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Stihl Vs Husqvarna Chainsaws: Comparison and Buyer’s Guide (2022)

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The Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaws matchup ranks up there with Apple vs Android, Windows vs macOS, Pepsi vs Coke, Nike vs Reebok, as well as Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts as relates to terrific rivalries between popular brands.

As well as while the high quality supplied by both brands suggests that figuring out which is best could look like splitting hairs, for those in the understand there are a handful of substantial differences in between the 2 brand names’ offerings that make them a much better or even worse option for your backyard jobs, whether you’re felling trees, pruning, or simply trimming fire wood to dimension.

How to Choose a Chainsaw

In the next couple of areas, we’ll be discussing the individual top qualities of either power saw choice to provide you an extensive introduction.

Gas Chainsaws

Let’s obtain straight to the lower line: gas chain saws are generally the best wager for more heavy-duty and large-scale projects such as felling trees, reducing substantial branches, or reducing up either of the above for fire wood.

Gas-powered tools are also one of the most mobile because of their cord as well as battery-free implementation and offer greater cutting capability owing to their larger engine size as well as resultant upgrade in raw power.

While gas-powered chainsaws are loud, hefty, require more maintenance, and have recurring gas expenses, their power makes cutting a lot easier as well as their mobility suggests they’re the best option if you prepare to use your chainsaw much from a power resource.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are ideally fit to smaller projects such as trimming, cutting, as well as reducing up smaller branches near a power source.

Although less powerful than gas-powered chainsaws, electric versions are generally much lighter, easier to deal with, cheaper, lower upkeep, much easier to make use of, quieter, as well as don’t have the same ongoing gas costs and also high emissions.

If, therefore, you have lighter jobs to take of that are close to a source of power and also don’t mind an electrical cable dangling about, then an electrical power saw will most probably serve your requirements even more than effectively.

Engine Capacity

A lot of gas-powered chainsaws have engine capacities in between 32cc and also 60cc. As you may think of, those at the lower end of the range are most suitable for lighter work but are usually slower cutters as well as do not supply the power called for to do any considerable logging or felling.

Offered the above, it might be alluring to select beefier a design in the 50-60cc range, however it’s well worth keeping in mind that, though effective, such models often feature several disadvantages, consisting of even more mass and weight (and also, therefore, less maneuverability), boosted gas intake, and also can set you back as much as two times as high as low-powered machines.

Guide Bar Length

In other words, the length of the guide bar on any type of maker will identify the thickness of the timber it’s qualified to puncture as well as how easy it is to manage.

As a general regulation, shorter guide bars produce much easier handling however are additionally only efficient in cutting with slimmer logs or trees, consequently making them a better selection for pruning and also resizing fire wood but not so great for dropping trees.

To navigate this trouble, some devices are compatible with differing dimensions of the guide bar (generally from 14″ to 20″), but in order to take pleasure in that adaptability, you’ll need to pay out another sizeable whack of $ to get a 2nd blade.


While some lightweight power saws can evaluate in at just 10 extra pounds, numerous, much heavier models push and even surpass the twenty-pound mark.

This, of course, has a huge bearing on just how very easy to handle the maker will be. If you happen to have Popeye-type forearms and also do not mind schlepping the weight of a well-fed kid around for as long as you’re cutting, after that better models may be an alternative, however it’s worth birthing in mind that having much less control over your maker makes crashes a lot more likely.

As you could visualize, there’s normally also a trade-off between weight as well as efficiency, with much heavier designs generally supplying even more power, using larger blades, and also having larger fuel capabilities. If none of these are important, we ‘d extremely recommend going with a more workable equipment at the lower end of the weight scale.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

This attribute might look like an appealing however non-essential add-on, but only if you’ve never ever needed to stop several times throughout a cutting session, venture out your devices, and also change the chain stress on your saw manually.

Chain tensioning is a component power saw usage as well as being something needed often in many systems. As such, the tool-less tensions can be a big time-saver as well as likewise make you more probable to prevent the damage to the saw, the chain, or the bar that can result an inadequately tensioned chain on those occasions when you determined to press on with a task to get it ended up rather than putting in the time to stop as well as lube up.

If simplicity of use and benefit are your thing, seek a version with a tool-less tensioning system such as a wheel tensioner– it may establish you back a few even more $ however it will save you a whole lot of time and inconvenience, specifically if you’re most likely to be using your maker often or on larger tasks.

Easy-Start System

Another function helpful to ease-of-use and also benefit is the easy-start system, something that is a feature in the majority of, yet not all, gas-powered designs of a chainsaw.

Both Stihl (Ergostart) and also Husqvarna (Smart Start) makes use of easy-start systems in their power saw systems. For our money, the far better of the two is the Ergostart , which is really easy to pull without tossing on your own off equilibrium thanks to a proprietary springtime in the recoil mechanism.

Automatic Oiler

A well-lubricated chain is important to keeping your power saw reducing effectively. When a chain isn’t properly lubed, the rubbing in between the chain and the wood boosts and with it the danger of

electric motors or chain damage, or, worst-case scenario, kickback, which is the leading source of chainsaw-related injuries

Automatic oilers releases a stable flow of oil while the maker functions as well as being a usual attribute on a lot of power saws, however some automated filters are much better than others. Naturally, many brands proclaim their automated oilers as super-efficient and tidy and also determining to what level this is real can be challenging. The only way to really do so is to review customer reviews and also check how inefficient with oil and also messy any kind of equipment is, as well as how liable the blade is to sticking due to a lack of oil in the system.

Safety and security Feature

We most likely do not require to inform you that power saws are unsafe, neither that acquiring a tool that ratings highly on security functions is the method to go. However, the safety and security attributes in different tools vary substantially in their performance. Basically, simply having them isn’t enough. Below, we’ve determined just how the most typical attributes job and also what you ought to look for when acquiring.

Safety and security Switch

Numerous power saws include a safety switch that avoids the trigger from being inadvertently involved by a branch or log, or by your hand when moving between cuts. While this feature comes as standard on most gadgets, it’s well worth inspecting before purchasing– if it is not there, we ‘d suggest you to invest your cash in other places.

Chain Brake

The chain brake is usually situated on a power saw’s front take care of and is set off when kickback presses the customer’s hand versus the button, at which to aim the chain stops instantly to prevent severe injury. While preventing kickback generally comes down to deal with use, this function is well worth having for those strange events when your concentration slips, a tough cut takes you better down bench than you intend, or when relocating between cuts.

Stihl or Husqvarna: Brand Overview


This Swedish brand has been on the go considering that the late 17th century (no joke) and also initially made its name as a supplier of firearms. Muskets are no longer part of the Husqvarna brochure however these days the brand churns out a variety of yard devices and also backcountry devices like knives and outdoor camping axes.

Husqvarna has a lengthy custom of producing high-grade, durable lawn devices, and its option of chainsaws is no exception.

But how do its power saws contrast to those of Stihl? We’ve highlighted the major distinctions listed below.

  • Likewise sized and valued Husqvarna makers are usually a lot more effective as well as reduced faster than Stihl models
  • Husqvarna equipments are a little larger
  • Husqvarna devices have larger gas tanks (as well as, hence, longer runtimes)
  • Husqvarna machines are less hoggish on the gas
  • Come with longer warranties


Created in Stuttgart, Germany, back in 1926, Stihl is now based out of Virginia. Like Husqvarna, the brand name creates a variety of power devices yet is primarily renowned for its premium chainsaws.

Some basic monitoring we can make concerning Stihl power saws consist of the following:

  • Smaller fuel tanks make Stihl systems lighter and much easier to take care of …
  • … but additionally implies they require extra regular refueling
  • Reduced torque makes them better on tougher timbers
  • Stihl equipments are less costly than similar Husqvarna devices
  • The majority of devices come with much shorter guarantees

The Best of Both Brands

Currently that we’ve seen what makes an excellent chainsaw and recognize a little bit extra regarding the backgrounds of Husqvarna as well as Stihl, let’s take an appearance at 2 of the best chainsaws on deal from both brands.

1. Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

This monster of a device is readily available in 20 as well as 24-inch versions, however, for the majority of non-commercial customers the 18-inch bar on the Rancher will certainly extra than suffice.

This isn’t the most inexpensive chainsaw out there, provided, but in return for your expense you obtain extremely effective, 50.2cc, 2-cycle engines with low exhausts, a SmartStart easy-start system, a reasonably convenient weight of 12.8 is, as well as thousands of quality throughout the device.

What we such as most around this power saw is its flexibility, with its easy to use features and light, manageable weight making it suitable for everything from dropping big trees to a lot more fragile procedures like pruning or cutting firewood.

Various other great features include an automatic oiler, an easy-to-use tensioning system, and also a resonance reduction system that’s surprisingly efficient for such an effective device.

To top everything off, this power saw includes a 4-year guarantee– a massive 3 even more than on units made by rival Stihl.

What We Like

  • 18-inch bar
  • Powerful 3.2 hp, 50.2 cc engines
  • Quick-release air filter streamlines cleansing
  • Remarkable fuel effectiveness
  • Effective resonance reduction system
  • Easy to start
  • Chain brake and also inertia chain brake
  • Reliable automatic chain oiler
  • Easy as well as fast side-mounted chain tensioning system
  • 4-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • It’s a little bit of a gas-guzzler

2. Stihl MS 251 C-BE 18-inch bar 45.6 or

This feature-rich chainsaw is one for those who want a user-friendly, lightweight gadget that does not make too numerous compromises in terms of overall performance.

Evaluating in at a mere 11.9 lbs, this chainsaw uses very simple handling as well as being suitable for those who imagine using it for much less heavy-duty tasks like dropping little trees, trimming and thinning, and also cutting firewood.

And also for such a light-weight equipment, the MS 251 additionally supplies lots of power and reducing performance comparable with many much heavier power saws thanks to its 45.6 cc engine, 18-inch bars, and also STIHL’s Easy2Start beginning system.

This device also comes with a bespoke chain-tightener that does not need extra tools, provides to 20% gas cost savings as well as 50% minimized exhausts compared to previous iterations of this version, has an efficient vibration-reduction system, and also flaunts a handful of safety features, most especially a Quickstop chain stopping system, front and back hand guards, and a ‘Master Control Lever’ that minimizes the risk of mishaps forcibly the individual to pull the throttle trigger prior to running the choke.

What We Like

  • Suitable with 14″, 16″, and also 18″ bars
  • Powerful 45.6 cc engine runs at simply under 3hp
  • Lightweight (11.9 pounds)
  • The reliable resonance reduction system
  • Quick chain tensioning
  • Automatic file
  • Easy to begin

What We Don’t Like

  • Short guarantee (one year)
  • Expensive
  • High gas usage

Verdict: Stihl or Husqvarna Chainsaws

Deciding which of these 2 remarkable brands uses the best chainsaw will eventually depend upon what you need your power saw to do.

As profits, we ‘d suggest that both brands provide such top quality devices that you can’t truly go wrong, however if pushed to recommend which of the two is best for your jobs, we would certainly offer the following:

If you’re most likely to be using the saw regularly on tougher and bigger jobs, then the added power and also runtime are most likely to make Husqvarna versions your best wager. If, nevertheless, you’re a lot more interested in having an easy-to-use machine that requires much less maintenance and also is better matched to smaller tasks that call for simpler handling and also much better maneuverability, most of the times an equivalent design from Stihl will certainly greater than suffice as well as, most likely, save you a small handful of $ too.

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