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Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader Review (2023)

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Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter– In every season there’s a list of products that you’ll wish to spread around your building.

This list includes seeds, fertilizer, rock salt, as well as ice thaw, to call simply a couple of. You will require a well-crafted reliable spreader — one that won’t stop at the possibility to supply you with an excellent, even, circulation of materials. If your spreader can’t manage its spread rate properly, the end result will be a lawn with item globs in some places, and patchy, erratic locations in various other areas.

Never be afraid! Call Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader to the rescue. This mini push broadcast spreader has been especially designed to spread your products in an arc, offering you with a fast as well as even spread out. This tools has actually been produced with large grass in mind, in addition to for individuals who do not wish to invest an outrageous quantity of time spreading out item.

Check out on to uncover why Scotts Turf Builder Mini Broadcast Spreader has ended up being the favorite selection of lots of customers. Sit back and also kick back– I’ll do all the study, reviewed the testimonials, and also explain all the pros and cons of this equipment, so that you can make an enlightened selection.


  • Just needs one refill stop to cover 1/3 acre
  • Wastes less worldly with a much more manageable spread
  • Handle folds up down for storage space
  • Seed drip is extremely easily changed
  • Great for the inexpensive price
  • Much less complicated to use than a hand spreader
  • Controls are basic to make use of and also work much far better than any hand-held spreader
  • Worked well for spreading out lawn insect killer
  • Came entirely constructed
  • Despite the fact that this spreader is lightweight it doesn’t seem shaky


  • Sometimes the catch door sticks when handling snow and also salt
  • Has a limited wheelbase (12 inches) which makes it unpleasant to use on rough ground
  • Plastic is also lightweight and also the wheels are flimsy and also thin
  • Too brief and also not flexible for a 6 foot high person
  • Plastic spindle that turns the spreader paddle snapped with a minimum of pressure
  • Bad for spreading out ice thaw– The plastic wheels glided as well as the spreader wouldn’t transform
  • Doesn’t have a bar lock for the product supply door


The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader is Scott’s smallest stroll behind spreader It considers only 15 pounds and measures 45.25 x 20 x 16 inches. But don’t let its little size fool you!

This spreader can hold roughly 5,000 square feet of any type of Scotts Lawn-Care item. The EdgeGuard permits you to keep plant food off driveways, landscaping, sidewalks, as well as waterways. With the side guard on it casts approximately 2 feet broad; without the edgeguard it can cast 3-4 feet vast. There’s no assembly needed as well as it will certainly arrive pre-calibrated as well as all set to make use of.

This spreader guarantees exact protection when you utilize its accuracy rate-settings control-panel. When it’s engaged, it will conveniently block off the best side of the spreader pattern to quit any product dispersing onto any kind of non-lawn areas. It features 9 inch size wheels, as well as having an insurance adjuster for choosing the amount of layer you’re looking to put down, It also has a side blocker that can be switched away or the various other. Various other wonderful features are a rustproof agitator and also a rustproof receptacle.

This spreader works well with several brands of insect seed, simple seed, salt, and fire ant and also other brand insect pellets. It is rated high amongst salt spreaders and also de-icers. The spinning device functions well when spreading hard items of plant food, yet massive pieces must not be used. The edge guard is detachable, but it shouldn’t be essential to do so, because it does not hamper plant food distribution when it gets on.

Bear in mind that this is a plastic item and needs to not be expected to put on like metal. It must be extensively cleared out after each use to stay clear of chemical rust.


The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader gathered around great approval scores online. Much of the discontentment centered around the flimsy quality of the plastic, but it must be remembered that this is an extremely cost-effective item.

The users who provided it the highest possible score were really delighted with its constant performance, its lightweight, its even distribution of a wide range of materials, as well as its easy handling and also storage.

If this spreader does not work for you, examine out my checklist of other models below: .

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