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Snow Joe Vs Toro Electric Snow Blowers: a Complete Guide (2022)

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Electric snow blowers are humankind’s solution to the horror that is the winter season, so you might desire to contrast 2 of the biggest brand names: Snow Joe vs Toro electric snow blowers. When the ice and also snow come wailing, it can imply additional help you. When you are tired of shoveling as well as do not wish to take care of the maintenance of a gas-powered device, there is the electric snow blower.

These models use powerful batteries to keep the blower working via all sorts of climate. They are meant to be light and also portable, easy for the ordinary individual to use without ending up being worn.

Out of all of the designs on the marketplace, you might be wondering which brands are the best After careful factor to consider, we advise purchasing either a Snow Joe or a Toro to obtain the best results. Yet, in the fight of Snow Joe vs Toro Electric, which is much better?

Read this quick comparison guide to figure out.

Snow Joe

Snow Joe is a specialized business, which created its initial snow blower in 2001. It concentrates on making customized blowers customized to suit particular jobs as well as places. As an example, the initial design it ever before produced was developed to be utilized on patios, walkways, and other smaller sized locations for better results as well as much less opportunity of scraping the surface area beneath.

Around 2009, the company additionally branched off with a subsequent line of warm weather condition devices under the name Sun Joe. Today, it produces a pair of different electric snow blowers, including the following:

Generally, these Snow Joe devices tend to be light-weight, functional, and also complete with snow tires as opposed to standard tracks. They are all single stage sense of the nature of electric snow blowers.

Toro Electric

Toro is a well-known American producer which creates a broad range of devices made for lawn upkeep and also care. It was originally established in 1914 and lately branched off into generating devices suggested for sturdy winter use. Its electric snow blowers concentrate on stamina and also price and are designed to be very easy to make use of for the average individual.

Unlike most of snow blowers, the minds at Toro chose to stick out by integrating a Personal Pace drive system which integrates the rate of the machine with how fast the customer walks.

The company presently generates some various snow blowers which are on the residential market, including:

What to Look for In a Electric Snow Blower

Electric snow blowers have the same standard feature of a gas design however featured fewer features and an easier style. Snow is taken up right into the central chute by auger paddles that separate snowbanks and also any type of ice that is trapped on the drive or pathway. These paddles push product right into the main chute, where it is then released by an impeller and also shoved far from the main area.

While gas-powered designs can have greater than one auger and are referred to as 2-stage or 3-stage, most of electric makers will certainly have a single-stage and just collection of augers. These versions will certainly additionally be smaller sized and also lighter, simpler to navigate in limited areas. When you are taking into consideration getting one, consider the following features to help make your decision.


One of the most essential features for an electric snow blower is its capacity as well as just how much snow the machine can take. This is generally identified by analyzing the central space where the front augers are. Generally, measurements can differ, with some versions just have 12 in. of area and also others expanding to have in between 24 as well as 36 in.

For the best outcomes, you will certainly desire a version with a high adequate capability to accurately clear your driveway or walkway. The smaller sized area that you need to treat, after that the smaller sized your electric snow blower can be.

If you can not discover these details when purchasing, take a look at the dimensions listed on the box. In general, the central chamber will be as broad as the complete size of the snow blower.

Snow Depth

Comparable to ability, you require to see to it you pick a electric snow blower that is qualified at running at your typical snow depth. In basic, these smaller sized designs function best in a total build-up of 8 in. or much less. If you are getting more than this amount of snow on a routine basis, after that thinking about buying a gas-powered version instead.

Your arms as well as driveway will thank you in the long run.

Corded or Cordless

Lastly, there is whether you will be operating a electric snow blower that has a cord. There are some advantages and disadvantages to selecting to select a corded design. There are more economical general and will not run out of power while you are outside clearing the driveway.

On the drawback, a corded version will certainly have a limited array as well as movement due to the fact that of the cord stretching to a nearby electric outlet. While it is much more budget-friendly, you will probably sacrifice your adaptability and where you can bring your snow blower. You will also run out good luck if the power heads out.

Cordless models are excellent, however encounter a few of the constraints mentioned above. In certain, the charge of the batteries is most likely to run out before you are due with a job, especially if you purchase a small version and also have a big driveway.


Finally, it is essential to take into consideration whether or not you can keep the machine both throughout and also after the winning season. Electric snow blowers are easier to keep typically because there is no inner combustion engine that calls for cleansing. You likewise will not require to fret about oil changes or blending gas as well as oil until you locate the excellent mix to maintain the machine operating.

For an electric snow blower’s upkeep, have a look at the main power type as well as just how easy it would certainly be to knock senseless snow or ice that becomes caught in the key chute. You want the chute to be big sufficient that you would certainly have the ability to make use of a lengthy tool to remove out unwanted snow and ice.

If you use a corded snow blower, you do not need to bother with changing or billing the batteries. But if you use a cordless version, you wish to think about the life-span of your batteries and also for how long the version requires charging.


Let’s directly compare Snow Joe vs Toro electric snow blowers. Both Snow Joe and also Toro produce high-quality lines of electric snow blowers which are acceptable for normal property use. Toro, on the whole, has a much greater ability than Snow Joe as well as being created for usage on driveways, huge pathways, and the much more basic areas a snow blower could be utilized. Snow Joe, on the other hand, is for even more specialty areas like decks as well as patio areas.

Also, Snow Joe makers have a tendency to be more light-weight and also simpler to steer. The tiny design offers itself well to individuals who are weak or might battle to navigate a bigger equipment in the ice and snow These tools likewise require much less upkeep than their Toro equivalents as well as have a system that is easy to take apart and also clean.

Toro, meanwhile, is extra heavy-duty and continues to be special for including its patented Personal Pace system. When it involves battery life, Toro Electric buys its systems and has much longer-lasting batteries than the average Snow Joe. You will not need to spend a lengthy time billing as well as can rather spend even more time to clear your driveway and making it easier to be to life throughout the chilly period.


Both of these brands generate top quality snow blowers, yet there can be only one champion in Snow Joe vs Toro Electric.

It is tough to attract a contrast in between Snow Joe as well as Toro due to the fact that they are both light-weight machines which are exceptional for the price. Plus, neither one of the business generates corded designs, which includes in the convenience of the equipment.

Ultimately, the victor is Snow Joe sense of its lightweight, simple to utilize devices. Although the business came from with specialty versions, it has actually branched off to include hardcore gadgets efficient in removing your driveway effortlessly. Plus, their snow blowers are extra cost effective than the Toro Electric devices.

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