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The 5 Best Water Cannon Guns: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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Are you looking to take on some yard tasks and also need to locate the best water cannon weapon? Or, are you trying to give your automobile a deep clean by utilizing a water cannon weapon? With a little analysis, we’ll help you discover the best water cannon gun for you. After thinking about a variety of elements, you’ll have the ability to confidently choose the best tool for all your needs. Right here are our selections for the outright best five water cannon weapons readily available on the market today for you to purchase after you take into account a selection of various aspects.

1. Voodoo Ride Pressure Washer Cannon Gun

Readily available on Amazon, this water foam cannon gun comes very extremely suggested. It is created for stress cleaning vehicles. By utilizing this water cannon gun, you’ll be able to cover your automobile in thick foam and give it a deep tidy similar to what your car would certainly obtain if you took it to a vehicle wash.

This water cannon weapon is one of the best alternatives if your main use is on your car. The foam, soapy blend it produces is optimal for getting your car to be immaculately clean as well as sparkly.

After washing your automobile with the thick lathering action of this water cannon gun, you’ll never ever desire to clean your car’s and truck the old way once more. Fairly low-cost, this is an excellent enhancement to your house garage. It must conveniently fit as well as connect to the majority of garden hoses

Things we like:

  • Suitable for cleaning lorries
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable consumption valve

Things we do not such as:

  • Not fantastic for outdoor patios and garden job
  • Soap called for

2. Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Nozzle Tip Spray Gun

This foam cannon water gun is designed for use with your stress washing machine. It is flexible, making it a great option for cleansing a range of different lorries.

There are 5 various nozzles that include this, which enable this water cannon weapon to tidy not just automobiles but also floorings and driveways too.

This is a really functional piece of tools. Considering that it is fairly affordable, you will certainly get a great deal of bang for the dollar with this water cannon weapon. You can utilize it on your car or RV, or on residence as well as outdoor patio projects.

The great attribute with this water cannon weapon is that you can use it with soap or without. If you don’t require soap as well as being simply pressure washing some crud off a walkway, simply do not include soap. If you are cleaning the cars and truck and want the soap, include the soap.

Points we such as:

  • Flexible spray
  • Flexible
  • Can make use of with water just, no soap required

Points we do not like:

  • Some nozzles do not have high pressure

3. Pressure Washer Gun

Right here is a pressure washing machine weapon that has a lengthy 21-inch expansion and also 5 various nozzles. It is developed to be used with both gas and also electrical stress washing machines.

This is a rather excellent offer as it is economically valued as well as containing a whole set of parts, every one of which are reliable. You get the extension and the nozzles. It is made with premium brass as well as stainless steel parts, which suggest it should last for years as long as it is appropriately cared for.

The 5 various nozzle ideas container is color-coded and also will aid you select the water stress depending upon the work you are carrying out. It is likewise rather easy to alter between the 5 nozzles need to you need to.

The different suggestions enable you to clean driveways, vehicles, difficult to clean grime, etc. Based upon the job you are dealing with is what nozzle you would pick.

Points we like:

  • Safety locking trigger
  • 21-inch extension
  • 5 various nozzles

Things we do not like:

  • Will certainly not fit 3/8 inch pipe ports

4. Pack of 2 Water Cannons

This is a really budget-friendly pack of 2 water weapons. Economically valued, it provides to 8 different spray settings. There is a built-in dispenser that enables you to include soap, or plant food if you’re utilizing the establishing to water and also feed your lawn.

This is designed to be made use of on a yard hose pipe and also not a pressure washing machine, which means it might be a little less strong than if you used it with a stress washing machine.

It is very easy to connect to the hose pipe as well as overall it is really easy to use. If you are searching for a straightforward tool, this is the one for you.

Points we such as:

  • 8 different spray setups
  • Economically valued
  • Integrated dispensers for soap

Points we don’t like:

  • Not very powerful

5. EZ Jet Water Cannon 8-nozzle spray guns

This is a 8 nozzle spray water cannon gun set. The range of nozzles makes this device a fantastic addition to your tool shed.

There is a built-in soap dispenser, which suggests this device is excellent for the dirtiest of jobs.

This is not the most effective water cannon gun on the marketplace, yet it does a good task. It is developed for the hardest grime, and also the integrated soap dispenser allows you to clean up even the most stubborn of surface areas.

Things we such as:

  • Built-in soap dispenser
  • Easy stress control
  • Great for cars or pavement

Points we don’t such as:

  • Obstructions conveniently
  • Lacks power

How to Choose the very best Water Cannon Gun

What aspects must you consider when picking the best water cannon gun? Allow’s take a look at whatever we thought about when rating the best water cannon weapons. A variety of water cannon guns could be great for various reasons, you simply need to decide which factor is your top concern before making a decision which device to acquire.

How You Use It

While numerous water cannon guns can be utilized for all your needs, some are mosting likely to function better than others for different tasks. The primary thing to think about, are you going to utilize this even more to clean your lorry or to power laundry persistent dust off of patio areas?

If washing your car and truck is a top priority, you’re going to want an alternative that has an integrated soap dispenser and also enables you to obtain a soapy foam. Whereas, if you’re seeking to clean dirt and also gunk, soap is much less of a top priority than exactly how powerful the stream of water is.


There are a selection of various cost choices to pick from when you’re deciding when what water cannon weapons to acquire. We’ve examined a lot of various water cannon guns in nearly every various price range, as well as we established that you can obtain an excellent cannon gun at any type of price array.

Consider this video that reveals the distinctions in between a water cannon weapon as well as a pressure washer. You’ll discover what is available in terms of high quality and price. In this video clip, you see various stress washers and water cannon guns cleaning a car, so you can compare the top quality of job.


This depends on your needs. If you are cleaning a lorry you absolutely want to make use of soap with your water cannon weapon.

But, if you are power washing a house or a patio, you could need soap. If you are looking to incredibly pipe off moss, dirt, and gunk, you can do that with simply a hefty stream of water You do not require to add soap to a surface area like a sidewalk. In truth, including soap could only make the surface area slippery when you’re all done as well as require to walk on it.

You can likewise think about a water cannon weapon like the one in this video This water cannon gun can perform a selection of tasks like cleaning your automobile, or watering and feeding your plants. It can be used either with soap or without soap.

Water Pressure

If you are using the sort of water cannon weapons that connects to a yard hose pipe, then you will certainly be restricted to making use of the water stress that is available through your tap.

When the water cannon weapon connects to a stress washing machine, after that we can take a look at water pressures. As a whole, the higher the stress the extra effective your device is going to be. You’ll have the ability to clean a lot more with a higher stress. For most tasks, you ought to locate that pressure in between 1,300 PSI and also 2,400 PSI will certainly be enough to meet your demands.


You might pick a particular water cannon gun based upon just how frequently you need to utilize it. Some are created to repeat daily usage, and others are extra offered for less use as well as good for annual spring cleanups.

Best Water Cannon Gun Brands

There are various credible brand names that offer water cannon weapons:

  • Dusichin Dusichin is a business headquartered in China. They make a range of car cleaning products, airless paint sprays, as well as hydraulic stress examination kits. You’ll find they make quality water cannon guns that are appropriate for you if your primary emphasis gets on cleansing your automobile.
  • EZ Jet — EZ Jet is a prominent brand name, and also they have a range of water cannon weapon choices. Their products are best matched if you’re seeking water cannons that affix to a garden hose pipe, as they can offer the added purpose of watering your lawn.
  • ProwessPro — ProwessPro markets a selection of yard devices. They have a water cannon gun that is a great alternative if you are trying to find one with a long extension.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is a water cannon weapon the very same thing as a stress washer?

A: Not exactly. You can use a water cannon weapon with a stress washing machine for the most part. However, some are also specifically made to be made use of with a garden hose, as well as will certainly not deal with a stress washing machine. Take note of the certain model you acquire, as well as being certain to check out the maker’s manual prior to using your device.

Q: Does water temperature level issue when using a water cannon gun or a stress washing machine?

A: While making use of chilly water will not harm anything, it might cause your job to last longer. By utilizing hot or cozy water, your water cannon gun and/or power washing machine are going to be much more effective and also tidy quicker. Making use of cold water could leave some greasy touches behind, or create you to tidy things extra than once in order for them to come truly clean, whereas warm water need to eliminate oil and grime on the first try.

Q: How does a pressure washer job?

A: Water cannon weapons can be extremely efficient when made use of with a pressure washer. Stress washing is done when you wish to get rid of loosened paint, dirt, mold, crud, etc. You can additionally utilize a pressure washing machine to offer the outside of your car a deep tidy. For example, if you park your recreational vehicle under a tree and also sap drips on it, you could intend to power wash your motor home, at the very least on the top where the sap landed.

Q: Are water cannon weapons challenging to make use of?

A: Not specifically. It could take some obtaining utilized to, particularly if you are accustomed to using something with much less stress, like just a pipe. Right here is an excellent video clip that strolls you through just how to utilize a water cannon gun when it is affixed to a pressure washing machine. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never ever forget the ability and also can easily use your new tool for many years ahead.

Q: Is it simple to press wash a residence?

A: There are a great deal of ideas available if you are trying to pressure wash and also clean the house siding on your residence With the right tools, it is not too challenging of a task. A water cannon gun connected to the stress washing machine will aid make your work less complicated as if the home siding is additional unclean, you may be able to include soap to the water cannon, which will assist to get rid of the dust as well as crud.

Last Thoughts

The best water cannon weapon for you is probably the pressure washing machine cannon guns with a 21-inch expansion. It can be utilized with a range of either gas or electrical stress washers and also has 5 different nozzles to help manage the pressure. It’s flexible, as well as the lengthy 21-inch extension can aid you clean up those tough to reach areas.

If you do not need to purchase one with a long extension, after that I ‘d probably take an excellent check out the Voodoo Pressure Washer Cannon Gun, as it’s a terrific alternative for vehicles, as well as creating a sudsy soap lather that will truly assist you tidy well. Having that additional foamy lather can truly make cleaning your automobile a lot easier.

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