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Spring Lawn Care Tips (and a Project Checklist 2023)

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The actions you take during the spring every year play an important function in whether you’ll have a stunning lawn that can take on the warm summer season ahead. In this short article, we’ll review my top spring lawn care tips and tasks.

I’ll share all things you require to do this spring in order to obtain prepared to enjoy a lavish eco-friendly lawn all year.

Let’s get going!

Spring Lawn Care Project Checklist

Spring Clean Up - Part of Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

Every spring I suggest you take on the following tasks to establish your lawn up for success:

  • Lawn mower Maintenance
  • Carry Out a Soil Test
  • Tidy up Winter Debris
  • Tackle Major Lawn Projects if Needed (overseed, aerate, dethatch)
  • Tackle Small Lawn Repairs as Needed (repair work thin and patchy areas, side yard beds)
  • Make Use Of a Pre-Emergent Herbicide to Block Annual Weeds
  • Fertilize and also Amend with Micronutrients as Recommended by Soil Test

In this short article I’ll provide a summary of each of these things and projects.

And bear in mind that where you live and the sort of lawn you have will certainly contribute in what tasks you must tackle this spring (I’ll explain).

Actions for Early Spring

In the early spring, keep in mind to tune up your lawn mower. Part of this entails altering the air filter as well as oil, along with the ignition system. You can do every one of this yourself as well as it’ll cost you concerning $20 and 30 mins of your time.

Spring Mower Tune Up

You ought to additionally take some time to get rid of all the dirt and yard clippings on the leading and undercarriage of your lawn mower. Keep on your own safe by removing the ignition system wire before you do any operate in the location of the cutting blade.

When cleaning below your lawnmower:

  • Raise one side of the device as well as brush away all the dried grass.
  • If there is any type of hard dried out lawn, utilize a putty knife or hand trowel to obtain it loosened.
  • After you’ve done this, you’ll have the ability to develop the blade of the lawnmower (if required) using a set like this one which sets you back less than $15 on Amazon If it has evaluated or nicks, you will probably wish to replace it, which is simple to do as well as you can discover the best blade with a quick search on Amazon or in other places with your lawn mower’s model in the query.
  • When this is done, ensure to fill your fuel container with fresh gas.

Before you trim your lawn, see to it to pick up any type of branches, branches or various other debris on your lawn You’ll be surprised at just how much of this can collect over the winter months. I put my kids to work event pine cones every spring

If you have a garden compost heap, separate your raw material into small pieces and add the twigs and also branches to it. Use your rake to do away with any kind of dead turf on the lawn This can also be placed on the compost pile.

The only exception to this is if there are weeds in the dead yard. You can compost those, yet I usually toss them in the garbage because I don’t want to reestablish their seeds later.

Spring Lawn Care for Different Grass Types

Where you live, and the kind of grass you have in your lawn will dictate exactly how you need to care for your lawn in the spring

Warm-Season Grasses

Warm-season yards (such as Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, as well as St. Augustine), succeed in heat as well as then end up being dormant in the cold months. You’ll locate that your warm-season yard will start its growth once the late spring frost mores than.

Spring Lawn Care for Warm Season Grasses

The center of the summertime is when you’ll see the complete beauty of your lawn with this grass type.

Late spring is an excellent time to oversee this type of yard and also do your spring lawn tasks. It allows your brand-new yard to develop itself over the summer season throughout the best period for its development.

Plant warm-season turfs when the temperature level outside remains in the 70s as well as your dirt temperature level goes to least in the 60s prior to. It’s vital that there is no more any type of chance of a frost.

Wait up until the later components of the spring prior to you plant warm-season grass seed.

Cool-Season Grasses

Your cool-season grasses will have trouble in the warm summer season months, particularly if you have not made appropriate prep work (such as the ones I’m cooperating this short article) in the spring

Spring Lawn Care for Cool Season Grasses

Spring lawn care will make sure your cool-season turf has what it requires to take on the stress and anxiety of the summertime.

Spring vs Fall Overseeding for Cool Season Grasses

Personally, I advise that you overseed cool-season grasses in the autumn and not the spring, however if you time it right, Spring overseeding can function (however your brand-new lawn might call for even more water with the summertime).

Plant cool-season grasses when air temperatures are consistently in the 60s and also the risk of frost has passed, generally in the very early spring All lawn seed requires dirt of a specific temperature to sprout, as well as these temperatures will suggest that the seedlings you place in have the ability to obtain their origins properly developed before the summer.

With cool-season lawns, it’s essential to stay clear of getting brought away with way too much fertilizer in the spring months. Your grass is going to prosper during this season anyway, so your money is much better spent babying it via the summer when all the grass in your neighborhood begin obtaining crispy.

Examination Your Soil in Spring, No Matter What

Regardless of what kind of yard you have or where you live, it’s important to evaluate your soil early in the spring

Test Your Soil

If you locate that your dirt is also acidic or alkaline for your kind of lawn, there are points you can do to adjust the pH, like spreading lime in your lawn. And you may find that you have plenty of nitrogen offered already, as well as would be far better off investing money on Iron or other micro-nutrients to boost the efficiency of your yard.

You can obtain your dirt examined by sending a sample to an extension workplace or you can just purchase your very own dirt test kit. I utilize this set every spring It offers me an excellent analysis of my soil, informing me what my dirt requires, what it doesn’t, and saves me money by maintaining me from applying the incorrect items to my lawn.

If you recognize where you stand in the spring, you can generate a plan that will benefit your lawn as well as assist it flourish all season.

soil test cover 8

Soil Test Kits I’ve Used Recommend

There are several alternatives for evaluating your lawn ‘s dirt, however I choose a lab-based dirt test that will offer a comprehensive analysis of your dirt’s nutrients and what it needs for your lawn to grow.

MySoil Test Kit on Amazon

LawnServ’s Test Kit

And if you’re interested in taking the guesswork out of what to do next after you get your dirt examination results, take into consideration before signing up for one of LawnServ’s membership boxes They’ll evaluate your soil and curate the products your lawn demands, mailing them to you with every little thing you require (consisting of in-depth directions). It’s rather fool-proof– Click on this link to find out more

Small Lawn Care Lawn Repair Projects for Spring

These are several of the smaller tasks that you’ll intend to tackle this spring if you’re lawn remains in good condition already.

Handle Bare Spots in Your Lawn

The majority of grass will receive some winter damages, and also in the spring you will certainly need to recognize problem areas and repair any bare areas that you have in your lawn

Repairing Winter Damage to Lawn

See to it to apply water to locations that you re-seed daily for a minimum of a week. It’s best if you continue watering until the yard reaches a minimum of 2 inches in height.

Make Use Of a Weed Prevention Product

If you have a northern lawn and also you’ve had problems with crabgrass or various other weeds, utilize a pre-emergent weed prevention product in the early part of the spring

If you stay in the south and you currently have weeds, use a fertilizer that aids protect against and kill weeds.

There are ones readily available on the market that eliminates clover as well as dollarweed while feeding your lawn

Usage Fertilizer

Use a plant food or lawn food to your lawn in the early spring, around the time when you first trim your yard.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn This Spring

Such an item will help nourish lawn origins and also promote far better growth, which can assist your lawn crowd out weeds.

I such as to utilize a natural, slow-release plant food vs. synthetic one. Not only is it safer for children and animals, yet grass expand swiftly in the spring as it is. If you over-fertilize you’ll just require cutting much more often as well as your lawn possibly won’t look dramatically much better.

Change Your Mower

It’s best to adjust your mower deck to ensure that you cut the turf as high as you can for the kind of turf that you have. Allowing your lawn expand taller results in deeper origins, and also these will certainly locate moisture much more effectively, keeping your lawn looking eco-friendly throughout the dog days of summer season.

Mowing Lawn in Spring

A taller, thicker yard cover will also help to avoid weeds from obtaining the light they need to expand.

The elevation at which you establish your lawn lawn mower blade depends upon what sort of lawn you have. Generally, a blade elevation in between 3 and 4 inches is perfect. This is the highest possible setup of most mower blades.

If you have Centipede or Zoysia yard, you’ll cut reduced to an optimum height of 3 inches, though around 1. 5 inches normally.

Major Lawn Care Lawn Repair Projects for Spring

Occasionally your lawn remains in negative shape and calls for some more aggressive activity to set it up for success.

These are some projects you can deal with in the spring (and just how to tackle them).


Thatch creates on your lawn when lawn trimmings and dead turf construct up as well as being squashed. Thatch is damaging to your lawn since it can interfere with germination of new seed that you put down. It also makes your lawn extra susceptible to invasion by pests and also fungi growth and can prevent water and also oxygen from reaching the origins of your lawn

Dethatch Your Lawn in Spring if Needed

To dethatch your lawn, you can make use of a dethatching rake or just a regular rake that has especially tight tines.

For bigger grass rent a power rake from your regional box shop or equipment rental electrical outlet.


I typically aerate my lawn in the autumn, however spring is a good time to correctly freshen your lawn ‘s soil too.

Why Aerate Your Lawn in Spring

Oygenation is an important lawn care technique due to the fact that it lets extra water as well as air to reach the roots of your turf. It requires to be done because with time, soil gets compressed as well as this creates tough conditions for grass development.

There are hand tools you can use, yet I advise renting a core aerator for the day. If you have a neighbor that is into lawn care, split the price as well as share it.

Overseeding in the Spring

Overseeding can be an excellent method to reinforce your lawn and also obtain it prepared for the heat of the summer.

That’s because the procedure aids you accomplish a healthier, thicker lawn, as well as this will aid to avoid weeds from settling and also expanding.

Overseeding in Springtime

Prior to overseeding, make certain to reduce your yard to the most affordable lawn mower setting. Afterwards, bag up all the trimmings. Once you’ve trimmed the lawn, chill out the soil’s top layer by utilizing your rake. This will certainly likewise aid to remove any particles or dead turf. Doing so will make it simpler for your turf seed to take origin and for the roots to come to be effectively developed.

I such as to apply my seed and starter plant food (I make use of this set in the spring, after that fertilize my lawn by applying a layer of screened compost concerning a quarter of an inch thick.

This will aid to make the seed correctly resolve and will secure it from birds and also keep it damp.

Just be specific that you don’t take down such a huge quantity that you can ruin the yard that’s already on your lawn, however. Do not exceed a quarter of an inch.

The Work You do in Spring will Be Enjoyed All Season

Ideal spring lawn care practices can make your lawn ready to manage the stress and anxiety of hot summertime weather condition, in addition to other challenges throughout the year.

Lawn Care Spring

It’s worth making the effort and spending some money and sources to establish your residential or commercial property up for the expanding period. Do so, and you can be a honored home owner all year.

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