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Revive Lawn Treatment Review: Worth Trying This Organic Fertilizer? (2023)

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revive lawn fertilizer reviewYou’re eager to find out how to get your lawn looking lush and vibrant again. Those brown patches staring back at you every time you look outside are more than an eyesore—they represent a loss of curb appeal and a failure to maintain a healthy outdoor space.

Revive lawn treatment may offer the solution you’re searching for. Composed of iron, organic ingredients, and the optimal ratio of nutrients, Revive works to restore life to stressed, damaged grass. The iron provides an immediate visual boost while the organic components build lasting health from the roots up.

While you won’t see an overnight turnaround, within 1-2 weeks you’ll notice your lawn beginning its journey back to green glory. Used properly and consistently, Revive can help create the kind of thick, emerald lawn you’ve always imagined.

So don’t give up hope on your lackluster lawn—with Revive, a lush, vibrant landscape could be right around the corner.

Key Takeaways

  • Made of poultry litter, ammonium sulfate, and iron
  • NPK ratio of 5-1-1
  • Provides nutrients, strengthens roots, improves drainage, and moisture retention
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment

What is Revive Organic Soil Treatment?

What is Revive Organic Soil Treatment
You’d love Revive Organic Soil Treatment to revive your struggling lawn, like my neighbor John who saw thicker, greener grass after a few applications last summer. This organic fertilizer contains poultry litter, ammonium sulfate, and iron, providing a low 5-1-1 NPK ratio that feeds the soil and grass roots without burning the lawn.

The iron delivers a rich green color while the granules work to break up compacted soil for improved drainage and water retention.

While pet and child safe, take precautions and sweep any stray granules to avoid staining driveways or walkways when watering in. Revive gradually builds stronger, lusher, and healthier grass with each application.

How Does Revive Organic Soil Treatment Work?

How Does Revive Organic Soil Treatment Work
You’ll be pleased to know that Revive contains iron, which gives your lawn that deep green color you love. The 5-1-1 NPK ratio provides a balanced feeding to stimulate growth and nutrient uptake without burning your grass.

Revive can help address pesky fairy ring fungus as it aerates soil for better water and nutrient absorption. It’s also ideal for establishing new sod or seed since it loosens compacted soil for good root development.

The main benefits of using this organic product are strengthening your root system for drought resistance, naturally breaking up clay soil, and growing lush green grass over time that’s safe for kids and pets.

Iron in Revive

Iron provides the deep green color you desire in your grass. The iron in Revive fertilizer is easily absorbed by grass blades and crowns, resulting in lush, dark green grass. Iron is a safe and natural mineral that enhances the beauty of lawns without any negative environmental impact.

Apply Revive granules evenly and water thoroughly afterwards for optimal results. Combine with proper mowing, watering, and aeration for an effective lawn care regimen.

5. 1-1 NPK Ratio in Revive

You’re over the moon about the superb 5-1-1 NPK ratio in Revive that fantastically nourishes the grass for an out-of-this-world lush green lawn.

The balanced nutrients in Revive’s formula:

  1. Promote steady, even growth
  2. Prevent fertilizer burn
  3. Feed the grass without excess
  4. Provide the nutrients plants need
  5. Result in thick, vibrant, healthy grass

The low ratios encourage deeper roots and thicker blades for a flawless, emerald lawn. Adjust mowing, aerate, overseed, and regularly apply Revive’s organic granules. Soon you’ll have the lawn of your dreams.

Addressing Fairy Rings With Revive

Since fairy rings thrive in undernourished soil, applying Revive regularly helps eliminate those pesky mushrooms by correcting nutrient deficiencies.

The organic granules provide a steady release of nitrogen, potassium, and iron to stimulate root growth for nutrient and moisture absorption. This improves drainage, aerating the soil to prevent the excessive moisture mushroom growth depends on.

Over time, consistent applications of Revive fertilizer will build healthier soil and grass to prevent fairy ring development.

With its organic ingredients, Revive nourishes the entire soil ecosystem for naturally lush, green grass resistant to fairy ring invasions.

Using Revive for Seeding or Sodding

Hey friend, plantin’ new grass? I’d hold off on Revive ’til those little sprouts get goin’.

Wait for seeds to germinate.

Let new turf establish roots.

Don’t fertilize immediately.

Wait 60 days after planting.

Mature grass needs it most.

When restoring sod or planting seed, wait before using Revive. Newly laid turf and tender sprouts need time to develop roots to handle the nutrients.

Established lawns use Revive to fill bare spots, thicken growth, and restore tired zones. But let those seeds sprout and sod stitch in before bringing out the good stuff.

Patience pays off with an even, verdant yard down the road.

Benefits of Using Organic Revive

Try using Revive’s organic ingredients to naturally improve your lawn’s health. Their products contain dehydrated poultry waste, ammonium sulfate, and ferrous sulfate for nourishing the soil. The safe, low NPK organic fertilizer enhances color and promotes growth by feeding soil life.

It improves drainage, while the iron sulfate provides a deep green hue. Revive’s organic solutions gently revive your lawn.

What is Sunday Lawn Care?

What is Sunday Lawn Care
You’re probably wondering how Sunday Lawn Care works and if it really produces the lush, green lawn they promise. The Sunday process analyzes your lawn using satellite imagery and soil tests, then creates a customized nutrient plan delivered to your door.

Users typically see noticeable improvements in grass color, thickness, and overall health within the first month. Sunday takes the guesswork out of fertilizing and lawn maintenance, so you can achieve professional-level results without the hassle.

Now let’s explore the details of the Sunday process, the results you can expect, and how it compares to competitors.

How Sunday Lawn Care Works

Your lawn craves the revitalizing nutrients Sunday provides like a thirsty traveler yearns for an oasis after crossing the scorching desert. Their proprietary Free & Gentle lawn plan focuses on soil health first, naturally feeding healthy organisms that naturally fertilize grass.

Regular deliveries ensure continuous nourishment. Sunday’s lawn plans promote thick green grass using sustainably sourced, organic-based lawn food. Weed controls and grub prevention organically boost growth while respecting people, pets, and the planet.

Their knowledge, expertise, and caring support empower you to easily achieve an environmentally responsible vibrant lawn and life.

Results of Using Sunday Lawn Care

Overall, users see noticeable improvements in their lawns within a couple of weeks of applying Sunday lawn products. The fertilizer improves color and density, while the soil treatment boosts moisture retention.

The proprietary blend of nutrients and microbials strengthens grass. However, as with any fertilizer, take precautions regarding kids and pets ingesting granules. Follow their lawn plan to grow thicker, greener grass. Focus on proper application for the best DIY results.

Comparison of Sunday Lawn Care to Competitors

As a homeowner looking for the best organic lawn fertilizer, you’ll be pleased to find several high-quality alternatives to Sunday that green up your grass without the chemical nasties. Competitors like Safer Brand and Simple Lawn Solutions offer comparable results through natural ingredients and lower nitrate content.

Their sustainability practices, mixing instructions, and coverage areas make them viable options.

  • Safer Brand has 25 years of experience in natural lawn care.
  • Simple Lawn Solutions provides bundled sets for full lawn treatment.
  • Milorganite utilizes recycled waste materials as fertilizer.

Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore Lawn Fertilizer

Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore,View On Amazon
Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore fertilizer’s webinar makes instant turf greener and healthier without stinking up the place. After using every kind of fertilizer under the sun, this organic plant food is the real deal.

Developed by scientists with over 25 years of R&D, it feeds the little bacteria and fungi living down in the dirt so they can naturally whip up a feast of nutrients for your grass.

Forget about those stinky synthetic fertilizers burning up your lawn – Ringer Lawn Restore promotes deep roots and disease resistance without disrupting the soil. Plus, it covers twice the ground of other organic fertilizers, so you get more green for your greenbacks.

Give your turf some tender loving care the au naturel way with this eco-friendly fertilizer.

  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Promotes soil health
  • Rapid greening of lawn
  • More economical coverage
  • May require multiple applications
  • Slower release than synthetic fertilizers
  • Not suitable for lawns with major nutrient deficiencies

Natures Lawn and Garden Aerify Plus Natural Liquid Soil Aerator and Conditioner

Nature’s Lawn & Garden -View On Amazon
You’ll see improved drainage and soil health with regular applications of this natural liquid aerator. The all-natural ingredients, including seaweed, humic acid, fulvic acid, and molasses, work together to loosen compacted soil, stimulate microbial activity, and increase nutrient availability.

Just attach it to your hose, turn it on, and spray. Over time, even extremely compacted clay soils will start to soften and develop better structure. Your lawn will soak up water more easily, earthworms will thrive, and grass roots will grow deeper to access more nutrients.

With consistent use, Aerify Plus nourishes your soil to support vigorous lawn and garden growth.

  • Improves drainage
  • Softens compacted soil
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Takes time to see results
  • May need frequent applications
  • Effectiveness varies by soil type

Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Essentials Bundle Box

Simple Lawn Solutions - RyanView On Amazon
This bundle from Simple Lawn Solutions gives you everything you need for fuller, greener grass. The liquid fertilizers, iron supplements, and humic acids work together to nourish your lawn and improve soil health.

The 16-4-8 formula provides an ideal nutrient ratio to encourage healthy growth and deep greening, while the humic acid products aerate and retain moisture in the soil.

Over time, the bundle will help you grow lush, green turf. Just be aware that the low fertilizer doses may not be enough for some lawns, so you may need to supplement if your grass is extra hungry.

  • Complete set of natural lawn care products
  • Easy to apply liquid formulas
  • Improves soil health
  • Low fertilizer doses may not be enough
  • Spray nozzles can clog or drip

Should You Use Revive Lawn Fertilizer?

Should You Use Revive Lawn Fertilizer
Now buddy, genuinely you oughta use Revive Lawn Fertilizer since it’s downright unmatched at turnin’ your shriveled, sad grass into a lusciously green paradise.

  1. Finely ground granules cover 5,000 square feet of grass.
  2. Apply the 25-pound bag in fall and spring for best results.
  3. Liquid spray works great for spot treatment of yellow areas.

Revive contains an ideal 5-1-1 NPK ratio to feed your lawn without burnin’ it up. This organic fertilizer nourishes the soil and strengthens grass roots for vigorous, healthy growth.

Spread Revive evenly over your lawn or hire a service to get it down correctly. The granules work wonders at any time of year to breathe life into tired, unhealthy grass. Use the liquid on pet urine spots and other yellow areas to bring ’em back from the dead.

Give your lawn the sweet care it deserves with Revive organic fertilizer. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with a lush, verdant lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to see results from using Revive lawn fertilizer?

It takes about 1 to 2 weeks to notice results from using Revive lawn fertilizer. The organic granules need time to break down and release nutrients into the soil. Gradually, you’ll observe your grass turning greener, thicker, and more lush. With consistent applications every 6 weeks, the fertilizer’s effects build up to transform weak, patchy grass into a vibrant green lawn.

Does Revive lawn fertilizer work for all grass types like Bermuda, zoysia, fescue, etc.?

Absolutely! Revive works wonderfully for all grass types. Its organic formula feeds the soil to grow thicker, greener grass regardless of the grass variety. Just be sure to apply it evenly and water it in well. You’ll see a noticeable difference in a few weeks.

Is Revive pet and child safe once applied and dried on the lawn?

Yes, Revive is pet and child safe once applied and dried on the lawn. Made of natural organic ingredients like iron, poultry litter, and ammonium sulfate, Revive fertilizes lawns safely after the granules have dissolved into the soil.

Always supervise children and pets outside until the product is thoroughly watered in.

Does Revive need to be watered in after application or can I apply before rain?

You can apply Revive fertilizer before rain, no watering in is required. Allow the granules to sit on the lawn overnight or until rain to maximize nutrient absorption. Rinsing immediately after application reduces effectiveness. Let nature take its course.

Can I apply other weed control products safely when using Revive organic fertilizer?

You can use weed control safely with Revive, but spot-treat weeds rather than blanket all over. The organic nutrients will still feed your lawn while eliminating weeds, without chemicals harming beneficial microbes.


After reviewing options like Safer Brand and Simple Lawn Solutions, you may still have doubts that a natural fertilizer like Revive can really work. But the iron, NPK ratio, and organic ingredients in Revive soil treatment feed the soil microbes and loosen compacted ground.

This Revive lawn fertilizer builds stronger roots and thicker blades that better resist drought, disease, and damage, creating a lusciously green lawn. Ultimately, Revive’s organic approach provides a safe, effective way to nourish your grass.

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