also preserving a piston pump is a wind. All you need to do is get rid of a few screws, as well as you can come down to business.

Best Use Of Piston Pumps

The attributes of piston pumps make them perfect for low-viscosity spray fluids like insecticides and herbicides.

What is a Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer?

Like the piston sprayer we’ve simply covered, a diaphragm backpack sprayer is additionally utilized for farming as well as gardening objectives. Might a diaphragm backpack sprayer is much better for you? Allow’s learn.

Diaphragm Backpack Sprayer


These sprayers include flat diaphragms that are firmly held down by screws. A diaphragm sprayer functions similarly as the one that rests inside our chests in the feeling that they contract and unwind to produce a spray.

Diaphragm pumps are extra resilient than piston pumps due to the fact that there is no get in touch with between the liquid you’re spraying and the round real estate which consists of the pump.


Unlike piston -based sprayers, diaphragm sprayers can only create 4 bars or 60 extra pounds per square inch of stress, considerably much less than piston backpack sprayers. Nonetheless, they are still exceptionally reliable, specifically when spraying plants that aren’t too away. They are well suited for tasks like weed killing.

Resistance To Chemicals

As previously pointed out, piston pumps feature closed systems where the pumping mechanism has no call with the cylinder wall surface. This means that the diaphragm pump is much more resilient and provides a higher degree of chemical resistance. Wettable powders, bleach solutions, and harsh chemicals can be safely utilized with diaphragm sprayers.

Repair services and Maintenance

While piston pumps have just 2 screws, diaphragm sprayers have 12. Their shut styles make diaphragm pumps harder to keep and repair since accessing the diaphragm is a lot more challenging to accessibility and also more lengthy.

Best Use Of Piston Pumps

Considering that their sprays do not travel as far, diaphragm backpack sprayers need to be made use of up close. They are efficient for areas that need destructive as well as unpleasant services considering that the pump does not come right into call with the liquid being splashed.

Choosing The Right One

Both sprayers are just as valuable as lengthy as they’re made use of for the right objectives. Certain circumstances call for piston sprayers, while others require a diaphragm sprayer.

If you require to access hard-to-reach areas with less abrasive chemicals, piston backpack sprayers are your best choice since they have stronger sprays that travel farther.

If you require to spray harsh or harmful chemicals within locations that aren’t that far, diaphragm sprayers are your best wager since they give even more control over the spray. Their shut systems additionally assist keep hazardous chemicals far from you while maintaining the pumping mechanisms within them secure.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Backpack Sprayers

Currently that we know how to distinguish piston backpack sprayers from diaphragm backpack sprayers allow’s take a look at important elements that will aid you make a decision in between items.

Container Materials

Because sprayers are commonly exposed to abrasive or harsh products, search for sturdy and also durable tanks. Attempt purchasing containers that have UV and also other corrosion-resistant compounds.

Tank Size

Search for a tank with a big ability for a lot of tasks, so you do not have to maintain replenishing it. Huge storage tanks are likewise less likely to have overflows when refilling. Nonetheless, beware that you don’t acquire a tank that’s too big since it will add unneeded weight to your back.


Consider the nozzles consisted of with your sprayer. Make sure that the tank you buy comes with exchangeable nozzles because you may require various kinds.


As mentioned previously, backpack sprayers frequently require functioning with destructive as well as dangerous chemicals. As a result, you should check if the backpack you’re wanting to buy comes with safety and security attributes like locks and shutoff valves.

Picking the Perfect Backpack Sprayer

Not all sprayers are developed equivalent. While they’re eventually made use of for the very same function, each container has various attributes to match different needs. Now that you know how to pick one bent on fit your objectives, you can with confidence locate the perfect backpack sprayer for you.

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