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Create a Spring Bucket List: 70+ Fun Ideas of 2023

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spring bucket listWith the arrival of warmer temperatures, greener scenery, and longer days just around the corner, why not make this year’s Spring one to remember? Create a bucket list for yourself full of fun activities you can enjoy during this season.

From outdoor adventures like picnics in parks or hot air balloon rides at sunrise, to creative endeavors such as making charcuterie boards or renovating a room; there are plenty of ideas on how you can spend your time and create lasting memories.

With our collection of 70+ suggestions for 2023 spring bucket list items here at hand, it’s easy to plan out an exciting journey that will bring joy into your life! So what are you waiting for? Start building your own unique Spring Bucket List today!

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Key Takeaways

  • Outdoor adventures and creative endeavors are popular spring activities.
  • There is a wide range of activities to choose from, including picnics, hot air balloon rides, berry picking, and bird watching.
  • Spring is a time for renewal and organization, with suggestions such as spring cleaning, planting gardens, and decorating with fresh flowers.
  • Spring is a season for celebrations, with events like weddings, Mother’s Day, and National Beer Day.

Fun Spring Activities for Your Bucket List

spring bucket list 1
Take advantage of the warmer weather and create lasting memories this spring with activities such as berry picking, bird watching, stargazing, or a family picnic. Get creative in the kitchen by baking something spring-themed using seasonal fruits like strawberries.

Head outdoors on a nature scavenger hunt to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer this season.

Organize an unforgettable water balloon fight – a great way to make memories without breaking your bank account during Spring Break! Paint beautiful acrylic paintings while enjoying fresh air outside – keep those creative juices flowing! Visit local farmer’s markets or plant gardens filled with herbs, vegetables, flowers; these are excellent ways to show your love for nature and maybe even save some money on groceries too.

Give back by volunteering at meaningful causes you care about — what better way is there than giving back? Finally, don’t forget National Beer Day when celebrating special occasions such as Easter Sunday or Mother’s Day — cheers everyone! Make sure each activity is part of your unique spring bucket list so that nothing gets left out of making new amazing experiences this year.

Explore Outdoors

Explore Outdoors
As the days grow longer and warmer, it’s time to get outside and explore all that spring has to offer! Gather up your friends or family for a memorable picnic in the park. Enjoy taking in all of nature’s beauty with cherry blossoms blooming around Washington D.

So come on out, breathe some fresh air, and make this spring one full of amazing memories!

Go on a Picnic

Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable picnic this spring – just make sure you bring enough snacks! Get ahead of the game by preparing:

  • Picnic Prep: Bring blankets, chairs, coolers, and any other essentials.
  • Picnic Foods: Pack sandwiches, chips, fruits, and drinks to last throughout the day.
  • Picnic Game: Choose a fun game like frisbee or badminton for some outdoor entertainment during your picnic.

Don’t forget to dress appropriately with comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothes such as sundresses or shorts & t-shirts for extra comfort! With the perfect time spent in planning out a picnic, it’ll be an excellent addition to anyone’s spring bucket list ideas, so take advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer with this activity today!

See the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C

Experience the beauty of nature by visiting Washington, D.C. to see the stunning cherry blossoms in full bloom! During this time, you can attend festivals and enjoy outdoor picnics with friends and family while admiring a traditional Japanese custom that celebrates welcoming spring.

Best Times:

  • March 19-21
  • April – May

Opening Games:

  • Cherry Tree Care
  • Bird Watching

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Hot Air Balloon Rides

From top USA bucket list destination to clever girls’ getaways, experience it all when you visit D.

Go for a Bike Ride

Grab your bike and pedal away as you take in the beauty of spring – a time for new beginnings! Whether it’s going on long rides near forests or trails, exploring city streets with friends, or taking a solo ride to enjoy nature’s embrace.

Make sure to wear protective gear and follow safety rules while cycling. Use eco-friendly transportation that reduces pollution effects and explore cities from an unconventional perspective by joining guided tours.

Bike around parks, gardens, riverside areas nearby – make this perfect day trip destination your own backyard! Enjoy clear skies dressed in trendy spring outfits while riding along beautiful bicycle trails; there is nothing like having good times outdoors during the Spring season, so add this activity to your bucket list now!

Take a Hot Air Balloon at Sunrise

Awaken your senses as you soar high in a hot air balloon at sunrise! For the ultimate spring bucket list experience, take an adventure and feel free like never before. From breathtaking views to days filled with berry picking and lemonade stands, start off the first day of spring right away.

Capture new memories by taking family photos while riding on this unique journey up above. With hot air ballooning being one of those activities that will never be forgotten, make sure to add it to your list for an unforgettable time during this fantastic season.

Visit Arches National Park

Travel to Arches National Park this spring and be amazed by its captivating sandstone formations. Experience the freedom of a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, marvel at cherry blossoms in bloom, or embark on an epic bike ride! Create a garden with fruit trees and flowers, celebrate National Lemonade Day, or have fun bird-watching.

Refresh and Renew

Refresh and Renew
It’s time to get ready for spring! Put away those winter clothes and make some room in your closet, then do a thorough spring cleaning of your home. Refresh the atmosphere by getting new linens for the bed and planting fresh flowers or plants in the front yard – you’ll be amazed at how much better it looks.

Finally, decorate with a few bunches of colorful blooms around your house to add that special finishing touch to this wonderful season.

Put Away the Winter Clothing

Put away those bulky sweaters and bring out the light, bright clothing – it’s time to jump into spring!

Get ready for some fun outdoor activities like fishing, dyeing eggs, catching sunsets, and making crafts.

Don’t forget about sprucing up your wardrobe with a shopping spree or cleaning around the house during spring cleaning season.

Stay ahead of hurricane season by trying the Merlin Bird ID app to identify birds at farmer’s market visits or joining an Easter egg hunt in the park.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy all that this exciting new season has in store!

Do a Spring Cleaning on Your Home

Get ready to tackle the spring cleaning with enthusiasm; studies show it can be incredibly therapeutic.

Declutter and organize your home using Spring Cleaning Tips, clever decluttering strategies, and Home Organization techniques.

Stock up on mason jars for storage items or get a new bar of soap to kick-start your cleaning routine!

Look forward to interesting things you’ll find while reorganizing such as old photos or letters from loved ones.

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies like buckets, sponges, and gloves for an easy clean-up experience!

Enjoy this season full of freshness & renewal – happy spring cleaning!

Get Fresh Linens for Your Bed

Replace your tired winter sheets with some fresh, cozy linens and get ready to enjoy a restful night’s sleep! Add a touch of spring by choosing from quality linen in bright colors or subtle combinations.

Accessorize your bed with pillows and throws for the crisp air of spring. Enjoy the fresh scents that come along too! Explore picking spots for your own Easter egg hunt at some of the coolest places in town.

Plant Fresh Flowers or Plants in the Front Yard

Bring some life to your front yard by planting fresh flowers or plants this spring! Visit farmers’ markets for the perfect blooms and get creative with mason jars. Spice up Easter celebrations by dyeing eggs and having a family game night complete with water balloons.

Get into top shape for that upcoming spring break trip by going fishing, baking strawberries, and shopping at local farmers’ markets.

Decorate Your Home With Fresh Flowers

Add a touch of life to your home this season by decorating with fresh flowers! Visit local farmers’ markets for the perfect bouquets or pick some yourself on a wildlife spotting adventure. Get creative with mason jars and create vibrant centerpieces that will bring nature’s beauty indoors.

Have fun planning your garden, going berry picking, hosting water fights, and setting up lemonade stands in your backyard! Enjoy wine tasting while admiring the spring blooms around you – it’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Celebrate and Enjoy

Celebrate and Enjoy
Welcome to the wonderful world of spring! From attending all the weddings or even having your own, to hosting an afternoon tea and celebrating National Beer Day, there is something for everyone this season.

Don’t forget about planning an epic prank for April Fool’s Day and honoring your mom on Mother’s Day – it’ll be a time you will never forget! So let go of the winter blues, grab some friends, and get ready to explore what spring has in store.

Attend All the Weddings or Even Have Your Own

Make the most of spring and attend all those weddings – or even have your own! Get creative with mason jars, berry picking for decorations, and family pictures.

With so many fun activities available on your spring bucket list ideas like day parties or simply picnicking in the park, it’s a great way to get friends together while celebrating love.

Don’t let another season pass without making amazing memories – make sure you check off some items from your Spring Bucket List today!

Host an Afternoon Tea

Gather your closest friends and treat them to an elegant afternoon tea this spring! Make it a great time with the perfect tea party decorations, recipes, etiquette, and games. Check off this year’s spring bucket list ideas with fun activities like Afternoon Tea.

Embrace the warmer weather by making memories that will last forever. Discover new ways to celebrate at home or try something adventurous in nature for a truly liberating experience! Have some delightful tea time treats while you create unique decorations such as mason jars filled with berry picking from local farms for your guests to enjoy.

This is one of those special moments where everyone can come together and appreciate all life has to offer: freedom, belongingness, and liberation.

Celebrate Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Show your mom how much you care this spring by treating her to a special Mother’s Day celebration! Celebrate traditions with gifts from the farmer’s market, gratitude sharing over YouTube channels, or donating to a charitable organization.

Create unique moments together and show appreciation for all she has done! Make it part of your spring bucket list and surprise her with something unforgettable. Give thoughtful presents like homemade cards, flower bouquets, or an outdoor picnic in the park.

Express gratitude through meaningful conversations that fill up those special moments filled with love and happiness – because moms deserve nothing less than our best wishes on Mother’s Day!

Celebrate National Beer Day

Celebrate National Beer Day this spring with a refreshing pint, your friends and family, and some delicious snacks! Enjoy beer pairings at craft breweries or take a beer tour around home brewing spots.

Visit local farmers’ markets for mason jars of cider or attend brewery visits featuring fun activities like silly games.

Plan an Epic Prank for April Fool’s Day

Plan a prank this April Fool’s Day that will have your friends laughing for days! Brainstorm creative ways to fool them and add some spring joy to the mix. Use planning tips like sneaking in funny decorations or organizing a scavenger hunt.

Adventure and Exploration

Adventure and Exploration
Ready for an epic adventure this spring? From a road trip across the USA to visiting the Caribbean and taking up yoga, there are plenty of activities that will make your spring season one to remember. Don’t forget about exploring the zoo or going camping with friends! Get ready for some fun as you add these items to your bucket list.

Go on a Road Trip Across the USA

Grab your friends and take an unforgettable journey across the United States this spring! Pack your bags, plan a route, check car maintenance and gas efficiency – you’ll be ready for anything. Explore scenic routes from New Orleans to Monterey Bay or drive down the classic Route 66.

Enjoy America’s natural beauty with hikes through national parks or take in a different culture at each stop along Spring Break Road Trip USA! Whether it’s relaxing at a beach bar in Miami or getting lost among San Francisco’s cable cars, you’re sure to find adventure everywhere you go.

Visit the Caribbean

Take an unforgettable journey to the Caribbean this spring! Explore its stunning beaches, vibrant cultures, and delicious cuisines. Make it a perfect bucket list idea with luxury resorts or budget-friendly island cruises.

Enjoy a tropical getaway on a beach vacation in the warm spring months. Visit farmers’ markets for fresh produce and explore unique experiences only found here! Start planning your trip today – visiting the Caribbean is an ideal way to make memories this season.

Take Up Yoga

Experience the calming benefits of yoga this spring and enjoy the physical and mental refreshment it brings. Get creative with your yoga style, poses, outfits, or gear to make it a unique journey! Visit a local farmer’s market for excellent ideas on how to start.

Make your spring bucket list an excellent place for exploration by adding yoga – you’ll be glad you did! Find liberation in challenging yourself with new poses while also having fun. Don’t forget about relaxation as part of this great adventure; savor each moment with its own special rewards.

Yoga is more than just exercise – it can create moments that will last forever in memory!

Visit the Zoo

Visit the zoo this spring and explore a wild kingdom of exciting sights – from roaring lions to soaring eagles! Have an unforgettable picnic in one of the many spots, dye eggs with friends or family for Easter, take some amazing family photos with various landscapes as your backdrop.

There are great options for game night too – wine tasting under mason jars strung up in a nice clearing? You’ll find plenty more fun ideas at local farmers’ markets.

Go Camping

Gather your friends and family for a camping trip this spring, where you can reconnect with nature while making lasting memories:

  • Tell campfire stories around the fire in mason jars.
  • Stargaze under the night sky to spot shooting stars.
  • Make use of equipment rentals at local national parks or farmers’ markets.
  • Get creative by tracking wildlife or catching bugs! Enjoy these activities during the cool summer months before it gets too hot out! Spring is an ideal time for a weekend getaway – so why not make it extra special with a fun camping adventure?

Fun and Festivals

Fun and Festivals
Kick off your spring bucket list with a bang! Explore the world and experience some of its most iconic festivals. From Carnival in Brazil to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you’ll have an amazing time taking part in vibrant celebrations around the globe.

Don’t forget about hitting up South Beach for some fun times at the beach or indulging in pastries while visiting Paris! Get ready for a season that’s full of excitement and adventure.

Attend Carnival in Brazil

Jump on a plane to Brazil and join in the party at Carnival – it’s an experience you’ll never forget! From Mardi Gras parades, building a lemonade stand, taking a hot air balloon ride for better views, or running through vibrant colors with friends during the Color Run 5k.

Visit local farmers’ markets for fresh produce – great practice before major holidays.

Do a Color Run 5k

Experience the joy of running through a kaleidoscope of color with friends at a Color Run 5k! The fresh atmosphere and vibrant colors make this an excellent way to check off one’s own bucket list. Sunrise Joy is in abundance as you tour around, challenging yourself while having fun.

Springtime makes it even more special since weeks of peak bloom are usually when festivals occur during this time of year.

See Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Visit the vibrant, lively city of New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras – a festival like no other! From street music and carnival parades to mason jars filled with summer heat, this is one cultural experience you don’t want to miss.

Best things about Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Here’s a list of things: colorful costumes, mouthwatering food and drinks, and excited crowds taking part in various activities.

So check off your bucket list with an unforgettable trip down south for all the fun that awaits at Mardi Gras!

Visit the Beaches in South Beach

Soak up the sun and indulge in the vibrant culture of South Beach by strolling along its beautiful beaches! From swimming to beachside dinners, sunset strolls or stargazing, there are endless ways to enjoy this incredible spring bucket list destination.

Explore national parks for outdoor activities like fishing or kayaking. Discover new ideas on early March getaways with friends or family.

Eat Your Weight in Pastries in Paris

Indulge in Paris’ world-famous pastries and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience! Learn the intricate baking techniques behind classic pastry types like éclairs and macarons while you explore the unique flavors of French cuisine.

Try out different crepe recipes with friends or family, decorated with colorful mason jars filled with fresh fruits.

Learn and Create

Learn and Create
Greet the day with a spirit of exploration and adventure! With your spring bucket list, you can learn to make charcuterie boards, visit the local farmers market, take up photography, renovate a room, or make your own time capsule.

Find joy in discovering new skills and experiences while cherishing moments spent with family and friends.

Learn to Make Charcuterie Boards

Try your hand at making a charcuterie board this spring! Head to the farmers market for berry picking and garden planning, then start creating. Mason jars filled with colorful fruits and vegetables make great centerpieces. Use the shoulder months of peak bloom for a surefire way to success! Enjoy plenty of things like sunset viewing while completing boards.

Visit the Local Farmers Market

Head to your local farmers’ market and soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of spring! Browse mason jars filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. Plan a fishing trip or Easter egg hunt for the family. Get ready for berry picking in peak bloom – 6-12 months ahead at national parks! Capture amazing family pictures while making crafts together.

Learn Photography

Capture the beauty of spring and learn photography! Reach out to nature with creative ideas, from mason jars filled with vibrant fruits to wildlife in the most beautiful national parks. Take advantage of weeks of peak bloom and capture moments that will last forever.

What better way is there to mark this year’s spring bucket list than learning the art of photography? With great reason—you won’t want to miss out on all these amazing colors, sights, and textures! So grab your camera or phone today for some stunning shots from nature.

Renovate a Room

Revamp a room in your home for the perfect spring refresh! Get inspired to upcycle furniture with DIY projects or try new paint colors. Use mason jars filled with vibrant fruits and flowers to bring life into any space.

These renovations are sure to last 6-12 months, so take advantage of weeks of peak bloom and create something special this year as part of your spring bucket list ideas.

Make a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule of memories to look back on when the season changes and life moves forward – mark your moments in time with keepsakes that will remind you where you were this spring.

Make it special by including items such as:

  • Photos from an adventure outdoors
  • A pressed flower from discovering nature
  • An art piece created to capture beauty
  • A new recipe tried out for fun.

Explore, create, and enjoy each moment! Embrace the freedom that comes with making memories, try something new, or simply relax and bask in joy – all without ever leaving home.

Let this be a reminder of what can be accomplished when we take advantage of our own power to make beautiful things happen during springtime!

Indulge and Relax

Indulge and Relax
Kick off your spring with a season of indulgence and relaxation! Unwind from the stresses of everyday life with a hot cup of tea and an engaging book. Pamper yourself by having an at-home spa day, getting a fresh spring manicure, or taking that epic break you’ve been dreaming about.

And don’t forget to take advantage of amazing prices for Bora Bora – this is one trip you won’t want to miss! Enjoy every moment and let the beauty of spring fill your soul.

Relax With a Hot Tea and a Good Book

Take a break and curl up with a cup of hot tea and your favorite book this spring – let the words whisk you away to another world!

Dive into new realms through night reading, explore unique perspectives during teatime chats, or take some time to relax your mind while making your own tea.

From tea tasting sessions to joining a book clubbing circle – there’s something for everyone on the road toward relaxation.

Experience liberation as you journey down avenues of discovery that fill the soul with understanding and belonging.

Embrace each moment in all its glory; make it yours through thoughtful exploration!

Have an at Home Spa Day

Indulge in a luxurious spa day at home this spring and pamper yourself with beauty treatments, calming scents, and soothing music. Have fun hosting Spa Parties with friends or go solo for an intimate DIY treatment session.

Let go of all worries – it’s time to treat yourself like royalty this spring!

Get a Fresh Spring Manicure

Give your nails a fresh look this season with a spring manicure! Follow some simple tips to make sure your nail care is top quality.

Start by getting rid of any old polish and filing down the edges for a tidy finish. Choose vibrant colors for an eye-catching look or go classic with clear and sheer shades.

Add some cute nail art to take the style up another notch, then get ready to show off those perfectly polished fingertips at spa days or special events all season long!

Make sure you treat yourself right – give your hands the pampering they deserve this spring with an exquisite manicure that will shine brighter than ever before.

Take an Epic Spring Break Trip

Plan an unforgettable adventure this season and explore the world on a spring break trip! Go fishing, berry picking, create a time capsule, or build your own lemonade stand. Get creative with fun activities like water balloon fights or take some downtime to relax in nature.

Pack light and be sure to capture all of those memories for years to come – you won’t regret it! Enjoy the weather and make every moment count during this unique getaway that will leave you feeling liberated and connected with yourself.

Visit Bora Bora for AMAZING Prices

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in Bora Bora at amazing prices this spring! Explore the stunning islands, hop between them, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture. Enjoy whale watching or savor local cuisine – whatever your heart desires. Discover a sense of freedom as you take time out to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, surrounded by crystal waters and lush tropical jungles.

Connect With Nature

Connect With Nature
Open your eyes to the beauty of spring! Enjoy a morning bird-watching session and marvel at the wonders of nature. Take a trip to your local farmer’s market and treat yourself to fresh produce. Plant some herbs, vegetables, or flowers in your garden for some added color.

After dark, grab a blanket and head out to stargaze – you won’t regret it! End the evening with friends by watching an unforgettable beach sunset together.

Try Bird Watching

Explore the great outdoors and experience nature’s beauty up close by trying birdwatching this spring! Take a trip to your local park with berry picking in mind. Or have a family game of a water balloon fight followed by a nature scavenger hunt.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Visit a farmer’s market this spring to get the freshest local produce and support your community – in fact, almost one-third of farmers’ markets across the U.

Plant a Garden

Grow your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers this spring by planting a garden! Make it an unforgettable season with berry-picking adventures and special fishing trips. Get creative for game night – host Easter egg hunts or yoga classes in the backyard.

Enjoy quality time outdoors surrounded by nature’s beauty while creating lasting memories with family and friends.


Gaze up at the night sky this spring and take in the beauty of the stars with a stargazing session. Get lost among star clusters, explore dark skies, and enjoy unparalleled views. From meteor showers to sunrise views, there’s something magical about connecting with nature beneath an illuminated canopy of stars.

Bring out your night vision binoculars for enhanced viewing or just lie back on your blanket to observe constellations above you – an experience like no other! Stargazing is a must-do activity that will leave you feeling liberated and connected to something bigger than yourself.

See a Beach Sunset With

Experience the beauty of a beach sunset this spring and feel transformed by its majestic hues. Go fishing, dye eggs, make crafts, have a picnic, and explore nature – there’s so much to do! Get lost in the golden hour as you watch the horizon turn from azure blue to fiery red.

Feel connected with your inner self and take in every moment before nightfall sets in.

Enjoy romantic strolls along shorelines or adventurous hikes through nature trails – each experience unique yet equally captivating! Let go of worries for an evening filled with relaxation while immersing yourself in breathtaking landscapes that will stay etched in your memory forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some fun spring activities for couples?

For couples, spring is the perfect time to get creative and explore together! Take a romantic bike ride, have a picnic in the park, or go stargazing. Attend an outdoor festival for some fun activities. Plan an epic prank on April Fool’s Day or bake something special with seasonal fruits.

What is the best way to explore nature during spring?

Explore nature this spring by taking a bike ride, going fishing, birdwatching, or camping. Try stargazing or even take a hot air balloon ride to get an amazing view of the season! Enjoy your freedom and liberation with friends and family as you discover new places in the great outdoors.

How can I freshen up my home for spring?

Freshen up your home for spring by adding fresh flowers, decorating with vibrant colors, rearranging furniture for a new look, and donating items you no longer need.

How can I celebrate special occasions in spring?

Celebrate special occasions in the spring with a hot air balloon ride at sunrise! Take friends and family on an epic adventure, soaring high above stunning views.

What are some unique learning opportunities in spring?

Explore the world with a nature hike, take up yoga classes to learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques, attend a local outdoor festival for cultural experiences, or go camping in the great outdoors.


It’s time to create your ultimate spring bucket list and start planning for an amazing season! From outdoor adventures to at-home activities, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Take the time to explore and appreciate nature, reconnect with family and friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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