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Scotts Ez Seed Sun & Shade Grass Seed Review (2023)

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Scotts EZ Seed utilizes a mix of Creeping Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass, and also Kentucky Bluegrass.

The specific break down is as adheres to:

  • 89% Oasys Mulch
  • 4% Poly-S
  • 1% GreenStar Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 0.5 % Avalanche KBG
  • 2% Silver-Dollar Perennial Ryegrass
  • 0.5 % Majesty 2 Seasonal Ryegrass
  • 2% Wendy-Jean Creeping Red Fescue
  • 0.17 Protector Perennial Ryegrass
  • 1% Shade-Master 3 Sneaking Red Fescue.

Seeds are blended with super-compressed compost which keeps the location moist by retaining water.

This blend takes in water much like a sponge and broadens to create a protective, moist layer around the seed

Seeds are infused with nutrients as well as water, so they grow stronger origins that can survive the toughest of problems. It’s claimed that this seed mix will even expand grass on the pavement!


  • Worked extremely well to cover up bare places brought on by pet dogs
  • Water absorption additive jobs well on yards that obtain very little watering
  • Grass expanded faster than marketed and combined flawlessly with existing grass
  • Covered bare area of yard where there was grub damage and functioned like a charm
  • Grass expanded throughout a significant dry spell


  • Item is a mixture of seed as well as soil– so sometimes, it may be less expensive to use your own soil
  • Item expanded well in areas of complete sun however really did not grow in also in shaded areas


  • A great blend of seeds, mulch, and also plant food
  • Ensured to grow anywhere if subjected to appropriate care
  • New enhanced formula grows on hillsides as well as slopes as well as minimizes wash-away of seeds
  • Compost is very absorbing (holds around 6 times item weight in water) and maintains seeds from drying as well as drying
  • Perfect for densely shaded, high web traffic, and also warm locations
  • Grass coloring is a deep environment-friendly
  • Shade of compost modifications to light brownish when watering is needed
  • 100% naturally degradable
  • Animal and kid-friendly when made use of correctly
  • Consists of a “tackifier” which lowers seed wash-away on the sloped locations of the yard


To utilize Scotts EZ Seed– Sun as well as Shade, initial prepare the selected area by loosening up tough dirt as well as removing dead grass which will help little seed startings to root.

Apply EZ Seed to ensure that the location is basically covered, yet the bare ground can still be seen (use half the quantity of seed in thin locations). Apply just the quantity advised so plants will certainly have adequate space to access nutrients and also water.

A preliminary detailed, deep, watering is vital.

Water the seeded area carefully until seeds are entirely filled and can not absorb any even more water (this may take a few mins). Water the location daily to maintain soil surface moist up till seedlings have gotten to the elevation of 2 inches.

The best time to use Scotts EZ Seed– Sun as well as Shade is throughout Spring or Fall due to the fact that seeds sprout fastest when the daytime temperature levels fall between 60 as well as 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ordinary days for germination are 5 to 30. Ten extra pounds of this item will certainly cove 325 feet and 20 extra pounds covers 445 square feet.

Customers will experience even more success with this item if they lightly till the dust where the blend will be laid down.

A LOT of watering is critical!

Although advised watering chart claims daily, sprinkling it two times a day (unless it rains) can offer premium outcomes. No runoff of mulch happens so seed isn’t wasted.

Some customers in the grass care sector include that dirt has to be correctly dealt with, consisting of utilizing lime on the dirt to get appropriate pH degrees, thatching the location, and complying with watering referrals specifically.

Many thanks for Reading!

The brand-new reformulated Scotts EZ Seed– Sun as well as Shade is really preferred with customers.

Scotts does offer a No Quibble cash back assure [1] A couple of really disgruntled buyers suggested to various other prospective buyers that they make their own mix of soil, compost, and also seed for a lot less money.

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