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Sunday Lawn Care Tested: Does It Really Transform Lawns in 2 Weeks? (2023)

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sunday lawn care reviewYou know that feeling when spring finally emerges after a long winter, and you gaze out over your yard only to be met with a landscape of dead grass, weeds, and bare patches of dirt? As you stare blankly at the lifeless turf, you hear Mother Nature whisper in your ear, This is your time to seize control and transform this wasteland into a lush, green paradise.

Seizing that power into your own hands, you discover Sunday lawn care – a personalized subscription service that delivers customized treatments right to your doorstep so you can revitalize your yard yourself.

As an allegory for taking charge and liberating your landscape from its drab existence, Sunday provides the expertise, products, and knowledge you need to establish your dominion over your domain.

Their lawn plans incorporate seaweed extracts, humates, and nutrients to breathe new life into tired soil. With Sunday as your partner on this journey toward yard mastery, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to rule over your realm this season.

Key Takeaways

  • Customized lawn care subscription service
  • Uses natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging
  • Offers a soil test kit and personalized nutrient pouches
  • Provides a satisfaction guarantee and affordable pricing

What is Sunday Lawn Care?

What is Sunday Lawn Care
You’re looking to green up your lawn without chemicals. As a subscription service, Sunday Lawn Care analyzes your soil and then sends seasonal shipments of all-natural nutrient pouches to boost your grass’s health, along with tools and instructions for easy application.

How It Works

You’ll receive seasonal shipments with all the tailored treatments your lawn needs for thicker, greener grass without any harsh chemicals. Through subscription flexibility and customized plans based on soil testing, Sunday delivers ease of use with natural ingredients to boost your lawn’s health while reducing environmental footprint.

Plans, Services, and Products

With their tailored pouches of all-natural nourishment, Sunday Lawn Care feeds each blade of grass precisely what it needs to thrive, like an attentive parent nurturing their child. Their innovative feedings come in customizable packages with optional landscaping extras and advanced formulations that adjust seasonally.

From lawn fertilizer and grass seed to weed killers, their lawn products help get your yard its best green.

Product Ingredients and Eco-Friendliness

Boost soil and grass naturally without chemicals by feeding your lawn custom nutrient pouches made from earth-friendly ingredients like molasses and soy. The natural materials and eco-friendly packaging show a commitment to sustainability.

The use of natural ingredients, eco-friendly processes, and transparency about formulas makes this a healthier option for your lawn and the planet.

Quotes and Cost

Don’t break the bank for a lusher lawn – Sunday’s custom care starts at just $119 yearly.

  • Subscription pricing from $119-$169 based on lawn size
  • Optional soil test kit is $19.99
  • Extra lawn tools/seed available for add-on purchase

You’ll enjoy reasonable pricing for customized, seasonal nourishment shipped right to your door. While some customers wish for lower costs or more transparency on options, Sunday makes pro-grade care achievable for regular homeowners starting out.

The starter kit provides an affordable first step towards a greener, healthier yard.

Results and Guarantee

You’ll notice thicker, greener grass within 1-2 months if the subscription pouches are applied properly. Customer reviews with before and after photos show impressive lawn results over time. The satisfaction guarantee allows returns if you’re unhappy with the impact on your lawn’s health and appearance.

Putting Sunday to the Test

Putting Sunday to the Test
You signed up for Sunday Lawn Care, eager to breathe new life into your struggling grass. Unboxing the starter kit revealed customized soil nutrients, tools, and instructions tailored to your lawn’s unique needs based on the soil analysis, promising a simple path to a thicker, greener yard if you follow their guidance.

Signing Up for Sunday Lawn Care

Signing up feels like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning as their customized care nourishes your grass into a luscious green carpet. After receiving the soil sampling kit, you carefully follow the instructions to collect and submit samples for analysis.

The categorization process examines nutrient levels, soil pH, and contaminants to tailor the right formula for your lawn’s specific needs.

With the first shipment, a noxious weed killer adheres well around obstacles without damaging nearby plants. Your new electric lawn mower cuts smoothly on taller, thicker grass. Despite higher kit pricing, the convenience and results justify the cost of their lawn care expertise.

Unboxing My First Sunday Lawn Care Order

After eagerly anticipating its arrival, your first Sunday shipment has been unboxed, revealing customized nutrient pouches and tools to nourish your lawn the natural way. The soil test kit analyzed deficiencies before tailoring fertilizer for your grass.

Instructions explain when and how to apply the pouches. Additional shipments follow the seasonal schedule you selected.

Sampling the Soil

Digging your hands into the soil, you couldn’t help chuckling at the irony of paying for dirt when there’s plenty in your backyard.

  1. Gather soil samples from 3-5 areas of your lawn using a spade.
  2. Fill the test kit vials and mail them to the lab using the prepaid envelope.
  3. Call your local extension office to help interpret the results and customize your nutrient plan.

Knowing your soil’s unique composition empowers smarter lawn care. The test reveals deficiencies to target and excesses to avoid when selecting fertilizers. With science guiding your nutrient regimen, you can cultivate the lawn of your dreams.

Using Sunday Lawn Care

Set aside time on your calendar to blend the nutrient pouches and spray your lawn as the instructions recommend.

Set aside time on your calendar to blend the nutrient pouches and spray your lawn as the instructions recommend.

Week Action Tools Needed
1 Apply starter kit Hose, sprayer
2 Mow lawn Lawn mower
3 Spot treat weeds Weed puller
4 Aerate soil Aerator
5 Overseed bare spots Seed, rake

Following their schedule sustains a vibrant lawn. Review the steps regularly to master lawn care with this subscription service.

But… Did It Work?

You’re amazed at how just two months of Sundays transformed your sad, patchy yard into a lush, verdant oasis. The dramatic results speak for themselves, converting neighbors and justifying the investment.

Prolonging the effects may require supplemental pest control and grass seed, but the hands-off approach delivers a total lawn care solution.

I Was Not Prepared for What Sunday Did to My Wrecked, Ugly Lawn in Just 2 Weeks

I Was Not Prepared for What Sunday Did to My Wrecked, Ugly Lawn in Just 2 Weeks
Boy, you’re in for a treat when Sunday transforms that eyesore into a picturesque paradise in the blink of an eye.

  • Thicker, greener grass in just 2 weeks
  • Completely pet and kid-safe fertilizer
  • Convenience of customized shipments takes the guesswork out

After years of frustration with my patchy, weed-ridden lawn, I was stunned by the dramatic results from Sunday’s customized nutrient pouches. The all-natural ingredients completely revitalized my grass, filling in bare spots and crowding out weeds within days.

The convenience can’t be beaten – with Sunday’s soil analysis and climate-specific formulas, I don’t have to guess what my lawn needs ever again.

I never thought I’d see the day my lawn was the envy of the neighborhood, but Sunday made it happen almost overnight! This has been a total game-changer for my outdoor space.

How Sunday Stacks Up to the Competition

How Sunday Stacks Up to the Competition
Seeing the dramatic transformation my wreck of a lawn made in just two weeks was nothing short of astounding.

  • Ingredient Transparency: Sunday discloses all formulas and ingredients so you know exactly what’s being put on your lawn.
  • Nutrient Optimization: Sunday customizes fertilizer pouches based on your lawn’s unique needs per the soil test.
  • Value: The free soil test kit and flexible subscriptions starting at just $119 per year provide serious bang for your buck.

Bottom line, Sunday offers an unbeatable mix of customization, transparency, and affordability that makes it a cut above competitors for achieving a thriving green lawn.

Should You Use Sunday Lawn Care?

Should You Use Sunday Lawn Care
While the siren song of effortless green may call, resisting convenient solutions inspires us to forge our own paths. Give your lawn the personal touch it deserves. Tailor a lawn care regimen to your yard’s unique needs and climate.

Get to know your soil through tests, then hand-pick amendments to correct deficiencies. Mix custom organic fertilizers using ingredients you trust. Tweak and experiment until you unlock the formula for a thriving lawn.

Monitor for weeds and troubleshoot early. Sharpen your skills through hands-on practice. Streamline processes once you gain experience. Take pride in the mastery and self-sufficiency you develop. Though subscriptions economize effort, nothing rivals the satisfaction of tending your yard yourself.

A Note About Pest Control…

A Note About Pest Control…
You’d better check for bugs before those pouches bring a buffet to your yard! Controlling pests organically starts with getting to the root of what’s attracting them. Overwatering and poor drainage create ideal moist habitats for pests. Boost beneficial insects like ladybugs by planting pollinator-friendly flowers.

Use organic sprays containing ingredients like neem oil, insecticidal soap, and essential oils to deter pests. Address moisture issues by aerating compacted soil and adjusting your watering schedule. With some smart cultural controls like these, you can keep the bugs at bay without polluting your lawn.

Sunday Lawn Care Plans

Sunday Lawn Care Plans
With Sunday Lawn Care, you’d customize your plan depending on yard size and just relax as the pouches arrive, though know some assembly’s still required.

They offer healthy alternatives tailored to your lawn’s needs without toxic chemicals. Get the soil tested first so the natural, pet-safe pouches nourish what’s lacking.

It’s like crafting a micro-ecosystem in your yard that balances itself, though some weeding or dethatching may still be needed.

Just sprinkle, spray, and watch your lawn thrive.

At a Glance

At a Glance
Now that you know the various subscription options Sunday Lawn Care provides, let’s discuss the service at a glance.

Your morning routine will be simplified with their regular maintenance shipments of eco-friendly, natural fertilizers tailored to your yard. You’ll save time and resources while your grass transforms into a thicker, greener picture of health.

Their customized nutrient pouches, made from ingredients like molasses and soy, feed the soil what it specifically lacks for your climate and lawn size. Follow their instructions on when and how to apply each shipment, and in 1-2 months, your grass will have the vibrant appearance you desire without the use of toxic chemicals.

Fine Print

Fine Print
Dust deeper into details before deciding, darling.

  • Cost per shipment
  • Subscription flexibility
  • Product efficacy
  • Customer support

Before signing up, scrutinize the fine print on pricing, flexibility, and efficacy. Check for complaints on shipping delays or the signup process. See if subscribers mention issues with product performance or have difficulty pausing shipments.

And scan reviews on how responsive and helpful the company’s support team is when contacted.

Is Sunday Lawn Care Right for You?

Is Sunday Lawn Care Right for You
As you transition into sustainable organic gardening, this home remedy kick-starts the process toward achieving a lush sanctuary without the hassle. Sunday Lawn Care offers an easy entry point into organic lawn care with customized nutrient pouches delivered right to your door.

But it requires some physical labor and may not be ideal for lawns with severe weed or overseeding issues.

For beginner DIYers with mostly healthy grass needing a fertilizer boost, the pre-measured pouches take the guesswork out of feeding your lawn organically. More advanced gardeners may prefer selecting their own products. Either way, going green brings you one step closer to your oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to see results after starting a Sunday Lawn Care subscription?

You can expect to see results within 1-2 months of starting your Sunday Lawn Care subscription. The customized nutrient pouches begin feeding your soil right away to strengthen grass roots and blades. Over 4-8 weeks, you’ll notice your lawn thickening up and turning greener as it gets the nutrients it lacked before.

With continued seasonal feedings, the improvements will become even more dramatic.

What kind of grass seed is used in the Sunday program?

The grass seed blend used in Sunday’s customized plans suits your region’s climate. It contains top-performing varieties ideal for your yard’s sun exposure and soil. The all-natural mix germinates quickly, filling in thin spots for lush, hardy turf.

Can I pause or cancel my Sunday subscription at any time?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your Sunday subscription anytime with no hassle. They make it easy to adjust your plan to fit your changing lawn care needs.

Does Sunday offer any money-back guarantees if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, Sunday offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Just contact customer service within 30 days of receiving your shipment for a full refund of that order. Their helpful team wants you to be delighted with the custom care your lawn receives.

What do I do if I have issues with my Sunday shipment like missing or damaged items?

If you have missing or damaged items with your Sunday shipment, contact their customer service team right away – they have a satisfaction guarantee and will replace products or refund the cost to resolve any issues on their end.

With premium components, issues are quite rare, but a quick call gets problems handled promptly.


At the finish, it’s clear Sunday Lawn Care is a boon for the hobbyist. With straightforward instructions and kid-safe applications, transforming your lackluster lawn is as simple as watering pouches onto the turf.

Though the subscription may pinch more frugal households, greener grass awaits those sowing a small investment into sustainable nourishment.

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