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Straight Vs Curved Trimmer: What’s the Difference? (2023)

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When you are searching to get a new trimmer, you will recognize there are a plethora of possibilities to select from. To narrow down the possibilities, you are probably to take into consideration aspects of this kind of as double string, brand single, electrical power supply and so forth.

One more issue you could be looking at is regardless of whether you really should use a curved or straight trimmer. You need to have to take into consideration the variations in between the two for you to figure out the best solution for your desires. We have researched the variations in between the two to make your choice simple.

The Primary Trimmer Distinctions

It will not matter the sort of electrical power your trimmer makes use of. There are 3 major variations in between a curved and straight trimmer. The initial is the angled head. Secondly, excess weight and dimensions are to be regarded as. Lastly, you have to take into consideration the inner workings of the device.

Let’s have a appear at all these common factors:

Curved Head

The curve in a curved trimmer helps make it much easier to control. At the identical time, it is usually extra relaxed to hold when you are functioning.

In spite of these gains, these trimmers are extra challenging to maintain degree. A straight edition has a greater benefit when it comes to reaching below or all around obstacles this kind of as backyard furnishings.

Drive Chain

A drive chain is a device that is accountable for triggering the strings to spin. Normally, it connects the head to the motor for this perform to be achievable.

In a curved model, the drive chain will have to be bent. The end result is an adverse result on its sturdiness. This implies straight versions final longer than their curved counterparts.

Bodyweight and Dimension

Frequently, straight trimmers are the heavier and more substantial model of the two. The initial issue to take into consideration is they will present you a longer attain.

On the downside, they weigh extra which means they are extra of an ache to carry all around. Curved trimmers have a tendency to be lighter and smaller sized creating them much easier to carry all around.

Drawbacks and Rewards of Each and every Trimmer

Allow us consider a appear at the pros and drawbacks of just about every:

What’s Superior About Curved Trimmers

Curved trimmers are much easier to wield, greater balanced and lighter. They are the best solution for common yard servicing. They are also suited for lighter perform in which precision is extra essential than electrical power.

With this in thoughts, a curved trimmer is the best solution for jobs in which you need to have to perform for lengthy intervals. The unit does not weigh as a lot as a straight trimmer and it will not give you a stiff back or sore arms.

Their dimension helps make them much easier to transport and retailer. This implies they are a greater selection if you need to have to use it in diverse destinations or when you have constrained storage room. Moreover, they are the much less expensive solution enabling you to conserve a number of bucks all through obtain.


• It is consumer-pleasant• Finest for precision operate• Frequently value much less than straight trimmers• Can be stored and transported simply• Simpler to use due to their lightness• Greater balanced

What’s Terrible About Curved Trimmers

These trimmers are usually not as resilient as straight trimmers. This is mainly because of their curved head that necessitates the drive chain to bend.

The identical function helps make them have much less torque which means they provide much less electrical power to the cutting strings. As this kind of them are not advised for hefty-duty jobs.

They are straightforward to use, but most are not compatible with add-ons. For instance, you are not able to attach an edger or pole noticed. The vast majority of straight trimmer versions have the solution of attaching this kind of add-ons.

One more disadvantage of the curved head is that it is rather a challenge to minimize all around obstacles. For illustration, trimming beneath backyard furnishings is awkward when you use a curved trimmer as a substitute of a straight trimmer.

Frequently, curved trimmers are shorter than the straight ones. This implies they are extra challenging to maintain a degree and they present you much less attain. Taller individuals could locate applying this sort of trimmer to be tiresome given that they will have to bend extra.


• Awkward when dealing with obstacles• Shorter attain• Is not as impressive as other versions• Does not final lengthy

What’s Superior about Straight Trimmers

The vast majority of straight trimmers are longer than their curved counterparts. This implies you will get greater attain when you are functioning. Moreover, as a tall gardener, you will not have to bend a great deal.

Drive chains in straight trimmers are straight. As an end result, they will often supply you with greater torque that offers you extra electrical power. These trimmers are advised for hefty-duty, tougher jobs.

Versatility is an additional benefit of straight trimmers. They are capable of accepting diverse add-ons.

The drive chain in a straight trimmer experiences much less worry than a single on a curved trimmer given that it does not have to bend. Much less worry on the drive chain implies it lasts longer.


• It will not bend a great deal and has a longer attain• Lasts lengthy• Finest suited for hefty-duty jobs• Versatile due to acceptance of numerous add-ons• Highly effective

What’s Not Superior About Straight Trimmers

Just like any other device, straight trimmers have their disadvantages. For starters, they are usually heavier and are extra challenging to manage. This implies they are not advised for smaller sized gardeners who are not able to wield a significant device.

Curved trimmers are extra balanced than straight trimmers. Normally, the value of a straight trimmer is greater than a curved a single. If you are functioning on a price range, this could be one thing you could need to have to take into consideration.

The angle of a straight trimmer helps make it probably to kick up debris and cuttings extra than a curved trimmer. If you strategy to apply a single, you will need to have to be certain you have the ideal protective tools and clothes.


• Is extra costly• Kicks up debris• Much less properly balanced• Heavier

How to Use a String Trimmer Like a Professional

Acquiring the best trimmer is a single issue. Employing it the ideal way is an additional concern. A straight or curved trimmer will provide the expert end result and overall performance only when it is utilized in the ideal way.

So how do you use it like an expert? Do you need to have to consider some security precautions? The following is comprehensive details on how to use a trimmer successfully.

Know Your Trimmer

The initial stage to applying a weed eater is to comprehend your device. Get time to locate details on the trimmers readily available in the industry.

A straight and curved trimmer make use of the identical mechanism. Even so, just about every operates in a different way from the other.

Security Precautions for Employing A Trimmer

The cutting prospective of any trimmer is wonderful. You can only comprehend this if you have utilized it or noticed another person applying it. The following are beneficial suggestions that be certain you remain protected when applying the device:

Protective Gear

Lines utilized in trimmers is identified to common a velocity of 3,000 revolutions per minute. What comes about if the line is faulty and it decides to snap? Make certain you have the protective gear on your feet, hands, and eyes.

Use the ideal helmet to shield your encounter. A pair of hard gloves and sturdy trousers are advised. Dress in an earplug if your trimmer is noisy.

Thoughts the Cables of the Trimmer

Energy provide connections are critical for any trimmer. Even however an electrical curved and straight trimmer does not have the identical electrical power as gasoline-operated trimmers, they have adequate cutting electrical power to injury cable insulation.

Broken cables cut down the efficacy of the cables and will lead to a quick circuit. Be mindful about slipping and tripping hazards.

View Your Surroundings

Get note of your surroundings prior to you use a trimmer. Flying debris this kind of as pebbles could hit and injure pets or bystanders. In addition, buildings with doors and windows produced applying glass are at threat. You need to have to make certain you are not functioning close to this kind of premises or animals.

Care for Liquid Fumes

The most impressive trimmer makes use of gasoline. This kind of resources, regardless of whether it is a curved or straight trimmer, makes use of hugely flammable fuel. At the identical time, it creates exhaust emissions.

This implies you need to have to be cautious of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous and invisible gasoline. With this in thoughts, you need to have to use your gasoline-powered trimmer outside or in a thoroughly ventilated setting.

Acquiring Expert Success from Trimmer

After you have understood your trimmer and you have taken the important precautions, it is time to apply what you have realized. Under is a comprehensive video exhibiting how you can use a curved or straight weed trimmer.

Cutting Path

Any machine that cuts grass or vegetation ejects the debris in a distinct path. All trimmers displace or eject debris and grass from the line and spool. The spinning path of the spool determines the path of displacement.

For instance, if the spool rotates clockwise, the debris will be ejected on the ideal side. The identical situation applies when the spool operates anti-clockwise.

Cutting Energy of a Trimmer

The cutting electrical power of a curved or straight trimmer is designed by centrifugal force. When a trimmer has a quicker cutting velocity, it implies the line will be stiffer. The end result is the trimmer will have a higher cutting prospective.

The vast majority of individuals think a trimmer can minimize successfully by hovering it more than grass. Regrettably, this is not genuine.

The cutting electrical power of any trimmer is generally centered on the ends of the trimming line. You will have to know the cutting level of any trimmer if you are to use it thoroughly.

Trimmer Methods

A curved or straight trimmer is an extremely versatile device. They all have 4 primary cutting methods. When you master these methods, you will have the best likelihood of finding the best benefits from your trimmer.

Trimming methods are tapering, scything, screening and edging. Each and every of these determine regardless of whether to use a curved or straight trimmer.

They have distinctive aesthetics based on the benefits you wish. The following is a breakdown of just about every of these methods:


Screening is successful and quick for cutting weeds and grass on paths, sidewalks and sidewalk cracks. The trimmer will be tipped in a way that it strings off the pavement. After you are completed, move it to the best of the minimize and weed.

Be mindful when you are screening. When a trimmer is angled also shallowly, it will consume into the string as a substitute of cutting. On the other hand, sharply angling the device will make the string incapable of hitting the weed base successfully.


The straightforward which means of scythe is obstruction. Scything is the strategy you use on longer weeds and grass. It is only achievable when you are applying gasoline-powered versions.

This distinct strategy is utilized when you want to minimize all around obstacles that are awkwardly positioned. The best trimmer for this kind of scenario is a straight trimmer.

To reach the best benefits, you need to have to use a lengthy stance. Observe by bringing the trimmer in and out of the cutting place applying a “U” shallow form.


This is generally related to edging in a number of strategies. Tapering can be best utilized to minimize along curbs, trees, fence lines, and walls. Tapering necessitates you to hold the trimmer in this kind of a way that it strikes the grass at slight angles.


Use this strategy in which there is a flush on very low surfaces. You will see a clean and sharp minimize finish. For illustration, edging is important for the place in between your drive and lawn, as properly as all around your flower beds.

To reach this, you need to have to maintain your trimmer parallel and flat to the ground . The most vital issue to do is to select your sought after minimize height and creating certain you are in a relaxed place.

Stroll into your minimize path. Due to the fact the device can simply eject debris and stones, be mindful.


It is challenging to say that a single trimmer is greater than an additional. What we advise is applying a single is greater for a distinct scenario.

When you are choosing in between the two, take into consideration the jobs you will be performing with the device. Also, take into consideration your bodily abilities. Matters this kind of as your height and power are regarded as. This way you will get the ideal trimmer to best suits your desires.

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