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Scotts Sun and Shade Grass Seed Review (2023)

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An attractive eco-friendly grass uses many advantages beyond being cosmetically pleasing. For instance, a healthy yard boosts soil security by means of its deep as well as expansive origin system, which reduce disintegration caused by water and also wind.

Also, a recent study from the University of Florida discovered that a healthy and balanced yard can assist in cooling down the air around your home with evapotranspiration [1] In simple terms, it can have the very same cooling result as a 8.5 bunch cooling compressor.

Despite the charm and also advantages that a lush environment-friendly yard needs to use, it is something that can be difficult for several home owners to accomplish. This had actually led to a significant rise in the popularity of grass seed mixes, like the Scotts Turf Builder Sun and also Shade Grass Seed Mix.

Each of the grass seeds consisted of in this combination has actually been thoroughly selected for their capability to produce grass that will remain environment-friendly in severe weather conditions, like blistering sunlight or dense shade

The Scotts Turf Builder Sun as well as Shade Grass Seed Mix (

is included the following components:

  • 9.76 % Wendy Jean Creeping Red Fescue
  • 9.75 % Fenway Creeping Red Rescue
  • 8.77 % Citation Fore Perennial Ryegrass
  • 8.28 % Silver Dollar Perennial Ryegrass
  • 6.34 % Moonshine Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 2.92 % Abbey Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 2.92 % Right Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 50% WaterSmart PLUS Fertilizer Coating
  • 1% Inert from seed
  • 0.25 % various other plant seed
  • 0.01 % weed seed

The Scotts Turf Builder Sun as well as Shade Grass Seed Mix has actually made a track record as one of one of the most best grass seed mixes on the marketplace today, yet does it measure up to its credibility?

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  • The seeds included in this combination were picked for their capability to spread swiftly to fill up bare and slim spots in your grass more quickly.
  • All seeds are coated with Scott’s copyrighted WaterSmart PLUS Coating to absorb even more water and also protect brand-new grass from disease as well as pests.
  • Once the seed mix has grown, it stands up well to high website traffic and mowing.


  • Consumers have actually seen the weeds consisted of in the seed mix grow faster than the real grass
  • The grass seed does not show up to expand well in hot and dry environments.


The brand is just one of the world’s largest companies of branded customer grass as well as yard items. The brand was originally established in 1868 by O.M. Scott, and it is worldwide recognized as an industry leader [1]

The blend of seeds located in Scotts Turf Builder Sun and also Shade Grass Seed Mix has actually been very carefully chosen for its capability to remain environment-friendly in extreme weather, and each seed is treated with Scott’s one-of-a-kind WaterSmart PLUS finish.

Not only does this layer shield the grass from disease, however it also enables it to keep almost two times as much dampness as non-treated grass Each bag of grass seed mix is assembled in the United States, which permits Scotts to work out tight quality assurance.

For the best outcomes, Scotts recommends very first getting rid of all old, dead grass from the areas that are to be seeded. The dirt will require to be aerated, and ideally, a new layer of fresh dirt should be laid down over it.

Then the seed can be put down. Once the seeding is ended up, the freshly seeded soil will require to be sprinkled three times a day for 2 weeks.

Reviews for Scotts Turf Builder Sun as well as Shade Grass Seed Mix has been blended.

Although the grass seed blended is promoted as versatile, most reviewers concurred that this combination does not do well in warm or completely dry environments.

For the customers who did have a positive experience, brand-new grass development was observed approximately 4 days after seeding.

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The Scotts Turf Builder Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mix ( see rate here has actually obtained blended reviews. Fifty percent of customers loved it, while the other fifty percent disliked it.

As with any kind of type of grass seed mix, there are a variety of aspects, like soil type as well as treatment, that can influence its efficiency.

It is often a matter of trial as well as error when it comes to discovering what will function best on your yard; however, with its budget-friendly cost, the Sun as well as Shade Grass Seed Mix offer a terrific alternative with which to begin experimenting.

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