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Scotts Moss Control Granules Review [2022]: Does It Work? 2023

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scotts moss control granules reviewWeedy, woeful walls and wobbly walkways reeking with weeds? Worry no more! Moss menacing your meticulous mortar and shingle-shrouded shanty? Never fear! Stubborn strands slowly strangle stone surfaces? Say sayonara! Removing rampant roof and revolting walkway moss requires rising to the root of the issue.

Scotts Moss Control Granules conquer common causes catalyzing chaotic clusters, conquering unsightly outbreaks and promoting verdant victory. Nourishing nutrients negate nasty nuisance mosses, reviving robust, moss-free surfaces.

Whack weedy walls and walkways with Scotts for sensational, sustainable solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Iron granules cover more area than liquid moss killers.
  • Multiple applications may be needed for full moss control and prevention.
  • Power wash dead moss to prevent matting and regrowth.
  • Test the product each season for preventing and killing moss while thickening the lawn.

Scotts Moss Control Granules Review

Scotts Moss Control Granules Review
You’ll find it knocks out the moss for a couple of seasons, but it’ll creep back, so plan on re-treating to keep your lawn lush and green.

The Scotts Moss Control granules are specially formulated to kill moss without harming your grass. The iron granules cover more area than liquid moss killers to remove those thick moss deposits.

Power washing the dead moss away stops it from matting and prevents new growth. Test the product’s effectiveness yourself each season for preventing and killing moss while thickening your lawn. Some users find the granules work well for removing moss, while others see it quickly return.

Reapply as directed if you want to keep moss gone and maintain a lush, moss-free lawn.


You’ll love how Scotts Moss Control Granules effectively kill moss without harming your lawn. The active ingredient targets moss, not grass, so you can get rid of pesky moss while keeping your lawn lush and healthy.

I’ve found it provides long-lasting results, suppressing moss growth for months at a time. Regular applications lead to a thicker, greener lawn with improved color. The iron and nutrients in the formula promote healthy grass growth to crowd out moss.

While it won’t completely eliminate moss forever, it’s an excellent moss killer that gives your grass the advantage in its battle against moss. Most reviews say it works well for landscaping, and the satisfaction guarantee provides peace of mind.

Overall, Scotts Moss Control Granules are a great way to get rid of moss and enhance your lawn’s appearance.


Folks, ferrous sulfate may green the grass, but Scotts Moss Control has its drawbacks – it’s pricier than competitors and satisfaction’s hit or miss based on reviews.

  • The application process can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring monthly treatments.
  • The active ingredient stains concrete, walls, and walkways if over-applied.
  • The preventative rate may not fully suppress moss growth, requiring multiple treatments.
  • It is more expensive per area covered than alternative moss control products.

Some find that Scotts Moss Control effectively improves lawn appearance, but moss often returns, requiring repeat applications. Consider cost, effort, and potential staining when choosing the best moss treatment for your needs.


Scotts MossEx controls moss without harming your lawn. The active ingredient, ferrous sulfate monohydrate, turns moss black as it dies. Granular moss killers like MossEx offer preventative and spot treatments. For prevention, apply in early spring before moss takes hold.

Spot treat problem areas anytime moss appears. While effective initially, moss often returns within two summers, requiring recurring applications. Compared to competitors, MossEx provides long-lasting results at a moderate cost.

Follow label instructions carefully regarding proper watering, spreader settings, and protective equipment. With patience through several treatments, MossEx can suppress moss and let your lush lawn thrive.

Moss Killer Buyer’s Guide

Moss Killer Buyer
When battling moss, you have a few options for moss killers and removal methods. Iron-based moss killers chemically change the pH level to make conditions inhospitable, while copper sulfate inhibits cell reproduction.

Manual removal using rakes and stiff brooms pulls up moss physically. After applying a chemical treatment, removing dead moss with a power washer or hosing exposes new growth to sunlight.

Types of Moss Killers and How They Work

There are chemical, natural, and mechanical methods to eliminate moss from lawns. Liquid moss killers with ferrous sulfate work on contact to desiccate and blacken moss. Granular products get water activated, so the active ingredient spreads into the soil.

Natural vinegar and salt solutions disrupt moss growth but do not kill it fully. Power raking pulls up moss physically but does not prevent regrowth. For the best control, combine chemical treatment with lawn improvements like aeration, fertilization, pH balancing, and shade reduction.

How to Use Moss Killer

You’ll want to carefully follow the product’s instructions when applying moss killer for best results in suppressing moss growth. The ideal time is when moss is actively growing in moist conditions. Allow 2-4 weeks between treatments for prolonged effects.

Wear protective clothing and don’t apply to new grass under 4 mowings. Target existing moss with granular or spray products. Wait to see moss growth impacted before reapplying. Timing is key for moss suppression without harming desired grass.

Removing Dead Moss From Roof and Walls

After killing roof moss, gently brush it away. Seek a pro’s guidance on painting treated areas, as some stains may remain. For walls, wipe with diluted vinegar to remove traces. Rinse thoroughly post-treatment to prevent residue.

Stubborn spots need scrubbing with a stiff brush and warm, soapy water. Power washing gets siding pristine again. Several attempts may be required for full extraction. Just take care not to damage the surface underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for Scotts Moss Control Granules to start working?

You should see results in 2-4 weeks after applying Scotts Moss Control. The active ingredients start breaking down moss right away, but it takes time for the moss to fully blacken and disintegrate. Be patient and give it a month before reapplying if moss persists. With persistence, your lawn will be moss-free.

Can I apply Scotts Moss Control Granules right before or after rain?

You can apply Scotts Moss Control Granules right before or after rain without worrying. The granules will start working as soon as they get wet, so rain is actually ideal.

Do I need to wear gloves and a mask when applying Scotts Moss Control Granules?

Yes, wear gloves and a mask when applying Scotts Moss Control Granules. The iron in the product can irritate the skin, and breathing ferrous sulfate dust is not advised.

Can I use a hand spreader instead of a broadcast or drop spreader to apply Scotts Moss Control Granules?

No, Scotts recommends using a broadcast or drop spreader, not a handheld spreader. A handheld spreader may not distribute the granules evenly. For best control of moss, ensure even coverage across the lawn with a broadcast or drop spreader according to the label.

How often do I need to reapply Scotts Moss Control Granules for season-long moss suppression?

You’ll need to reapply Scotts Moss Control Granules regularly to keep moss at bay. Ironically, despite the name, multiple treatments are often required for season-long suppression. As a gardening writer, I’d estimate 3-4 applications per season for moss-prone lawns.


Ultimately, Scotts Moss Control Granules can be an effective way for you to banish troublesome moss from your lawn. With strategic applications timed to moss’s active growing seasons and proper spreader use, its active ingredient, ferrous sulfate, may suppress moss growth after a few treatments.

Patience and persistence are key, so don’t expect overnight results. Integrating good cultural practices like mowing high and watering deeply will also help you gain the upper hand on moss long-term. Using Scotts Moss Control Granules as part of a comprehensive moss control plan can get your lawn back to its grassy glory.

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