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String Trimmers Vs Edgers: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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Every person wishes to have an attractive yard, however upkeep can be challenging. If you have problem with long lawn, thick weeds, as well as having a hard time split concrete loaded with crabgrass, you require a string leaner and/or lawn edger. These functional tools are great for handling difficult patches of long greenery and also can assist you clear the location around the driveway and walkway in time for guests visiting.

In this guide, we will certainly cover the crucial functions of a string leaner vs lawn edger, and also what certifications are necessary to help you discover the best design on the marketplace. We even include some top-notch suggestions to assist you get the lawn you desire without the added problem.

1. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer

This Greenworks string trimmer is among the largest 40V battery-powered choices currently on the market. It has a distinct eco-friendly shade and a 12 ″ 065 dual-line that automobile feeds as opposed to calling for a bump. An attached variable rate trigger allows the individual to control how rapidly the leaner rotates and destroys lawn and also plant life underneath the strings.

When you buy this string leaner, you can choose in between a 2.0Ah and also 4.0Ah batteries, in addition to whether or not the battery and also charger are included. As an electrical model, the Greenworks 12-inch cordless string leaner can have the batteries charged before being used, which is what the charger is for. You do not need to maintain the trimmer connected in while in operation. The battery has 30 mins of run time typically as well as can hide to 1/2 acres.

This version weighs 15 lbs. As, well as being not add-on qualified. Nevertheless, it is lightweight as well as easy to utilize, even for people who are unskilled with trimmers Given that this leaner is battery-powered, it produces little noise and also much less kickback when used appropriately. A 2-year warranty is also consisted of.

Points We Like

  • Peaceful as well as lightweight
  • Covers a considerable quantity of ground in a single-use
  • Vehicle feeds for easy use

Things We Don’t Like

  • The battery is not immediately consisted of with purchase
  • Is not add-on suitable

2. Dewalt DCST925M1 String Trimmer

The Dewalt DCST925M1 string trimmer is optimal for individuals looking for a tool size string trimmer that strikes a balance in between power and flexibility. Each model uses a 13 in. Reducing swath with a 0.080 in. Line. The line is instantly fed and battery-powered, implying users can take it out of the garage as needed as well as obtain straight to work in the backyard.

The Dewalt string trimmer is black as well as yellow and has a gear drive transmission. The added power permits you to compel your way via also the most rowdy of turf and also plant life. The battery has around 45 minutes of life and consists of the battery upon purchase (a single lithium-ion one). The variable trigger likewise enables you to regulate the speed by revolving in between high and reduced. This implies you can manage just how much blowback that occurs in rough locations and whether or not you wish to tear via weeds or unwind on the lawn.

Besides these specifications, there are a few more information about the Dewalt DCST925M1 that makes the string leaner stand apart. Due to the fact that it is battery powered, it generates little sound as well as having a string feeder that is very easy to open for fast replacement. Each design weighs around 12 lbs. As, well as having full dimensions of 7.4 x 6.5 x 34 in. A 2-year guarantee is consisted of.

Points We Like

  • Lasting battery power
  • The battery is consisted of upon acquisition
  • The line is very easy to feed and replace
  • Effective adequate to reduce through hard plant life

Points We Didn’t Like

  • The head is much heavier than expected and produces an out of balance tool
  • The guard is small

3. WORX WG163 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer as well as Edger

Sometimes you want the best of both globes by integrating a string trimmer with a lawn edger. If this holds true for you, there is the WORX WG 163, a light-weight as well as battery-powered option ideal for people who wish to cut their turf and also remove the weeds around the driveway or strolling path. To achieve this, you can transform the tool from a leaner to a lawn edger and also back in a number of mins.

This version features an automated line feeder that uses a 10 ft. cutting line length and also a 0.065 in. Line diameter. The firm is just one of the just one to use free spindles permanently, so you do not require to bother with discovering your type at the store. The line develops a 12 in. Reducing diameter and also has a 7600 rpm no-load rate.

The spacer guard is adjustable and the head turns 90 degrees. This means you can control which plant life is targeted and also the angle of security for your legs, ankles, and also feet. There are also rubberized wheels to assist guide the trimmer as well as lawn edger while in use, making this model one of the easiest ones to utilize for newbies to lawn job.

This is one of one of the most lightweight choices on the market, evaluating around 6 lbs. The complete item measurements are 36.3 x 7.5 x 5.5 in., as well as it features a 2-year guarantee to cover routine wear, tear, and also damages. The 20V batteries consisted of with the item can be charged and also transferred to various other WORX products if you have an entire collection of lawn tools.

Points We Like

  • The device functions as a leaner as well as lawn edger
  • The batteries are included and can run for a in
  • The item is lightweight and adjustable
  • Free spools forever

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The automated line feed jams often when made use of as an edger

4. Craftsman V20 String Trimmer and also Edger

The Craftsman V20 string trimmer and also lawn edger is among the most flexible versions on the marketplace, qualified to transition between the 2 devices in just a few mins. It is battery powered and uses 20V models to have a typical runtime of 45 minutes between fees. The batteries are included with purchase, as is the battery charger essential to keep the trimmer and also edger performance.

The Craftsman string leaner and also edger makes use of a 0.080 in. Width line with a complete size of 13 in. The leaner is automated as opposed to bump fed, suggesting it is easy and also very easy to make use of. The spool container is very easy to open up, as well as strings are basic to replace. The high-efficiency brushless electric motor is also easy to take a look at and also clean up as necessary and creates a perfectly well-balanced device that can be utilized by amateurs and also pros alike.

Each model has a copyrighted equipment design drive with the ability to rake through the overgrowth, consisting of weed build-up and lengthy lawn. A variable speed trigger allows individuals to switch in between low and high. When utilizing the low power, you get additional runtime because much less pressure is put on the motor as well as batteries.

This tool considers around 11 pounds. As well as having complete product dimensions of 44.5 x 6.9 x 10.1 in. A 3-year guarantee is included with acquisition and covers routine wear and also tear. The post also has an adjustable size so you can manage how tall or brief it is.

Things We Like

  • The leaner and edger is very flexible
  • Artisan offers a much longer warranty than various other brands
  • The string spools are very easy to replace
  • The guard defends from blowback well

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Launches additional line when it is not needed
  • Keeps cutting line when not needed

5. Black and also Decker LCC222 String Trimmer and also Edger

The Black and Decker LCC222 is an uncommon design that integrates a string trimmer, edger, as well as simple leaf blower right into a solitary device that can be made use of by amateurs and also pros alike. This design has an automatic feed spool that does not need to bump. It takes a basic 10 in. Trimming line and also has an easy to open spool container. The line is reduced instantly.

This is a battery-powered option that can take a couple of 20V batteries that are included upon purchase. You can choose to purchase a charger together with the device itself. The combined nominal voltage comes in at 18, and the batteries require to be lithium-ion. Due to the fact that this is an electrical version, it is lightweight and silent when in procedure, evaluating a simple 10 pounds. The overall battery life is approximated to be 25-30 mins.

The Black and also Decker LCC222 is a very easy to use device with complete item dimensions of 42 x 10.4 x 7.2 in. It comes with a 2-year product service warranty for standard damage.

Things We Like

  • Versatile and becomes 3 various tools
  • Service warranty included
  • Great for fundamental yardwork
  • Easy to make use of for novices as well as pros

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Low battery life

What to Look For In a String Trimmer or Edger

A string leaner as well as lawn edger is a standard tool typical all over the world. This mechanized tool utilizes rapidly rotating strings to trim lengthy lawn as well as weeds that grow in lawns and also around driveways, sidewalks, as well as various other paths. Gradually, the strings break and also require to be changed by the individual.

Although this tool is taken into consideration one of the less complex yard carries out, it has gone through a wide array of technical innovations in the last couple of years. The outcome is a myriad of string trimmers as well as edgers offered for sale with different features.

To assist you recognize the best version for you, this guide describes the distinctions between modern-day trimmers and what traits you ought to seek before buying.


The most common difference in between string trimmers and also lawn edgers remains in the gas kind used by the gadget. Old made trimmers utilized a combination of gasoline as well as oil-fed right into a fuel area. Via fundamental combustion, the gasoline/oil mix would certainly produce the power essential to rotate the strings and also cut turf.

Nevertheless, gas models are not as usual in the modern age as electric gadgets. An electrical string leaner utilizes lithium-ion batteries to generate the energy needed to spin the strings. These batteries are placed near the top handle of the trimmer and are developed to be rechargeable.

Running Time

If you want a leaner that can operate for a lengthy period of time, after that you require to get a gas model. This may be hard, however, as most of firms have actually begun to eliminate gas tools for property use, preferring the business market rather. The typical gas string trimmer can compete a number of hours.

Battery operated trimmers only often tend to last between 30 and 60 minutes relying on the number of are put right into the tool.


Battery ran trimmers are weaker than their gasoline-fueled relatives, yet additionally often tend to be lighter and simpler to handle for the ordinary person. If you consider on your own a “typical Joe” with a fundamental yard, after that you do not need the power of gas. Nevertheless, it can be good to have the added test when handling shrubs and also crabgrass.


Gas-powered trimmers are loud. Extremely loud. Lots of people will require to wear some kind of ear security when running this kind of leaner. When you make use of electric designs, you obtain the benefit of a quieter device that is simpler to make use of in domestic locations.

String Type

Every string trimmer as well as lawn edger makes use of a various kind of string to achieve its yardwork feats. Strings vary in product, dimension, as well as form depending upon their marked use and the kind of device you buy.


While individuals visualize the string in string trimmers would certainly be made of basic fabrics, the bulk are actually made up of synthetic products made to be stronger and also much easier to use. When going shopping around for the optimal trimmers as well as lawn edgers, you will certainly need to choose in between basic monofilament nylon as well as strengthened nylon.

Standard monofilament nylon is easier to feed into the trimmer and is weaker. It functions well for ordinary jobs and also can be spun at quick rates. If you are interested in executing larger work, after that you will desire to find a feeder that includes strengthened nylon. This nylon is difficult, does not damage quickly, and also is developed for laborious.


The size of a trimming string can be split into 3 classifications.

Light: Strings planned for fundamental lawn work, have a tendency to be in between. 065 and also. 080 inches thick. This is the kind of string you would certainly use when cutting around the driveway and also collaborating with standard yard.

Medium: Strings suggested for somewhat more extreme task are between. 085 and also. 105 inches thick. These can be utilized for cutting grass and also dealing with thicker weeds like crabgrass.

Heavy: A string implied for durable work and activity ought to be. 110 inches thick or better. These strings will last longer as well as can tackle tougher jobs.


Finally, you will require to choose the shape of the string The bulk of items you purchase will certainly already have a type of string in mind, so you usually have to select a leaner that works with the shape you prefer. One of the most usual shapes consist of round, twisted, serrated, and also multi-sided.

Round trimmer lines are much less vulnerable to breakage but additionally do not have any type of cutting sides that can rip with the lawn. A twisted line is more powerful and also does not break conveniently. When you make use of serrated and multi-sided choices, you obtain extra reducing power yet will certainly need to manage an increased quantity of damage.

Select carefully.

Brush Cutting

Occasionally a string trimmer/edger will declare to likewise be a brush cutter. A brush cutter is a tool that can reduce with harder foliage, branches, as well as also trees. In basic, you will not find a reliable string trimmer efficient in brush cutting too unless you agree to invest hundreds of bucks to get added accessories.

If you do desire a mix trimmer and brush cutter, after that you will desire a gas-powered device that uses serrated string

Brush Guard

A powerful string trimmer and also edger need a brush guard. A brush guard is a small plastic or rubber shield that stops rocks, branches, and also various other particles from being blown back and striking you. This can quit you from being wounded and also experiencing cuts, contusions, and various other uneasy injuries.

Do not make use of a string leaner that does not have a brush guard. This places you at terrific risk and can be detrimental for your wellness and routine lawn work.


Ultimately, you require to consider what dimensions you fit to utilize when it pertains to your tools. Often people will acquire a string leaner and also lawn edger that is method too long or brief for their grasp, which causes a cluttered yard, stressed back, and difficulty in doing normal backyard work.

When looking into the dimensions of an optimal trimmer as well as lawn edger, check for a version that is in between 3 and also 4 feet long with a string that contends the very least a 10 in. Cutting a swathe. A weight between 8 and 15 is. is perfect for the average specific, given that the arms can tire promptly when operating a motorized tool.

Line Feeding Type

Ultimately, takes a look at how the string is fed in the trimmer. A crucial element of the string trimmer and also edger is just how to string is changed when it is damaged by yard and vegetation. Older models implemented an attribute called the bump feeder. The bump feeder would certainly launch more string when the individual touched it on the ground.

Bump feeders have actually greatly fallen out of style for the even more technically sophisticated automated feeder. With an automatic model, the gadget senses when the line has actually been broken and also releases a lot more string to replace it. This is excellent for ordinary yardwork because many individuals do not observe when their line has actually been damaged without some kind of warning.

The primary issue a whole lot of gardeners have with the line feeder is that the models can be turbulent and it is difficult to inform when way too much or inadequate string remains in use. Requiring bumping the feeder while the power is running can additionally be harmful and also result in uneven patches on the yard. Bump feeders are as a result best utilized by people with even more experience.

The only catch with automatic feeders is that they can produce the wrong length of string This is why every one of the products evaluated on this checklist have actually been examined for top quality when it pertains to the feeding sensors built into the equipment.

The Most Effective Brands


Craftsman is a brand name initially owned by Sears yet which was just recently acquired by the exact same moms and dad firm as Black as well as Decker. The devices have a long online reputation of being a few of the most resilient and high top quality, efficient in lasting years when consistently kept as well as cleansed.

Black as well as Decker

Furthermore, Black and also Decker is one of the most recognized firms that creates steady as well as easy to use tools for people of all backgrounds. Both brands make their goods in the United States, which suggests they require to meet top quality requirements prior to they are allowed on the market.


If you are interested in price and also improved environmental kindness, after that you can’t go wrong with Greenworks. This brand name is fairly brand-new however concentrates on avoiding conventional gas and also products for choices that are ‘greener’ and much more eco-friendly. Most items are likewise light-weight and also easy to make use of, making them ideal for someone that is extra to yardwork or only has a couple of little tasks to complete

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you cut a yard with a string trimmer?

A: This is a common question as well as one without a basic response. In basic, trying to mow a yard with a string leaner (or lawn edger) has unequal results as well as requiring a great deal of labor. However, if you have a small backyard that is much less than 750 sq. ft., then it could be less complicated to buy a leaner than acquire a lawnmower.

Q: Can I utilize an electric leaner on wet yard?

A: You must NOT utilize electrical trimmers or lawn edgers on a wet lawn. You do not have to bother with electrocution, however the wet vegetation places additional stress on the motor and also can extra rapidly drain pipes the battery. The dampness is additionally slippery, as well as it is simple to hurt yourself when attempting to cut the yard when it is wet.

Q: Why won’t my device begin?

A: The majority of string trimmers as well as edgers make use of a gas combination that is component oil and part gas. The key active ingredient is fuel, which develops the bulk of the gas structure. If you have actually tried a new fuel that has way too much oil, after that it prevails for your gadget to sputter and also struggle to begin. Clear out the gas canister as well as make use of a producer’s suggested item instead.

Q: Can a string leaner be utilized to edge?

A: It is feasible to utilize the leaner around the sides of your yard, yet the outcomes will certainly not be as tidy and also it is more probable to get rocks as well as various other debris unwind in the direction of your legs. If you wish to utilize a string trimmer that additionally edges, make certain to buy an assigned tool that is designed to do both to reduce the chance of injury and ensure you obtain a clean cut for your yard.

Q: How big should a guard be?

A: The brush guard is among one of the most essential elements of a string leaner and edger since it shields your legs from flying particles. Generally, you want a guard that is as lengthy as your strings, so utilize one between 10 as well as 14 inches.


When it pertains to selecting the best string trimmer and also lawn edger, it’s essential to take right into consideration what kind of tool you want. If you want a single item dedicated to both cutting and bordering, after that you can’t fail with the Craftsman V20 String Trimmer and Edger. This version is very easy to adjust, has a straightforward automatic line feed, and additionally has adequate power to do the job without requiring added billing.

Nevertheless, every one of these versions are simple and also very easy to make use of. Thanks for reading, as well as happy trimming!

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