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Scotts Moss Control Review (2022)

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There are a number of reasons moss could be expanding in your lawn, varying from dubious areas that never really dry to a nutrient inequality in your grass’s soil.

A quick Internet search will certainly show you that there are loads, if not hundreds, of various moss control products on the marketplace today. Most of these products are effective at eliminating the moss by shedding it; however, if you do not modify the conditions that the moss initially expanded in or modify the soil’s texture, it will certainly regrow itself.

Scotts established their Moss Control to treat the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Not only will the moss control granules eliminate the existing moss, but the pellets also have different nutrients that were chosen for their capability to reinforce your grass and encourage its growth.

Just like every one of their items, Scotts provides a fulfillment warranty on their moss control granules.

If the product doesn’t function as marketing, you will obtain your cash back– no inquiries asked. The great news is that consumers have seldom had to make use of this deal.

Continue reading to discover even more regarding what Scotts Moss Control has to provide!

Suches as:

  • It effectively kills moss without affecting young, expanding grass.
  • The granules give even more surface area protection than fluid moss killers.
  • Results can be attained in as little as 24 to 48 hrs.


  • Customers have specified that numerous applications are required to be 100% effective.


  • Scotts Moss Control is creating to kill moss, yet will certainly not damage your yard.
  • The active “killing” representative in this formula is 17.5 % ferrous sulfate monohydrate.
  • The formula has iron, as well as various other nutrients, to nurture turf, yet does not include any type of energetic plant foods.
  • This product is developed to be used only with landscapes as well as should not be related to landscapes.


The Scotts Moss Control is readily available in 2 different sizes: 1,250 sq feet and 5,000 to feet.

The energetic agent in its formula is 17.5 % ferrous sulfate monohydrate, which is the component in charge of killing the moss Although Scotts has actually not disclosed a list of the nutrients it declares the formula has, it is understood that the granules are strengthened with iron, which is a nutrient that is valuable to young grass.

Furthermore, this formula does not include any type of active fertilizers.

Utilizing Scotts Moss Control is a straightforward process. Due to the active ingredients, it contains, Scotts prevents customers from utilizing a handheld spreader to disperse the item, but it can be securely utilized with broadcast and also decrease spreaders.

When collaborating with this product, protective devices, including long-sleeved shirts, shut toed footwear, as well as handwear covers must be worn.

The granules must only be related to landscapes. They are not formulated for safe use with hardscapes.

It can be utilized at any time of the year when moss is expanding, however individuals ought to wait 2 to 4 weeks in between applications to prevent inadvertently harming their grass.

To use, the control granules need to be put on a damp or completely dry lawn. When illness has actually been believed or noted, the product should be used at a preventative rate.

To just subdue disease, it should be used at the standard price. Immediately after the item has been used, the ground ought to be thoroughly watered.

Many individuals have kept in mind that the granules assume a darker shade once they have actually been activated and are beginning to function. Scotts cautions that 3 or four applications may be needed for reductions all period long.

The product must not be related to new lawn till it has actually been trimmed a minimum of four times.

Although evaluations for this product have actually been mainly favorable, there have actually been a few minor grievances.

Primarily, Scotts Moss Control does have a greater price tag than various other comparable items. Second of all, some customers stated that this item fell short to eliminate their moss whatsoever; although, the failing to do so could be credited to a variety of factors and not simply the quality of the item.

Some skilled moderate success with the item, however not as high as they would have liked.

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The Scotts Moss Control is an efficient item that attaining its desired objective. With the contentment warranty provided by Scotts, there is nothing to lose by buying it, and also as an added perk, your grass will be well-nourished.

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