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Scotts Green Max Lawn Food Vs Milorganite: is One Better? (2023)

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Adding nutrients to the lawn is an important component of an annual backyard treatment regimen, but the many kinds of fertilizer that are out there can overlap and also supply more nutrients than required.

When it concerns Scotts Green Max Lawn Food as well as Milorganite, both green up your lawn, but in various methods, as well as one will certainly be far better than the other at various times. Milorganite sustains great origins and green blades, whereas Scotts concentrates on blade growth along with shade. These products can engage with each other, so it’s best to not utilize them at the very same time instead area out their applications over the period.

What Is The Difference Between Scotts Green Max Lawn Food and Milorganite?

The large distinction between the 2 products is the kind, amount, and sorts of nutrients that result in a solid, healthy and balanced lawn Scotts Lawn Food has an NPK of 27-0-2, with a 5% iron material. Milorganite, on the various other hand, has an NPK of 6-4-0 with a 2.5 % iron content.

Green Grass

Scotts greater level of nitrogen and also iron is meant to deliver an effective greening and also growth impact. The decision aid the yard make more chlorophyll, with lots of nitrogen readily available to be absorbed. The potassium content assists the turf construct strong cell walls as well as grow its blades quickly, making use of the bountiful energy produced with the nitrogen. This makes it a great boost for mid-season growth as well as color.

Milorganite has a reduced portion of nitrogen as well as iron than Scotts, however it is 4% phosphorus, without any potassium. The phosphorus supports the grass’ root growth and also is best applied in the very early springtime or early fall. The nitrogen and decision are offering for the grass to soak up gradually over a couple of months as it develops itself.

Scotts Lawn Food and also Milorganite Are Targeted Formulas

Neither Scotts nor Milorganite is an all-purpose plant food. Scotts will certainly sustain green shades and fast blade growth, while Milorganite sustains origin development with a slow-moving launch action. Over-application of either can cause as well many nutrients that can melt the plant’s roots or make other nutrients inaccessible. Way too much nitrogen may additionally encourage the development of weeds along with yard.

This is also real for Milorganite, which includes phosphorus, a component that will certainly make iron existing in the soil unable to be soaked up. This is due to the fact that phosphorus raises the soil’s pH level, that makes it much less acidic, and also bonds the phosphorus molecules to the solid dirt fragments. Nonetheless, calcium is most available in neutral to alkaline soil, so too acidic of dirt will make calcium unavailable.

The pH equilibrium is essential to keep an eye on along with the nutrient profile given that pH has an essential result on whether nutrients are available or not, or in poisonous amounts. An unbalanced pH can also influence the soil microbes and various other life in the dirt, that is important for vitamins and mineral schedule as well as yard health.

Milorganite Is Carbon-Based, Scotts Lawn Food Is Synthetic

Milorganite is made from organic matter (nonetheless, it isn’t a qualified organic plant food instead, it is produced from once-living, carbon-based issue): it is made of dead germs that offers a resource of nitrogen as well as phosphorus as a dirt modification. The lower focus and also slow-moving launch of nutrients are a result of its natural framework.

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food is synthetic, meaning it is a focused kind isolated from a resource of the nutrient. Among various other ingredients, Scotts formula consists of ammonium, a resource of nitrogen. The high focus of the separated nutrient makes it readily available in abundance as well as in granular forms; this is released over several weeks, similarly to Milorganite.

Benefits and drawbacks For Scotts


  • supports blade development
  • high focus of nitrogen
  • high iron content sustains dynamic green


  • doesn’t support origin growth
  • does not provide phosphorus
  • over-use can burn the origins or tension the turf by advertising way too much blade growth at the expense of the health of both the blades and roots

Benefits and drawbacks For Milorganite


  • supports origin development
  • supports green shade
  • sluggish release for consistent shipment


  • does not support blade growth
  • doesn’t provide potassium
  • over-use can stop iron schedule in the soil, leading to shortage and also low chlorophyll manufacturing, among various other minimized vital processes

Scotts Lawn Food And Milorganite Are Granular Fertilizers

Solid fertilizer products like Scotts Lawn Food and also Milorganite are both easy to apply in a program spreader. Both remain in the ground over a longer amount of times than fluid plant foods, so their effect may take much longer, yet it will be constant and also regular. Liquid fertilizers are best for boosts and prompt outcomes, whereas solid plant foods, whether artificial or organic, are slower to release, medium-term options.

When Should I Use Scotts And When Should I Use Milorganite?

Selecting the best plant food to green your lawn must begin with a dirt profile examination to inspect the nutrients and also pH level of the soil. Generally, Milorganite should be applied at the start of the spring or fall growing season to sustain strong origins, and also Scotts Lawn Food must be used mid-season in spring, summer, or drop as a booster for growth.

As pointed out earlier, way too much Milorganite can prevent iron absorption and outcome in reduced chlorophyll manufacturing, and as well much of Scotts nitrogen also early will burn young origins.

Can I Use Scotts Green Max And Milorganite Together?

Considering that these products are targeted solutions for different results, they should be used at different times. If you use them at the very same time, the phosphorus in Milorganite may influence the absorption of the iron Scotts is providing, as well as Scott’s quick-release nitrogen material could stress the young origins prior to they can soak up the phosphorus from the Milorganite.

The Length Of Time Does Scotts Green Max Take To Work?

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food says it begins to work in 3 days, and also customers generally see substantial greening within the exact same week of application. The concentrated, artificial fertilizer supplies a regular supply of high quantities of nitrogen that the plant can utilize promptly.

Milorganite, on the other hand, may take a couple of weeks for obvious greening to happen since it’s a natural material that has to be broken down. Contrasted with Scotts, it provides a lower amount of nitrogen, although it continues to be in the ground for a longer amount of time.

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